Best Hair Ties For Toddlers – Stylist Approved

Not all hair ties are the same, and this is especially true when it comes to toddlers. Not only is the comfort essential to the parent and child, but the parts they are made out of is key. Each toddler advances at different ages and some may be able to wear hair ties with extras on them; realizing it’s a fashion accessory, where others might try to eat it which can result in choking.

Take a peek below at all the tried and tested hair ties for toddlers, babies, and all infants! Great guide for new moms who are unsure of where to start in the accessory department for their child.

100 Piece Rainbow Hair Ties 

This piece has 10 different colors and each color has 10 different pieces! 

Great for picky little girls who like to wear a different color every day of the week or those who want to wear multiple colors at once.

These hair ties are especially good for not damaging or breaking hair as you take them out. If your infant or toddler pulls them out it won’t make her cry because they are ouch-free and slide right off! 

The diameter of these measure in at 1.25 inches, making them smaller than standard hair ties, which makes them great for your little girl but won’t fit in big girl ponytails! Because the band is so thick, these are going to be one of the more durable hair tie options. 

You can wash and dry these! If these get caught in the dryer vent and get snaggly it is best to just throw them out. They are cheap enough and come in enough quantity you’ll have plenty more of them to use.

Looking for adult hair ties that help grow out your hair? Take a peek here to grow your hair more than a 1/2 inch a month! 

Bow Hair Tie for Toddlers 

OH EM GEE! These hair ties are just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Not only for your little one, but these can be great for tweens, and young adults! Not gonna lie, I am even considering getting a set of these!

This set comes with 40 pieces, 20 colors and two bows for each color, making it perfect for french braids or ponytails.

These silky bow ties are handmade and are attached via an elastic band! Measuring in at 2.75 inches these are going to be a bit bigger than the hair ties we previously went over.

You can pair these toddler accessories with a casual outfit for school or pair them with a nice dress for your family wedding coming up!

Looking to change up your hair color without going to the salon? Take a peek here an see your stylists biggest competition with this at home hair color system! 

100 Piece Hair Accessory Pack 

You will find no metal on these hair bands making it great for young girls.

On each hair elastic is is a plastic shape that gives some flair to the hair.

These shapes include:

  • Sunflower
  • Bowtie
  • Star
  • Fruit
  • Animal Ears
  • And more!

The hairband measures in at about 1 inch and pairs well with fine or think hair. I suggest tying the band around the hair and then sliding the shape to sit where you want.

Need help holding hair back but your clips keep sliding down? Check out these clips used by every salon that are sure to hold your hair in place no matter what type of hair you have! Works great for kids too! 

Pom Balls Hair Ties

16 total balls, broken down into 8 pairs and 8 different colors makes these perfect for any toddler or infant!

These are very tiny measuring in at 2.5 cm in diameter. Parents who have daughters with very fine hair are going to love these!

Little girls with thick hair are suggested to use this to tie off braids or half ponytails vs using it to secure one big ponytail.

This is because getting these around a wide diameter of thick hair might cause them to snap and break.

Baby Girl Hair Elastics 

What is cuter than baby girls? Baby girls wearing hair elastics with baby animals on them.

12 different pairs make this one of the bigger sets on the market. One of the things I love about these is the pastel color and fun designs.

The only downfall to these is the diameter size of about 1 inch which means they are great for babies but not so much for older toddlers unless they have fine hair.

Final Thoughts

Hair ties for young daughters are something to be knowledgeable about. Using adult hair ties on a child will slip off little girls hair, which is not only annoying but can be a choking hazard. Buying smaller hair ties will be safer and will hold the hair back for an entire day.

It is suggested you introduce hair ties early so your daughter will feel comfortable around them and won’t fight you as much when you need to put their hair back for things like sports or special events.

Remember to take the hair ties out at the end of each day as to avoid any type of choking hazard risk if it were to lip off in the middle of the night. If they wish to keep their hair back when they sleep try using a headband instead!

Need some quick and easy hair ideas for your little girl? Peep the video below for some great inspiration 🙂


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