Womens Muscle Tank Tops – Stylist Approved

Don’t you love when you order something and it isn’t quite the style you thought, but you actually end up liking what you got more! I ordered the tank tops below originally thinking they were standard women’s workout tanks. Sure, I could tell they would be flowy, but I didn’t think the sides would resemble a muscle tank, which was a pleasant surprise.

I wore this during my long run today and I absolutely loved it! The shape of muscle tanks allow air to flow through and aids in keeping any runners body cool. The material is made to absorb your sweat.

Womens Muscle Tank Top Pack 

These are now one of my favorite work out tops. Each workout tank has a slouchy look and feel to them, but aren’t the type of slouchy that make you look heavy, you know what I mean.

There’s a difference in tops that are bigger that can make you look slim and certain material will actually make you look bigger.

Style Tip: Because you can see so much of your sports bra underneath this top I suggest wearing one of your cuter ones. When you wear these muscle tanks a little side peek-a-boo will be visible. If you think it’s too long simply tie a knot on the bottom or tuck it into your waistband.

These packs come in a set of 3 and are available in mulitple colors.

Color sets include:

  •  Purple, Grey, Black
  • Blush, Beige, Black
  • Orange, Blue, Black
  • Charcoal, Pearl Blush, Aqua
  • Pink, Green, Charcoal

To look at all the color options click here! 

Adidas Sports Bra 

My specific bra is sold out but this one is very similar in the back.

The racerback straps get skinner towards the top allowing this workout bra to fit perfectly under the tank tops I have linked with this post and would work with any standard tank top you already own!

I love Adidas bras because they keep your side boop in and your armpit bulge nonexistent. Often times you don’t have fat in the armpit area you are simply are wearing a bra that is too small or a bra that doesn’t fit your body.

Adidas is made for athletes and keeps the body shape of all women in mind when they design their bra. 

Adidas Workout Pants Womens 

High waisted running pants change the game for me when I do my long runs. Long runs take a lot physically and mentally and the last thing I want to worry about is pulling my pants up. I want to focus on my pace and not where my muffin top is at all times.

Having a big ass and small waist makes finding workout pants impossible. They are typically great in the butt area but the waistband sticks so far out you can see down to China town.

Adidas high wasted workout pants have found the miracle material that is snug to both your legs, butt, and waist.

Womens Brooks Running Shoes


Brooks is my absolute favorite running shoes. They come in fun colors and they are made by runners for runners.

On days I am just lifting or doing elliptical I still wear these because of the comfort and stability they provide my feet!



Styling Tips

There a few simple go-to athleisure styling tips when wearing an outfit like this one.

  • Match your Sports bra to your pants: have them be the same color or pattern, and wear a neutral tank.
  • If you plan on wearing a patterned bra or patterned pants, go with a solid color top or you will look too busy. The exception to this rule is if you are mixing similar patterns such as big polka dots and little polka dots
  • If you want to match your top and bottom I suggest you stick with neutral colors: in this case, you can spice up your outfit via your sports bra. If you have big boobs, try layering a simple sturdy bra on the bottom with a fun, fashion one on top.
  • Don’t worry about matching your shoes to your outfit: if they are expensive running shoes you should always wear those on run days.  Your shoes are an irrelevant part to your outfit and they should be more about giving protection to your feet.
  • Wear what makes you feel comfortable. I wear tank tops once I have been working out for a while because I personally don’t like wearing them unless I am toned. Being uncomfortable at the gym is going to make you want to work out less thus preventing the reason why you go in the first place.
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