Mixed Pattern Outfit – Gold Shorts + Houndstooth Shirt

One of my favorite things to do recently is mix up pattern, texture, and colors throughout my outfit. With this one here I decided to keep the top and bottom in the same warm yellow family and I had my red velvet shoes be the pop-out piece! My shorts are a bit of a shiny material which offsets the velvet in the shoes.

If you wish to wear an outfit similar to this take a peek at my suggested wardrobe substitutes below!



Yellow Plaid Shirt 


The actual name of the pattern on my shirt is houndstooth and not just plaid. Plaid comes in a number of colors and styles, so it can be a bit overwhelming. If you are more of a true plaid person you can go with that as well.



Simple Plaid Shirt 


This one is great for those who just want a touch of plaid and not the full shebang.




Houndstooth Crop Top

For those feeling extra festive, a houndstooth crop top is perfect!


Gold Shorts

Gold metallic shorts are fun no matter how you wear them! They are great to dress up and dress down.





Long Gold Skirt 


This is a great option for those who like to buy pieces they can wear year-round! Since it’s longer, you can wear it in the cooler seasons and not freeze.

This match my shorts almost to the T because when I walk it glows more like a skirt and you can’t tell they’re shorts.

Short Gold Skirt 


If you prefer a shorter option for summer this will be the one for you!




Red Chunk Heels 

Chunk heels are a great option for girls like me who don’t normally wear heels. A chunk heel makes you feel like you a sturdier base to walk on.




Red Skinny Heel 


If you are a high heal queen then you go ahead and get yourself a skinny heel, like this one here! 




Suede Maroon Heel


If you want a deeper red heel like the one I am wearing then you might be interested in this one here!



To finish off the outfit I wore my simple Uncommon James earrings! To find cheaper alternatives you can try a few below.

Minimal Long Earrings 


A simple, minimalist pair of gold earrings to match the gold skirt really ties the outfit together.




Gold Thread Earrings 


These are even more minimalist and thread earrings never go out of style!




Triangle Stud Earrings 

The black and gold in these earrings match the black and gold in the shirt.



A plus side to minimal jewelry is it matches multiple outfits and will never go out of style.

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