Best Color Changing Lipsticks – Worth The Hype?

Best Color Changing Lipstick At A Quick Glance

We have all been there, standings in the lipstick aisle for thirty minutes marking our hands up so much we start to look like a bag of berries. After our hands are all marked up we are still no closer to what shade we want to buy, so we are forced to purchase two or even three at a time. What is it about an outfit and your favorite mirror at home that can completely change the way your lipstick can look?

Well, say goodbye to the lipstick aisle and hello to your new favorite lipstick. In a world that seems to be ever-changing, it seems as if the lipstick folks have taken note and followed suit. Color-changing lipstick is taking the makeup industry by storm. Does it work? Is it worth it? Is this just a social media hype? Keep on reading to find out!

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What is color changing lipstick?

Color-changing lipstick is much different than other colored lipsticks on the market. Each color changing lipstick changes once it is applied, and it will appear as a different color on every person. You can take one tube, share it between 50 different women and each person’s lip will give off a different shade.

How does color changing lipstick work?

In not so fancy science lingo, the reason why color-changing lipstick works is due to the reaction it has with a person pH on their lips. This reaction happens because of the Octyldodecanol and Red 27 found within the lipstick itself.

How long has color-changing lipstick been around?

Believe it or not, it has been around since the early 1920s and became very popular in 1970s thanks to Avon.

What does the color changing lipstick products look like?

It looks like a unicorn fairytale dream! Most colored changing lipsticks are actually colorful, a few are clear, and some are clear with fun dried flowers in the middle of them. Some even throw it back to the old school 90s and are multi-colored.

Using different colored sticks is going to give you different shades. Example: a solid blue stick might turn your lips redder and a green stick might turn your lips a pinker shade. Most are sold in sets so you can play around with them and have different hues to wear for different seasons.  Additionally, some colored sticks will give you a warm hue and another will give you a cooler hue; best of both worlds!

Why do people wear it?

Besides the first obvious point, people tend to wear it when they want a natural lip. Because it works with the lips pH level it’s going to enhance the lips natural color, and in some cases change it a shade close to what people already have.

Others like to wear it because they are typically made with fewer ingredients and overall feel lighter on the lips. Additionally, this lipstick can be great for those who are vegan, who have cosmetic allergies and those who just don’t like to draw a ton of attention to their lips. Oh, and did I forget to mention they are so fun to just pull out and look at?! Anything that colorful is sure to put a smile on your face.

These lipsticks are the closet thing to personalized lipstick you can find on the market! Any more customizable and you’ll be dealing with the manufacturer themselves. Read on to find out which are the top-rated currently on the market!

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Givenchy Rouge 

Don’t let the black color of the lipstick tube fool you! It may look black in the tube but it WILL NOT look black on your lips.

This is a smaller sample size but it is very hard to find anywhere. Those who can get their hands on it rave about it, and quite frankly love to throw it in other peoples faces.

After one use I get why this is. It is some of the smoothest lipstick I have ever tried, and it feels like nothing is on the lips.

It contains black rose oil which brings out deeper hues in the lips which range from medium to a dark deep plum. This is consider more of a luxury color changing lipstick.

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Aloe Vera Lipstick 

The brand that makes this is Magic Kiss and the special ingredient found in this is aloe vera. Aloe vera has antiseptic and antifungal properties that help soothe irritated or dry flaky skin. This is especially helpful in the cooler months when lips seem to get really chapped. If you are going to use chapstick you might as well use something that gives your lips a little extra somethin, somethin.

This set has actually been sold for over 30 years! Tubes of color come in blue, green, purple, pink, magenta and yellow. Each tube will leave your lips with a different natural hue.

You get 12 different tubes, 2 tubes of each color, so you won’t run out for quite some time!

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Lipstick Queen

This is one of the top-rated products on the market with thousands of 5-star reviews!

This product has shea butter and vitamin E inside of it which makes it arguably the most moisturizing color-changing lipstick on the market. Because of all the moisture properties found within this, it will lave a wet and flirty look.

One swipe of this bad boy and you will be set for the entire day! Great for people who are very pale and often can’t find a shade to suit them.

LOVE that this doesn’t feel sticky or overly moist. You know what I’m talking about when you apply lipstick can physically feel the lipstick on your lips. It’s almost as if you can see it!

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Unicorn Glitter Balm 

If you want a bit of shimmer to your rosy pink lipstick, then this will be the one for you!

It looks beautiful in the tube but even lovelier on your lips! The glitter found inside the lipstick leaves your lips looking shimmery and hydrated. Don’t worry, you won’t have glitter on your lips, making you look like a little girl.

It is vegan, sulfate-free, and paraben-free!


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Flower Infused Lipstick 


They are so cute it’s almost a shame to use them. These not only give your lips a rosy hue but will change colors as you change temperature.

This lipstick is long-lasting and is indeed waterproof! Go ahead and drink that mimosa because your lipstick isn’t going anywhere.

You get not only, not two, but six different tubes with this pack!


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