Freshii Restaurant Review – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Freshii Beyond Chili & Tex Mex Burrito

I am going to be honest with you. Before today I had never heard of Freshii. So, the fact that I am taking the time to feature it in my local category should speak volumes. So how did I end up there, and why am I writing a review?

Well, it all starts when I had left the WAC off of Wisconsin Ave, grabbed a new Starbucks drink my sister suggested earlier in the day, and continued my treck home.

As I was walking, I looked to my right and noticed extensive advertising for things that looked like burritos, bowls, and wraps. At first, I thought it was another poke place, and when I crossed the street, I soon realized I was wrong.

Being someone who is vegan, I can take one look at a menu and see if it’s a place I can eat at or one where I can “eat” at…some of you will get what I’m saying.

Freshii has a few menus outside; you can open and take a quick peek. Right off the bat, I was a fan of this because nothing is more awkward than walking into a restaurant, pretending like I suddenly got the most urgent phone call in the world that I for whatever reason had to answer down the block — all of this to avoid ordering at a restaurant.


What does the Freshii menu consist of?

Their menu consists of breakfast items, bowls, burritos, salads, wraps, soups, smoothies, sweet treats, and juices. Choose from one of their premade combos or build your own creation.

One of the first things that stood out to me was the fresh flavors of ingredients and sauce that were available throughout the menu. There is an abundance of options for vegans and vegetarians which is hard to find in a city made from Wisconsin meat and cheese. Meat lovers, have no fear you can find everything you want here as well.

Every 90 days, Freshii rolls out a new menu item that incorporates the current food styles and trends. Each new item is tested and thought out by nutritionists and isn’t just something randomly thrown together.

Fresshii’s primary goal is to provide food for people that energize them and doesn’t just fill them up, and this truly speaks to me. One of my favorite things I was ever taught was how to treat and think about my body.

We are like cars, and what we eat should fuel us; we shouldn’t think of our bodies like trash cans and throw whatever we want into it. Humans have complex interworkings; therefore, we should never think of ourselves like dogs by rewarding ourselves with food. We should treat it special and fuel it with what it needs to run properly. 

If you are a BYO lover, here is a breakdown of their menu. Clipboards with paper menus are found on the sidewall towards the cash register if you wish to BYO and you want to write it down to hand to them! This is clutch for when they are busy and aids in assurance they are going to get your order correct.

Freshii Menu


  • Spinach – Kale – Field Greens – Cilantro – Beet Slaw

Base Options:

  • Brown Rice – Rice Noodle – Quinoa


  • Chicken 2.29 + 80 cal
  • Steak 3.49 + 110 cal
  • Tofu 2.19 + 80 cal
  • Falafel 2.19 + 160 cal


  • Beet Slaw – Black Bean – Brocolli – Cabbage – Carrots – Celery – Cilantro – Corn – Crispy Wontons – Cucumber – Edamame – Green Apple – Green Onion – Mushroom – Red Onion – Roasted Pepper – Sesame Seed – Spinach – Tortilla Chips – Tomatoes

Premium Toppings – These will cost extra, ranging from .75 – 1.29

  • Quinoa – Kale – Hard Boiled Egg – Bacon – Almonds – Walnuts – Aged Cheddar – Blue Cheese – Feta Cheese – Goat Cheese – Avacado – Strawberries – Mango – Dried Cranberries – Kalamata Olives – Cherry Tomatoes – Hemp Seeds – Crispy Chickpeas

Dressing / Sauces

  • Balsamic Vinaigrette – Buffalo – Balsamic Vinegar – Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette – Firey BBQ – Greek Yogurt Ranch – Ginger Miso – Honey Dijon – Lemon Juice – Olive Oil – Red Pepper – Salsa Fresca – Spicy Lemongrass – Spicy Yogurt – Siracha


  • Spicy lemongrass -Superfood – Tortilla

Juices & Smoothies

  • Freshii Green – Strawberry Banana – Banan Nut Crunch – Dairy-Free Recovery

Sweet Treats

  • Frozen Kefir – Coconut Chia Pudding – Energii Bites

Calorie Count & Price

One of my favorite things about this place is the fact that they are very clear and upfront about the calories and price of each item which doesn’t leave you guessing.

They not only break down the calories per premade bowl, but they also let you know waht the sauce count is, which is great if you want to order a premade option but want to substitute the sauce for another one. This allows you to properly track your daily calorie intake.

The overall prices for everything quite frankly, shocked me. Prices are way cheaper than what I would have expected for the ingredients and quality of what you get. Ordering a filling good tasting meal for under $10 anywhere is a real hardship nowadays, but finding that in the city? Get outta here! Prices to me are so cheap you can order something to eat now and order something to eat for dinner or lunch the next day and save yourself some real good money.

Price Comparison

I would pair the quality of this food to that of Goddess and The Baker up in Brookfield at the corners, but with almost half the price tag! No offense to Goddess I do love that place, but it’s shocking to see the price comparison. The food quality is, in my opinion, identical along with matching portion size, if not Freshii being larger.


Goddess Southwest Salad: Shredded romaine, black beans, tomato, corn, red bell pepper, chihuahua cheese, tortilla strips, chipotle buttermilk dressing. $10.99


Freshii Fiesta Salad: Field greens, avocado, aged cheddar, corn, black bean, salsa Fresca, cilantro, Lime Vinaigrette $8.29

I only compare to Goddess becuase they are in my book very similar restaurant wise, and they are both outstanding! Not trying to hate on Goddess in any way whatsoever, but I’m just trying to give props to Freshii for its price point in comparison to similar Wisconsin restaurants.


Freshii Seating In Milwaukee

250 E Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee WI 53202 – Downtone, Eastown

I might be biased myself since I love right off the river within a few blocks, but a healthy place like this is appropriately located in one of the most prime locations.

It has excellent fuel food for those looking to grab something after a workout, and with three gyms in the area (Planet Fitness, Golds, and The WAC), they couldn’t have picked a better spot.

It is easily walkable from any part of the city but is also conveniently located by bus stops, and a block from the trolly. It is also across the street from a Starbucks which means you can kill two birds with one stone.

They do offer outside seating with a fairly large patio which is rare for this part of the city. It would be a nice spot for those who want some fresh air on their lunch break.

With little competition around this area, I see big things happening for Freshii. While it seems to be in a sea of either local or chain establishments, this chain by far stands out against the rest.

Inside Ambiance

Freshii Interior

As soon as I stepped inside, I could tell this place was clean from head to toe, or in this case, from the front door to the back door.

The overall vibe is minimalist meets contemporary, with a splash of rustic.

White walls and booths are paired with blonde wood tabletops that sit under black lighting accents. Splashes of green pop throughout and bring to light the overall theme of this health-conscious restaurant.

I could easily see myself working here on my computer for a few hours and love that they offer both booth and table to chair seating.

Tables are on the larger side which makes it great for those like me who work from their computer but has other things that need to be spread out.

My Food Review

Anyone can provide a healthy menu with delicious-sounding ingredients; it is a totally different thing; however, to deliver on said promises. From the first bite, I knew this place was legit, and in my head, I already started looking at all the future dishes I would be ordering.

Ingredients were fresh and not one item overpowered the other. Since I was a newb, I decided to try premade selections and got the beyond chili and the Tex Mex burrito. My only complaint was I would have rather had more chili than rice in the dish but I am a carb counter so that is a total personal preference, and my significant other ate mot of it was, in fact, a fan of the brown rice in it. Everything tasted fresh and nothing seemed like it had been sitting out all day or was resued from the previous day.

I like that they make the burrito filing without overstuffing it which makes you typically feel bloated and the overall Tex Mex was not a total mess to eat.

I am going back tonight to try their lemongrass sauce becuase I am obsessed with lemongrass and have never had it paired in a sauce, yum!

Overall Thoughts

I wish this restaurant was open later because I am one who eats an odd pushed back schedule which means I would have to order this, take it home and eat it later. First world problems I know, poor me.

Besides Mo’s, a ton of other restaurants in the area close early so it would be cool to see this place stay open till 10 to get late-night eaters like myself a place to grab a tasty and mainly healthy bite, but I get it.

With Freshii being a chain with over 300 locations across 85 plus cities in 20 countries, its no surprise this place gets packed throughout the day. While it may have only been around since 2005, I see this being a chain that sticks through till the end of times.

I don’t just suggest one item o the menu, but I encourage whoever is reading this to come and try a bit of everything. Getting a meal here is honestly cheaper than any other traditional fast-food restaurant, and it may just be the place that helps you get on track to a healthier lifestyle.

Overall Rating: Sconniegirl Approved

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