Blue Light Blocking Glasses- Stylist Top Picks

Somewhere a shift in the universe has happened and the term four eyes are such a thing of the past. Glasses nowadays are a real head turner and make for a great accessory to go with any outfit. With such a demand for cut eyewear companies are making glasses for those who need prescriptions and additionally for those who don’t!

A real game-changer in the glasses department is the new blue blocker light glasses. Anyone reading this on a screen should currently be wearing them to benefit your overall eye health. All of the devices we use in our life emit blue light and over time this light can cause eye strain, and even start to ruin our sleep cycle. Some of the damage done to our eyes can be irreversible and can negatively impact your life forever.

People typically spend at least 11 hours in front of the blue light that is emitted from all the devices we use throughout the day. That is one heck of a long time in front of screens and our eyes were not made to handle that much exposure. With advancements in technology and more screens being introduced into our lives, it’s better to get ahead of the blue light damage before it even has a chance to start.

Notting Hill
Ivory/Tortoise With EBDBlue PlusT
  • Comes in 3 different colors
  • Semi-transparent opaque tortoiseshell acetate finish
  • Keyhole nose bridge and double stud accents add a vintage feel. 
Blue Light Blocking Glasses – 3Pack
  •  100% effectively block harmful blue light 
  • s. Eliminates eye strain that causes headaches, aching eyes, and blurred vision
  • Multi layer blue filter coating is much more effective than toher non-coated glasses
Blue Light Blocking Glasses Retro Semi Rimless
  • Square anti blue light eyeglasses can reduce blue light 
  • Reduce glare , filter harmful blue ray radiation
Rose Gold With EBDBlue PlusTM
  • Metal frame
  • Scratch protection Coating
  • nti-glare Coating
  • Water resistant Coating
Becky IV
  • Oversized
  • Various colors
  • remium Scratch Resistant Polymer
  • Hand Cut Acetate
  • Unisex
  • Prescription available or get these fit with rx lenses by local optician.
  • 4.9 out of 5 stars

What are blue blocker light glasses?

Blue blocker light glasses are made to do exactly what their name implies, block the blue light emitted from screens and help prevent FryEye.

FryEye occurs when you stare at screens for a long period of time and are left feeling tired, dry, irritated and can even leave you with blurry vision. Long-term blue light exposure is directly linked to age-related macular degeneration, cone cell death in the retina, and can even lead to blindness. 

The lens on these glasses is made to prevent blue light and UV rays from passing through the lens and entering the eye.

Who should wear these glasses?

Everyone! No matter what stage in life you are currently in, it is important to prevent blue light damage. Standard glasses, prescription or not, don’t have a blue light blocking feature.

  • Kids: It is especially important for kids to wear these glasses because their eyes are still developing and they need all the protection they can get.
  • Adults: Most of us either use our computer for work or for fun and this means our eyes get exposed to the most blue and UV light. Since most of us don’t plan on giving up our Pinterest time, it’s important to protect our eyes with these glasses while we pin the Best Vegan Soup For Winter. You can’t reverse the damage but you can prevent it from starting!
  • Seniors: As we age so do our body and seniors should use these glasses to prevent degenerative damage from happening.
  • Outdoor Lovers: While most of us know to wear sunglasses outside, it can also be beneficial to wear these blue blocker glasses outdoors since even the sun emits harmful blue light into our eyes.

Additionally, these are suggested to those who:

  • Spend long hours in front of a screen for work or play
  • Are having trouble sleeping
  • Do work at night
  • Online shop frequently
  • Experiencing CVS – Computer Vision Strain
  • Have been getting headaches or migraines
  • Want an excuse to wear cute glasses
  • Play video games
  • Binge watch TV shows

While these are great for your health, they are also great for your overall style! Oversized frames and a messy bun complete any girls look heading out the door for brunch!

Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Actually Work?

The answer to this question is going to vary depending on whose research or studies you follow.

With almost anything in life, you can look at scientific studies that support the viewpoint you are looking to see.

In terms of blue light blocking glasses, some studies say they 100% work, and others say they don’t. Overall there’s still not enough research to confirm yes or no.

Yasha Modi, an assistant clinical professor of ophthalmology at NYU Langone Health said ” I do not discourage it given that the absence of evidence may simply represent a lack of clinical studies evaluating the effects of blue light on asthenopia [eye strain] or sleep-wake cycles. Given the amount of digital time we are logging, it is certainly reasonable to study this further.”

I can tell you from personal experience that they have help me tremendously.

Between staring at my computer screen all-day and checking my phone, my eyes were starting to physically feel sore. On top of this, I was starting to get horrible migraines that were accompanied by the ever so lovely blurred vision.

Once I ordered a pair of blue light blocking glasses, the migraines and blurred vision improved, and after a few weeks of consistent wear, they stopped altogether. On top of that, I started to feel less lethargic.

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