Adidas Muscle Tank + Bandana Workout Outfit

While I am a fan of running headbands, lately I have really been digging bandanas! They are cheap, currently trending at the moment and work great at absorbing my sweat while I run and workout. You can find bandanas in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can match any workout outfit.

Adidas is another great workout brand that is my first go to. You can find the brand almost anywhere, but lucky for you I have linked a few of my favorites with this post! Anytime a workout brand has climate cooling technology it is going to give you an overall better workout experience.

Adidas Muscle Tank

The Adidas muscle tank I am wearing in this picture is great to work out in or to wear for running errands. Since it is so lightweight it fits well under sweaters or jackets, so if you are a layering fan, then this is the tank for you!

Click the link and find out which 6 colors this top comes in! 

Made out of cotton, polyester, and rayon this top is great at controlling body temperature and staying dry.

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Adidas Running Pants

What I love about these pants is that their high waisted and stay up great for running or squatting.

These bad boys come in two different color blocking patterns:

  • Black
  • Blue

Made out of polyester and spandex means they move well with your body and makes every shape look like a goddess.

These are more of a lightweight material which means they can also be great to wear to yoga or pilates. I personally like lighter material during yoga because you do different movements and the whole point is to feel light/airy. I don’t have to worry about the material of my clothing restricting my movements.

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I personally like this bandana pack! You get 12 for a cheap price and in almost every color you could ever want!

As seen with the picture here bandanas aren’t just made to be worn around your hair. They can be worn as an accessory around your neck.

If you don’t think you’ll wear a certain color to the gym, you can always save it and wear it with your everyday outfits!


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