Oh hey der, welcome to the lifestyle blog of a Wisconsin girl who goes by the name of Megan!

I have had my cosmetology license for over a decade and tour around the world styling bands, artists and musicians.

I have toured around with: Twenty One Pilots, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Walk The Moon, Misterwives, Vinyl Theatre, Finish Ticket, Royal Teeth, Joywave, Smallpools, Mowglis, Dashboard Confessionals, Flor, The Catching, Flint Eastwood, Magic Man, Irontom, and many more.

I both personally make and style outfits for music videos, photoshoots, and live performances. I also complete their look by doing their hair, makeup, and fulfill all the nail care needs.

A bus bunk is a normal bed to me just as your queen bed is the norm for you.

I am addicted to online shopping and I pretty much am on a first name basis with FedEx, Ups, USPS, and any other delivery service you can think of.

I write reviews on products I have personally used, have used on other people or products my family and friends have used. Some of the best products I’ve tried are via word of mouth so hopefully, my mouth can shed light onto a product useful to your life!

I enjoy working out, fitness and pretty much love athleisure. Spend way to much time at the gym so I can eat way too much food. I believe food is romantic and bonding between humans everywhere!

If I’m not traveling you can find me running or at the gym, changing my hair color, at a local dive bar sipping on some bloody Marys or old fashions, online shopping, watching a murder show (not creepy, tons of people are into it and just don’t say it out loud) crafting, making outfits on my sewing machine, attending Brewer games, cooking, yelping, at a new restaurant or outside being Ms. Nature Girl.

 Vegan-ish, and not looking back. I still enjoy seafood from time to time and every so often will nibble on some cheese. You can take the girl out of Wisconsin but you can’t take Wisconsin out of the girl. I am a big wine gal and love me some martinis!

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