Hospital For The Holidays

In a perfect world families would all be together at home for the holidays.

Life often has other plans for us however and sometimes our loved ones have to be in the hospital for the holidays.

My family knows all to well about being in the hospital for the holidays. My mom was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer in 2010 and has undergone numerous ICU stays, surgeries and everything else in-between.

Over the summer she had some success with trial chemotherapy and received a stem cell transplant from my brother.

She had numerous complications after the surgery, ended back in the ICU were she as almost intubated. Due to this she had to stay in the hospital for about three months.

In the beginning of December she as able to come home. Being home came with its own complications. Her brain was not all there from all the complications in the hospital, she had to dialysis three times a week and we had to drain fluid from her lung through a tube poking out of her back. This is all on top of dealing with her diabetes, medications and all the other joyous things that come along with being a lymphoma cancer patient.

On Christmas eve she had a temperature of 103 that wouldn’t go away so we had to admit her into the hospital again. She is still there today. They think she has an infection in her blood.

Being in the hospital is never fun, especially not during the holidays. I have learned of a few things that can cheer someone up who has to stay in the hospital.

Here is a list of some of the things that can help someone who has to be in the hospital.

(FYI  Food and Plants are NOT allowed in some patients rooms)


My number one gift suggestion is a blanket! Blankets are a present that can be very personable and obviously practical. My mom has a million blankets but every time I get her a new one she loves it.  Mama JO JO has blankets coming out of her ears yet still finds a way to rotate and use them all! Electric, fleece and throw blankets are all wonderful options to choose from.

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Another personable gift I love giving are pictures in collage picture frames. If you want to be extra crafty you can make your own picture frame!

Collage frames are great for displaying multiple memories in one place. Collage fames are my go to because I like adding funny and positive sayings into some of the picture spots!


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One last gift I love giving my mom are trinkets. Most trinkets are for good luck and some are just to simply make her laugh.

You can find little trinkets just about anywhere and you can make them as personable to the person receiving them as you want. My mom loves talking about the trinkets and showing them off to the hospital staff. For me I like giving her trinkets so I can discuss stories to her about why I’m giving her the trinket. This little exchange helps to stimulate her mind.

Trinkets for me can come in the form of games to play, gadgets to make their body limitations easier, books, clothes and everything else in between!

Clothing is my favorite trinket (socks, slippers, hats, scarfs etc) because they don’t get to wear actual clothes. They have to wear the same gown day in and night out. Being able to change those few clothing items gives them a sense of style and a sense of choice. Their entire life is ran by set choices for them that they have zero say in.  Little things like what hat to wear or what slippers to wear really means the world to them. It’s one of the only decisions they actually get to make for themselves throughout an entire day. Clothing to humans can sometimes represent so much more than just warmth or coverage. It stands for individuality and makes them feel unique in a world of bald heads and medical lines. The little bit of clothing they get to choose to wear makes them feel “normal” and asking them what they want to wear that day, reassures the idea of purpose into their life.



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