White Converse + Blue Leggings + White Tee + Adidas Jacket – Outfit Of The Day

Welcome back, friends. Yes, I just did a similarly styled outfit of the day post recently, but it has been an athleisure type of vibe lately. Whenever I do have a fun dress-up outfit, it’s usually for an event or get together, and I’m so in the moment I don’t even get pictures of my face let alone my outfit shot.

This outfit is super simpled and can be replicated easily. I typically wear black on the bottom but thought it would be fun to mix it up. This season is all about wearing the same color on your top and bottom, so I took a play on that with this outfit.

Items In This Outfit At A Quick Glance

I tagged two different blue Adidas jackets since some of you might dig a patterned jacket and some of you are more simple.

White Converse

White Converse are a staple in my wardrobe and are always a great staple to have around. People typically fall into two categories: Fresh White Converse Wearers and Worn In Converse Wearers. Clearly, you can tell which type I fall into.

I prefer my converse to look worn in. I love them when their white and new but get anxiety about when they are going to get dirty so once it does its kind of a sigh of relief.

There are a few different converse styles, all of which are linked below.

Low Tops

My personal favorite because I’m short which means these are the most flattering for my body type. High tops make me look like i have a calf that goes all the way down to my foot.

High Tops 

LOVE how these look on others, just not on myself: #shortgirlprobs




Shoreline Chucks

The cut to these are super low and give a beachy vibe to them.


If you love converse but don’t love the price then you might be better off purchasing some converse alternatives. 

Blue Leggings

Blue leggings are a great alternative to black ones and go with a wide variety of colors. I love blue leggings that are high waisted and keep in my gut so I don’t get a little muffin top when I’m sitting or working out.

I am not one who typically does yoga, but I still love yoga branded workout pants because they are sweat absorbent and pass the squat test.

Blue Power Flex Yoga Pant 

These are one of my favorites because they are high waisted!

Made from a nylon, spandex and polyester mix.

Waistband has pockets so you can put cards, keys or money in it.



Side Phone Pocket Blue Yoga Pant 

These types of pants are growing in popularity as of recent.

The side pocket is great for putting a large number of things but people mostly use it for their phone. I myself have tested it out and successfully ran 8 miles with my phone in the pocket.

Textured Clue Pant 

Wearing workout pants with some texture around them can actually slim the appearance of your legs down.

This specific pair of workout pants are great for sliming any leg becuase of the way the stitches are sewn in, and the seams cross the most flattering part of your leg drawing the eye back and forth.


Blue Adidas Jacket 

The key to an outfit like this is paring the same tone of blues together. I suggest picking out the tone of blue you like in the pant and matching the jacket accordingly.

You can’t go wrong with a classic jacket but a patterned one can be a fun alternative as well.

Simple Blue Track Adidas Jacket 

Love this blue and the tone can be worn year round.

Made from70% Polyester, 25% Cotton, and 5% Elastane Tricot.



Blue Pattern Adidas Jacket 

Love this jacket and it can be great for those who aren’t ready for a monochromatic look.





The last item you need for this outfit is a casual, loose, and relaxed white tee.

Off White Option







White Option







This is a great outfit for those who like to layer. I get hot and cold randomly throughout the day, no I’m not going through menopause, so I always have layers on hand no matter waht time of year.

This outfit of the day is a great one to own because the pieces are so versatile and can go with the wardrobe you already have.

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