Red Bold Pattern-Outfit Of The Day

Nothing better than a photo bomb by your doggie.

Todays outfit is brought to you by BB! He keeps asking for his own blog and I keep telling him once he gets thumbs.


Red is a color that can work on anyone. Some might say they could never wear red but it is truly a universal color. Reds come in both warm and cool tones . One must simply put the time in to shop for the red that will best suit their skin tone and hair color.


My Top is from Target, Clearance Rack.

Vest is an oldie, from Old Navy.

                          Pants are from Francesca’s! They are Harper Brand, which is my absolute favorite. Harper jeans fit both my plump butt and are the only brand I don’t have to roll up at the bottom! I’m 5’2 and 3/4 inches tall, if that puts it into perspective for my fellow shorty’s out there!

Feet are from my mama.


Since my top is so in your face red with a plaid pattering, I decided to keep the accessories minimal!

Some simple red jeweled earrings and low heal black boots was all my outfit needed to be complete!

Simple matching jewelry can be effective to finish off your outfits and look put together.

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