What To Wear In Autumn Season – Fall Fashion Outfits 2018

It pains me to even write this article because I feel like summer just started. Truth be told, Autumn is fast approaching with only a few weeks away to the end of August. Get ahead of the fashion game and stock up on autumns must have items!

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What Is Autumn Season?

Autumn season is the fancy word for fall. It is the transiting period from summer to winter, where trees turn breathtaking colors and start to shed its leaves. In America we consider the start of Autumn Labor Day and this is when you typically pack away all your white clothes.

What are Autumn Fashion Must Haves?

No matter what climate you live in there are a few fashion staples that everyone must have. These include things like boots, hats, scarfs and tights! In colder regions this might be the start to coat season. Not winter coat season but the fun, cute, and flirty coat season.

Things To Consider When Shopping For Autumn Season

Fabric: While you want cute fall colors, make sure the fabric is fall appropriate. Depending on your state the temperature can drop down low and you want to make sure the fabric you pick out will keep you warm. While clothes are for fashion, they also are a necessity to keeping you healthy and prevent you from getting sick. 

Color: A dummies guide to autumn colors is to just simply look around. Match what you see outside. Go to autumn colors include orange, red, brown, black and dark yellows. I will get into 2018 autumns must have colors below. 

Pattern: Each Autumn season has its own specific pattern you should look for. I will go in depth further below on all of 2018’s must have patterns and how you should wear them.

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1. Red

Power red is here this fall and is ready to take over the fall fashion world. Red is bold, sexy and confident! Red is a color that looks good with every skin tone, hair tone and body shape. If you are timid to red start off with a red statement piece like boots, hats or a scarf.



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2. Glitter Boot

It is this seasons must have boot. The glitter boot is part obnoxious, part fun and part only going to be worn a night or two. My advice for those wanting to stay on trend but not breaking your bank, buy a good reliable pair of knock off glitter boots. Don’t go so cheap the jewels will fall off after one wear, but cheap enough you won’t feel bad after getting rid of them after the 2018 fall season.

Writers Pick For Glitter Boots:

Guess Glitter Boot 

Olivia & James Silver Rhinestone

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3. Leather

A leather jacket is always in style during the autumn season. 2018 autumn season is all about leather everywhere! Think leather boots, leather skirts, leather pants and leather shirts. Step outside the leather box even further and don’t just think black leather, think colored leathered and fringe leather. (Be kind and go with some artificial leather!)



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Yee-haw to all you cow boys and cow girls out there, western is the new thing for the autumn 2018 season. Dust off your boots and pull out those button ups! Cow print, leather vests and button ups are here to stay. Look for button ups with off set colored front pockets and detailed line stitching around the chest.

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5. Plaid

This summers pattern is rolling over into autumn. Plaid everything is in this fall season. Go ahead and mix different sizes of plaid with each other, nothing can be against the rules. If you want to go with an even more chic look, choose plaid with a hint of color in it.



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6. High Neck Lines

High neck lines are going to be huge this season. Think turtlenecks and victorian inspired collars! Try to stay away from thicker turtlenecks and aim for thinner material. High necklines aren’t just for classic turtlenecks this autumn season, aim for high necklines for things such as tees and long sleeves.


If you want to give your current wardrobe some love follow these simple steps. Step 1 go in your closet and find your button ups and blouses.  Step two, button that bad boy all the way up to your neck. Step 3, take a ribbon or any material of your choice, warp it around your neck and tie it. It will give you that in season neck bling that will be everywhere this 2018 autumn season.


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