The Best Hard Seltzer – Ultimate Roundup

With so many hard seltzers’s on the market it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you and which one fits best into your diet. Before we dive in deep, take a peek below at my handy dandy chart that shows you all the basics you would look for before purchasing any hard seltzer.

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Picking The Healthiest Seltzer

Picking the healthiest seltzer is going to be situational to you and your dietary restrictions.


As you can see from the above graph, White Claw and Truly are the only ones that contain sugar, so if you are a no sugar type of person than those obviously won’t be the best for you.


Each of them doesn’t have more than 2 carbs, so everyone is pretty safe there. However, if you are the carb police than aim for Smirnoff with 1g or Henry’s Sparkling that has 1.6 g.


If you are sensitive to drinks then you should stick with the White Claw 70 or Henry’s Sparkling since they are the to lowest. White Claw 70 coming in at 3.7% and Henry’s Sparkling is 4.2%.


All are fairly great options considering other beer or sugary cocktail alternatives. White Claw and Truly are going to come in at the most calories with 100 each, and White Claw 70 is going to be the least.

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What is the newest hard seltzer?

Shockingly to some of you, the newest hard seltzer due to hit shelves is actually going to be PBR based seltzer. Their twist on the fan-favorite is going to be a harder seltzer, rounding out at 8% alcohol which is higher compared to most averaging 4.5% to 5.5%. They are starting off in test markets on August 12th. Those watching their body should also watch the calories coming in a bit higher at 228.

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Are hard seltzers good for you?

Actually when compared to other drinks, especially when compared to its cousin drink beer, yes! They have half the amount of calories and carbs, as well as almost zero to no sugar.

Do you get hangovers from hard seltzers?

Since the sugar is non-existant it is less likely to lead to major hangovers.

How long have hard seltzers been around?

The drink was first introduced back in 2013 and with the trend here to stay it is safe to assume only more will appear on the market.

What is hard seltzer made out of?

While the seltzer tastes sugary, it isn’t loaded with real or fake sugar but actually, cane sugar. It is made much like beer and the actual fermentation gives it sweetness, and the rest of the flavors come from real fruit.

Do people make hard seltzer with mixed drinks?

YES! Hard seltzers are great to use as a base for mixed drinks so it doesn’t dilute the drink down.


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