Yellow Converse + Liquid Leggings + Jean Jacket – Outfit of The Day

Who doesn’t love a good statement shoe! While statement shoes are typically thought of in the form of heels, I love a good comfy statement shoe. Yellow converse go quite well into my wardrobe thanks to my love of the Milwaukee Brewers! All I have to do is throw on the glove logo, lace up my yellow converse, and it’s root, root, root for the home team.

Converse are such a versatile shoe because they can be worn all year round. I typically save my colored converse for days when the ground isn’t wet to preserve them longer.

Wet converse = dirty converse= short shelf life

As you can see here, I decided to pair my fun shoes with a simple outfit; casual white tee, blue jean jacket, and liquid leggings. To achieve this look peek the outfit deets below.

Outfit Items At A Quick Glance

Yellow Converse 

Yellow is such a fun color! It can work with a monochromatic outfit or it can be the stand out piece that pops! Yellow can be an accent piece to any color in the rainbow, and it looks classy with neutrals as well.

Since I’m short and have athletic calfs I prefer the low top converse! If these aren’t your cup of tee I suggest the ones below.


 Plain white soles   



 Higher lip by the ankle. 




If you aren’t a converse fan you can always look into converse alternatives! 

Liquid Leggins 

My leggins are liquid leggins by NOLI YOGA but they are around $100. I splurged and got one pair I NEVER WEAR TO WORK OUT and only wear for brunch, errands and cute outfit days.

These are a great alternative that is a fraction of the price but matches the color and overall shape. Similar fabric is used and I have a few pairs of these as well.

I love that the waistline comes up a bit higher so you can wear them comfortably with crop tops, bodysuits or oversized coats and sweaters; as well as big comfy, oversized shirts. The high waistline also keeps my pouch in after a big meal…I don’t know about you but I get a food baby after meals and this keeps it in like a little Joey in a kangaroo pouch.

Boyfriend White Tee

Oversized white tee’s come in an abundance of options. Some are V-necks, some are crew necks, some have a boob pocket and some are just all around plain. Here are a few of my favorite cozy tees that can be worn with a wide range of outfits.




 This would be a fabulous Tee to pair with this outfit! The yellow in the rainbow would complement the yellow shoes. Good vibes is the only thing allowed around me, no time for bad vibes.





 This one is great for those who want a higher neckline!






Jean Jacket 

I LOVE this jean jacket because it is oversized, distressed and it felt like I owned it for years even after it was just the first time I wore it.

Because it is already distressed it ages well and can dress down even fancy outfits to be happy hour appropriate. Come straight from work, throw this on and you people will think you are a casual cool.



This one fits like your boyfriends jean jacket and is so reminiscent of the 80s and 90s era its spooky. It’s like it was kept in a time capsule until 2019 when it knew it was going to make a dramatic comeback.

More of a classic jacket without holes or a distressed appearance to it. It’s more clean-cut and chic.


If you are into the longer jackets, then this might be a nice little piece to add to your collection!






Riders By Lee is the OG Jean Jacket! 







A great thing about these pieces is they can be worn with multiple types of outfits and fit into numerous style categories. It doesn’t matter if you are girly, alternative, punk rock, classic, or even sporty; it will fit into the women you are! If you don’t want to buy the whole outfit, you can buy one or two pieces to incorporate them into your current wardrobe.

If you have any stying questions feel free to leave a comment below!

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