One White Sweater Styled Five Different Ways

I don’t know which I love more, the changing colors of leaves, the pumpkin spice lattes, or the cozy clothes that finally get to come back out of the closet! While I do have a few pieces that work year after year, I always try to get a couple of extra pieces to add to my wardrobe to stay on trend!

This years trend is all about versatility, and one trend I am going to love is the big and bold fabric. I call this the fall of “Nothing But Knits” and you are going to see knit designs everywhere!

This long white knit sweater is so great because it fits into every style! I don’t have one style I stick with, and I tend to bounce around from athleisure, preppy, romantic, eclectic, alternative, boho, and everything else in between; you could call me a bit of a style whore. Don’t put me in one style box when there are so many to play around in! Being into all styles means I have to shop smart so that my pieces can fit with each other while still standing out in their own way.

Finding this white knit sweater was a hole in one for me! It checks off this seasons trend of being knit and the white color/overall style fit into all my go-to outfit looks. I love that the bottom has slits in it so it comfortably fits around any type of body shape. I, myself, have wider hips and if long sweaters aren’t made out of the right fabric or have slits on the bottom then it feels constricting and is super uncomfortable whenever I sit down.

Wear the sleeves down to keep your hands warm or roll them up for a more crisp look!

Come look at five different ways you can style just one sweater for fall! You don’t need a million pieces to have cute outfits, you just need to know how to style what you have!


Athleisure Sweater Look

Not gonna lie, my go-to look is typically some sort of athleisure. If I’m not at home working then I’m on my way to the gym. From there I am typically on my way to grab some grub or meet some friends out for a happy hour.

Having a wide range of pieces to my athleisure wardrobe is super convenient and comfortable for me to live in. This sweater can be paired down with some leggings and sneakers without looking like a hodgepodge of clothes, or like you just forgot a top for the night. This sweater can be put with any color leggings and still seem like one, cohesive outfit.

To get this outfit all you need is 3 simple pieces:

I am clearly going for the whole black and white vibe here.

Why else do I love this sweater? Well, I love sweaters that are longer and cover my butt. I have a bigger butt and while sometimes I let my booty shine other times I just want it to take a seat and hide in the back. Long sweaters are my go-to when I’ going to a coffee shop to work or to the craft store to grab something quick.

Brunch White Sweater Outfit

I LOVE dressing up for brunch almost as much as I love eating it. There’s something about looking cute while drinking a cute themed mimosa that really gets me excited…call me vain, but I like to think of it as fashion. Life is to short to always dress like a scrub.

For this look, I paired some orange high waisted trousers, with a fall scarf and booties. I love booties because even though I’m short I sometimes feel like a baby giraffe who never fully got how to walk in its legs. Booties are perfect for me to get some height but keep me stable. After a few bloody marys and mimosas, a girl needs some extra stability walking home. If you are a heel pro, by all means, swap out the booties for heels.

To copy this outfit get the following:

Concert Sweater Look

My concert look as I like to think of it is again a classic black and white themed outfit. Maybe it’s from touring for so many years (black is pretty much the only color people wear in the industry) that when I go to concerts I instinctively think all black.

What’s nice with this outfit is the white sweater will really pop with the only other white being in the sneakers. White can be a base or accent color depending on what you place around it. Isn’t fashion cool?!

This jacket is great because you can remove the hood and sweater material lining form the zipper. While both the leggings and the jacket are shiny, the sweater is long enough to break the two similar patterns apart.

Unfortunately, the dog is not sold anywhere I can link to but if you’re ever looking for a cav-a-poo I 85% recommend them. Just kidding, my life would be dull without my cooper scooper.

To get this look, you’ll need:

Date Night Long Sweater Outfit

My favorite thing besides dressing up for brunch and eating yummy food is dressing up for date nights! No matter how long I’ve been with my boo, I find it to still be important to dress up and try to look nice for him. Gotta keep him wanting more, ya know what I’m sayin’.

This outfit is so simple and I bet you already have half of the pieces in your closet!

Besides knits being a big trend, animal print is going to be HUGE this year. It’s all about mixing up animal print too, so if you have a cheetah jacket go ahead and wear your zebra-striped shoes! Mix animal colors, patterns, shapes and sizes because there is no animal discrimination this year my friends.

To copy this look:

Casual Friday Outfit

I call this the casual Friday outfit because it pairs some good old classic ripped jeans, the long sweater, some brown wedges, and a cute little hair scarf! Wear this to work and keep it on to meet your friends for your Friday Fish Fry.

This is the same outfit I am wearing above and in my Instagram post!

Hair scarfs are making a huge comeback in the hair accessory world and they look great on any type of hair length. Put it in a ponytail, braid or tie it around hair that is all down. It can save any bad hair day and can be a great accent piece to give you some flair.

Finish the look with a purse that matches the shoes, which is such a simple but effective trick to making people think you have a professional stylist helping you out! Go for purses that are more constructed instead of loose ones you would throw over your shoulder.

To get this look:

Army Pant + White Sweater Outfit

Ah yes, the classic army pant. It is a pattern that will never go out of style and you will see it year after year.

Since army print isn’t as popular, but still relevant, it is great to pair a long knit sweater like this to tone down the overall appearance of the army pattern on your body.

This outfit can be paired with wedges, but I prefer to keep it casual cool and pair it with some converse.

Everyone has a converse preference and I like mine to bet a tidbit dirty, not to perfect and not to clean. Keeping the balance of clean to slightly worn is actually harder than you might think.

To achieve this look:

Pairing this white sweater isn’t going to be the problem for you, the problem will be not wearing it every day. If you aren’t a fan of the white there are other colors for you to choose from that can be paired with similar types of outfits. If you have any outfit questions feel free to comment in the section below.

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