Brunch Adidas Outfit For June

June is a tricky one in Wisconsin; sometimes it’s warm and other mornings it feels like late winter again. Having a layered and versatile outfit is perfect so you can remove or add layers as the temperature changes throughout the day.

On the last weekend’s agenda was some brunch, golfing and then the gym. I picked an outfit that would be chic together but still function for all the moving activities I planned on doing. I originally picked out a dress and some cute earrings but figured once I got to the golfing range I wouldn’t feel comfortable so that was a no go. I wanted the weekend to be easy breezy, not full of outfit changes so my every changing mind went to a more relaxed style.

In other words, this is any weekends perfect athleisure outfit! I love it because I can go to brunch and not have people look at me like I just came off the track.

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe 

These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! They are called cloudfoam for a reason; they are super lightweight, but still provide a cushion.

It has memory foam inside so you can slip right in each time and feel like your feet never left.

I personally don’t run in this but I do wear them when I play golf or am doing any other minor activity.

They come in a ton of different styles, patterns, and colors! Take a peek here to grab yours now! 

Some of my favorite go-to brunch jewelry is pieces from Uncommon James! Take a peek of my favorites here, and read all about the company! 

Colorblock Strech Yoga Pants 

These are some of my favorite workout pants! You can wear them to run errands or do an 8-mile run, either one works.

I love this specific pattern because it is very flattering for someone who is a shortie like myself. The strip going diagonally is very slimming to the bottom half.

The material used to make this is nylon and spandex which makes it comfortable to wear for any sport including yoga, HIIT classes or biking, just to name a few.

They come in a wide range of colors and patterns so be sure to peep all the choices so you don’t miss out on the pair that’s right for you. 

Women’s Color Block Windbreaker

The wind doesn’t stand a chance with this color block windbreaker!

I love anything color block and a jacket is clutch in Wisconsin when you don’t know if the morning sun will turn into snow, rain or a tornado by the afternoon!

Dusty rose is one of my go-to colors at the moment but if you are into other ones then click this link to check them all out! There are about 30 different colors and patterns to choose from!  

Make sure you hand wash this! Do not even try to machine wash it or waste money dry cleaning it.

Classic Womens White Tee 

A classic women’s white tee is a closet staple every woman should own. I find that it is more important than a little black dress and way more practical.

This white tee has a front pocket and longer short sleeves which I personally love, so it can cover up those bat wings when I’m out getting it on the dance floor!

If you hate white, much like the other options above, this tee is available in a wide range of colors! 

Final Thoughts

What I love about all of the pieces we went over is the versatility of them. Becuase they come in so many different colors and patterns you can mix and match them to fit your personal style and needs.

You don’t need to pack a bag full of wardrobe changes throughout the day if you plan on doing multiple activities. You can wear a comfortable, fashion-forward outfit that fits into everything. Don’t let your clothes wear you, you should always wear your clothes and make them work for you!

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