Best Magnetic Eyelash Extensions

Best Magnetic Eyelashes At A Glance:

Women everywhere can all agree on loving fake lashes but hating eyelash glue. It seems to stick to just about every single place except for the one place it should, your eyelid. Stop wasting time with messy eyelash glue, and hop on the magnetic eyelash train: less mess, more prolonged hold, and overall more comfort.

Take a peek at my roundup of the best magnetic eyelashes!

Voted Best Lightweight Lashes – Reusable 

These are some of the lightest fake lashes I have ever worn.

It comes in an 8 piece set which means they can fit multiple eye shapes and sizes. Lashes come with an applicator which makes them easy to apply.

Made from synthetic fibers, these lashes can be reused and all you have to do to wash them is clean them with a face towelette.

They come in a case which is super convenient to throw in your makeup bag so you don’t lose the pieces.

Reviewers Have Said:

  • They are comfortable, I actually forget that I have them on after about thirty mins or so. I would definitely recommend for beginners to experts!
  • love these lashes. The first time I wore them, it was -5 degrees C out and windy. I wore them to class, and hours of running errands out in the cold and wind, and they stayed on perfectly, did not obstruct my vision, and looked natural and perfectly gorgeous.
  • I’ve gotten so many compliments and even a few of my friends have decided to order the same ones. This is definitely my go-to for an everyday lash

Top Rated Magnetic Lashes 

These lashes are rounded which means they curve easier with your eyes lash line.

With magnets that are 40% lighter, it makes the overall product feel lighter on the lid, which means it is more comfortable.

These lashes are thinner in volume and length which means they blend better with your natural lashes while still giving you a beautiful look.

Reviewers Have Said: 

  • I’ve bought and tried several magnetic lashes after developing skin sensitivity to mascara in the last few months and these have proven to be the best, by far.
  • I didn’t have any dislikes about the lashes. They came in this gorgeous case with these cute pink eyelash applicators! The thing I love most about these magnetic lashes is that they’re affordable! I’ve tried so many different big brands for these specific magnetic lashes and Arvesa has been hands down the absolute best.
  • found them much easier to use than other falsies have tried in the past. Super cute!
  • These lashes are the answer to my prayers! I went through chemo and my lashes have never been the same. I’m so excited to have full and thick lashes again.

Best Accent Lash 

These are a great accent lash and work great for those with smaller eyes. Apply these to the outer half of your eyeliner to add some flair, without adding too many length to your inner eye.

These are made from 100% human hair and can be curled with mascara or an eyelash curler.

This is about half the width of a regular magnetic lash, which gives the overall appearance of a more natural but extended lash length.

Reviewers Have Said:

  • The accents fit my eyes perfect (full-length ones I always have to trim off a magnet chunk which is sad and they end up being accent sized anyway.)
  • This is my first Amazon review I’ve ever felt inclined to write (and I have been a Prime member for years)! These lashes are the best! I have used falsies occasionally but would not consider myself a pro so I was kind of nervous about the complexity of these. Let me tell you- they were SO SIMPLE! And I could not feel them on and I received SO MANY compliments all day wearing them for the first time.
  • They are high quality and once on, they are beautiful. Real hair, magnets are spread well and hold tight.
  • I was a total skeptic until I tried them and they are AMAZING.

Best Magnetic Lash With Magnetic Eyeliner 

Unknown to many, magnetic eyeliner can be doubly effective when paired with magnetic eyelashes.

Can be reused over 20 times, and the magnetic eyeliner will last for all 20 applications. Make sure to shake the bottle properly before each use to activate the magnetizing agents.

The eyeliner dries quickly and is additionally waterproof.

Reviewers Have Said:

  • I honestly love these lashes! They literally remind me of mink eyelashes without feeling heavy.
  • These lashes were lush and full. So happy with the price, the fast shipping, the packing, and the customer service. Highly recommend! A+++++
  • I ordered these magnetic lashes and eyeliner after reading other reviews I decided to take a chance AND I am so glad I did!!! They are super easy to put on and I will never go back to regular falsies!!
  • WOW! Finally, lashes that are full and beautiful and easy to apply. Best of all…they stay on!!

Best Natural Lashes 

This set comes with a classic strip and individual pieces.

Made out of high-quality silk the design of these is unlike other magnetic lashes out there.

Instead of one full eyelash stripe, it has three separate bottom magnets making application easy for most, and more comfortable.


Reviewers Have Said:

  • nice overall in terms of quality and sizing
  • I have never been able to apply lashes but after 20 min of practice, I feel like a pro! I would recommend these lashes to anyone looking for a glamorous look!
  • These lashes are the best I’ve ever tried !!!

Final Thoughts

Magnetic lashes are a real game changer! They are great for daytime or nighttime wear and can be a lot less work than standard fake eyelashes. I love magnetic lashes becuase you can easily take them off at night which is overall more comfortable for sleeping. No matter if you like a natural or more glamorous look, there will be a set of magnetic lashes for you.

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