Sparkly Holiday Tops – Picks From A Professional Stylist

A girl can never have enough sparkle in her life! The Christmas season is the perfect time to let your inner disco ball shine. You can’t overdo the sequins, fringe, jewels or sparkle. Even if you think it’s too much, it’s not! Live a little and wear that sparkly sweater you’ve had your eye on.

Not sure how to wear that sparkle? I gotchu girl. Follow my picks for this seasons must have sparkly holiday sweaters and I will give you tips on how to wear them. Shine bright like a diamond my fierce lady friend! A new outfit can guarantee you a very merry holiday season. 

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Sequin Jacket With A Zip Front 

This is one of my favorite items for the holiday season because it is so versatile. You can wear it to the office, out to brunch, to your next holiday party or simply to the grocery store to grab some eggnog.

Here you can see the sequin jacket styled in a relaxed yet posh way. This sequin jacket works great paired with an oversized boyfriend tee and some boyfriend ripped jeans. Wear some converse for a super relaxed look or pair it with some fire heals to posh it up a notch.

I suggest heals be a single color material instead of doing heals with multi-patterned material or jewels. You want the focus to be on the blazer itself and not your shoes. Get in the back of the line shoes, this isn’t your day to shine.

This glittery jacket is available in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Black with white stripe detail
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Mermaid ombre
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Rose gold
  • White and gold
  • Silver
  • Silver and black
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Women’s Sequin Sweater – Mulito Sequin Sweater 

Want to stand out with your sequins and want more color options? This sweater is the perfect one for you.

Get away from the typical silver, black and gold of the holiday season and take a stroll with the blue and purple sequins. I suggest pairing this sweater with some black pants or black pleather material. Finish off your sequin sweater outfit with some colorful heels or booties. 

Keep jewelry to a minimum with a sweater so full of life. Big or gaudy jewelry is going to clash with the sweater and make you look like a little girl playing dress up. Instead wear some simple silver earrings, silver bracelet or silver ring. If you must wear color match the blues and purples to some stud earrings. 


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Reindeer Sweater

This reindeer sweater is Rudolf approved!

This specific reindeer sweater comes in:

  • Olive
  • Red
  • Burgandy
  • Black

I would wear this reindeer sweater with a short white and green plaid skirt! I suggest tucking the bottom of the sweater into the skirt. Look for a high waisted skirt. If you want to keep your legs warm put some tights underneath and finish the outfit off with some high top boots!

If you’re not into the skirt idea you can go plain jane and pair it with some jeans and high black boots! Personally, I would pair this sweater with some red or dark green pants!

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Sequin Arm Blazer 

Move over jazz hands, it’s time for full sparkle arm hands!

Much like the other options we have gone over you can pair this sequin blazer with any type of jeans including boyfriend jeans, dark blue jeans, black jeans, leather pants and anything else in-between.

Skirt suggestions: Go for a black skirt and some sparkle tights or reverse and do a sparkle skirt with some black tights.

Because the sequins are focused on the arms alone you can pair a number of things underneath such as a boyfriend tee, a festive Christmas tee or even a sparkly bodysuit.

I would personally go with a silver bodysuit paired with some high waisted black leather pants, and silver bling boots! Holidays are all about that sequin life, no shame readers, no shame!

If you have some fun holiday jewelry you want to play with this is the blazer for you. Go ahead and wear that new sparkle statement necklace, big sparkly earrings, or go posh and layer some simple necklaces together. Jewelry options are truly endless with this outfit. Not a jewelry person? I suggest playing with some hair jewelry.

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Christmas Tree Cardigan 

I call this the “I ate too much junk food around the holidays” so now I have to hide my ass cardigan.

I love extra long cardigans like this because they are comfy, cozy, and flattering on all body types.

Important style tip: Make sure you pair long cardigans with high waisted hemlines on your skirt, pants or leggings. This will allow your legs to look elongated making them appear slimmer. Low rise hemlines will make your body lines appear disproportioned and stumpy even if you are tall and slim. You want the bottom of the cardigan to be as far away as possible from the top line of your bottom.

Pattern options for this long cardigan include:

  • Christmas tree
  • Red and green snowman
  • leopard
  • Reindeer
  • Santa hats
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Snowman Sweater 

Look at this snowman sweater! Have you seen a more cute face?

This sweater has holiday spirit front and back! Jolly little snowman with sequins are stitched onto the front and snowflakes are stitched throughout the entire sweater, front to back.

White after labor day is such a bullshit rule and most people really don’t follow it anymore. With that being said, I suggest pairing this snowman sweater with white pants and black boots! With the sweater being so busy I suggest wearing your hair down with this.

If you are rolling your eyes at me about the white after labor day then I suggest red pants with black boots or black pants with red boots. 


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Sequin Top Gold

Do you get hot in sweaters fast, especially after to much-spiked eggnog? This might be the sparkly holiday top for you then!

I often get overheated when I drink and nothing is worse than being trapped in a sweater. I sometimes will opt for this quarter sleeve blouse because it is festive yet gives you room to breathe.

Ignore the sizing chart when you order this! Sizes on this sparkly blouse run true to size despite the sizing chart and waring it may run smaller, IT DOES NOT RUN SMALL.

The cut of this top is shorter so I suggest paring this with high waisted bottoms. Trousers and wide leg pants are making a comeback this season so go ahead and pull out your old bell bottoms!

I suggest pairing this sequin gold top with something much like this picture. Nothing is more eye-catching than gold and olive together. Dress your feet up with some gold heals or dress your feet down with some gold flats.

Sequin blouse is also available in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Rose gold
  • Pink
  • Silver
  • GOld
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Sequin Tank – Sequin Tank Top 

Perhaps you are going on vacation for Christmas and need something that will fit into your vacation climate and holiday spirit! A sequin tank top is going to be your go-to then.

You can pair this sequin tank top with virtually anything. On vacation pair it with some shorts or an A-line skirt.

Wear it back at home under a sweater or cardigan. I call it the peek-a-boo sequin. It’s a great option for those of you who aren’t fully into the sequin trend but want a little something to test out before you opt to dive into the flashy sequin pool. Once you feel comfortable with the peek-a-boo sequin you can work your way up to a full-blown sequin top.

Key to the peek-a-boo sequin is to wear it longer so it can be visible. DO NOT TUCK THE SEQUIN TANK IN. Defeats the whole point of wearing it then.

Sequin tank top is available in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Burgandy
  • Fusica
  • Gold (mate)
  • Gold (shiny)
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Mermaid
  • Rose gold
  • Bright silver
  • White
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