Converse Alternatives – Picks From A Professional Stylist

My Favorite Converse Alternatives – At A Quick Glance

AOMAIS Canvas Shoes Sneaker Low Top

Best Budget Converse Alternative

Women's Canvas Low Top Sneaker

Best Look-A-Like Converse Alternative

Magone Womens High Top Classic Canvas

Best Red High Top Converse Alternative

Renben Classic Low Top

Best Exact Look Converse Alternative

Renben Women's Casual Shoe

Best Color Converse Alternative

Keds Women's Triple Kick Canvas

Best Durable Converse Alternative

adidas Women's Cloudfoam

Best Converse Black Shoe Alternative

Taos Footwear Women's Star Golden Yellow

Best Yellow Converse Alternative Shoe

adidas Women's Shoes

Best Comfort Converse Alternative

Love converse but you have been wearing them for so many years you don’t know what your feet look like without them? Perhaps you are a converse want to be fan, but don’t quite like everything about them. Change it up and go with one of these converse alternatives. Same chic design with a little bit of twist.


Renben shoes are the closet rip off of a converse shoe you’re going to find. It takes the classic Converse look and just literally rips it off. Solid color shoe, with a white sole and a stripe running around the sole. If converse wasn’t too busy wiping their ass with all the money they make I bet they would take the time to fight Renben for their style rip off.

Renben makes shoes for adults, children, and toddlers.

Classic Renben Converse Alternative

Converse Alternative Shoes

Come on, look at these. They are literally an exact replica of Converse. Unless someone looks closely at the little tag on the side of these shoes they would never realize they aren’t converse.

High Top Converse Alternative 

Alternatives To Converse Shoes

Just as with the low tops, unless you read the circle you wouldn’t notice it’s not a converse.

Renben makes a large variety of high top shoes in a wider range of colors and detailed high tops with studs or other add ons.

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Vans is clearly the first go-to choice for a converse alternative. The whole vans vs converse debate is as old as time.

One major difference between vans and converse is the fit. Personally, I own and wear both types of shoes, so my feet have an opinion of their own on this one. Converse has a more narrow fit in the toes, where vans are a bit more comfortable and allow more room throughout the shoe. Vans also have padding in the heal allowing for a more comfortable walk around feel.

Another benefit of vans is the ease of them. They are called the “slip on” shoes for a reason. Vans are quick to throw on and quick to take off, never having to touch the laces.

Almost all vans are unisex.

The Vans To Go With Everything – Low Top

With this link, you can find the classic old school, low top skater vans. The shoe colors found with this link are very neutral and versatile. Each color can be mixed and matched with tons of outfits.

Having versatile shoes allows more use out of them and gives you more bang for your buck.

Colors found with this link include:

  • Black and White
  • Red
  • Grey and White
  • Blue
  • Brown and White
  • Brown and Black
  • plus many more!

The Vans To Go With Everything – High Top

With this link you can find the classic high top vans. Much like the above low tops, this link will provide high tops in neutral and versatile colors.

If you want to stay in with the current fashion trend I would suggest these high tops! Great option for winter so snow doesn’t sneak down your shoe as you’re walking. Nothing is worse than already being cold and then bam, snow trickles down to your feet. Now you’re cold and have wet sloppy socks. Thanks winter.

These high tops can be found in the same colors as the low tops.

Stand Out Vans

If you are more into shoes that stand out these Vans might be the route you choose to go.

Topical Low Tops 

Vans Authentic Tropical Leaves True White Canvas Skateboarding Shoe - 9.5M/8M

Mixed Tape Low Tops 

Image result for mixtape vans

Gold Dot High Tops 

Need to match those vans with some socks? No problem, I have linked some vans sock options to go with your brand spanking new pumped up kicks.

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Classic Checker Socks 

Vans Checkerboard Crew Socks One Size Black-white Check

No Show Socks 

Image result for vans no show socks

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Adidas is without a doubt making a comeback into the fashion industry. With adidas simple to spot logo and stand out designs, your feet will be sure to impress all the eyes out there.

No other brand has a stronger connection to sports than adidas. They partner with sports teams and athletes around the world to provide products that help them become faster, stronger, smarter and cooler. Wearing adidas isn’t only about fashion, it provides comfortability for your feet all around.

The OG Superstar Woman Shoe

Adidas Superstar Shoe has been around since 1969. It has a rubber sole with a classic shell toe top and a mesh liner.

Writers Fit Tip: If you typically buy your shoes in the in-between sizes, go one size down for a tight fit and one size up for a looser fit.

Adidas Superstar Shoe can be customized by changing up the line and ankle patch pattern.

A few alternatives including animal print, coral, turquoise, metallic and purple are available here!

The OG Mens Superstar Shoe 

Same as the women’s Superstar Shoe, just made for men’s sizes. The great thing about these shoes is they get worn in well. Wonder what they will look like once you have them for a few months? This picture is your answer.

This link will take you to a wide variety of colors and patterns!

Adidas Slip On Shoes


I personally own these slip ons and they are hands down the most comfortable shoe my feet have ever had the pleasure of slipping into.

Most shoes claim to be breathable and flexible, but let me tell you something, these take the gold medal for living up to those adjectives. Wear them with or without socks, it doesn’t matter they make your feet feel like your walking on clouds.

This specific shoe comes in:

  • Olive green
  • All white
  • White and Black
  • Rose
  • Grey
  • Ice Mint
  • Pink


Much like the women’s slip ons, these shoes will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

These straight jacket shoes are available in:

  • White base, Black and White Straps
  • Black base, White And Black Straps
  • Cobalt blue base, White and Black Straps

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Adidas Socks

High Socks 

Adidas Socks

Low Socks 

Colored Low Socks

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If you need a product description of Nike, go sit in the corner. Nike is and will always be a product recognized by people worldwide with its iconic swoosh. Nike Inc., includes Nike, Converse, Hurley, and Jordan brands.

Nike’s mission is to double its business while cutting the environmental impact in half. Nike is really a standout brand that works with communities worldwide to make this earth a better place to live!

Nike Womens Air Force Flex Shoe

These shoes are pretty true to fit, you don’t need to go up or down in size for these.

While they look like a heavier shoe, these are actually lightweight!

Air force flex all white shoe makes this the perfect match to go with everything.

Mens Air Force Shoe

Available in white and black. Much like the Women’s Air Force Shoe, but the fit comes wider so your feet will fit into the shoe more comfortable.


Nike Mens Roshe 

Nike Shoes

Nike Rosehe has a synthetic sole, making this shoe perfect for comfortability and can double as a running shoe.

Made from a criss-cross mesh material this shoe has lightweight wear.

One of the top rated shoes for men.

Custom Made American Flag 

Roshe Shoes Custom Made American Flag Edition Available in all sizes

This limited edition shoe is fully waterproof!

Made by OPC Kicks A artistic twist on a beautiful n Comfortable Shoe Artwork Fully Crack/Scratch Proofed & Resistant.

Fit Tip: A size 5 in mens = a size 6.5 in women’s, a size 5.5 in mens = a size 7 in womens .

Nike Air Force 1

Kick it back old school with these Nike Retro Air Force 1 shoes!

Red is a primary color that can be worn with just about everything. It can be a great stand out statement if you typically wear neutral or black clothing.

Nike High Top Sock 

Nike Socks

Nike Low Top Sock 

Nike Low Socks

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Soda shoes are found at most department stores. They offer a variety of converse alternative type shoes and a wider variety of heals, booties and sandals. Soda uses legit material to make their shoes thus allowing them to last for years at a time.

Soda has a variety of converse type shoes that come with shoelaces and with alternatives to laces.

Soda Slip On Shoe 

Soda slip on shoes are great for those who don’t have time to deal with shoe laces. They make their slip on shoes in a large variety of colors and materials.

Canvas Sneaker 

If you prefer the shoelace look I suggest going with this option. This sneaker is made out of canvas material and is available in different colors.

Soda canvas sneaker runs true to size. An ultra-low top makes this a great shoe for shorts, pants, and roll up boyfriend jeans.

Writers Tip:

When it comes to converse alternatives you really can’t go wrong! With online shopping becoming so relevant nowadays, there are zero excuses to not step up your shoe game. Even if you are a true converse lover, give your feet a styling break with a second pair of sweet kicks.

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