Best Halloween Wigs – Cosmetologist Suggested & Tested

Wigs For Halloween

Halloween is the time for your inner child to come out and embrace all things that are dress up! Any good Halloween costume is only as good as the hair, and the most natural hair solution is going to be Wigs!

In this article, you will find our favorite wigs for Halloween for all sorts of costumes.

Trying to color your real hair for one night is a waste of damage, and odds are unless you get it professionally done, it isn’t going to turn out how you envision.

Take a peek below at all of my top suggested wigs for Halloween, and what costumes they can pair perfectly with!

The best part is if you invest in one of these you can wear it all year round! Wigs are perfect for lazy days when you don’t feel like doing your natural hair and can be an excellent alternative for going lighter and darker in the blink of an eye.

Investing in wigs is going to be better for your hair health and your wallet!


Wig Tips

There are a few simple wig tips that can take any wig from amateur to pro, and they are super easy to do.

  1. Use baby powder to take out the fake shine. Simply put the powder in your hands and dust it over the wig to instantly give it a real matte look!
  2. If you hate the smell of baby powder, use a dry shampoo to matte the shine and keep the wig fresh over multiple wears.
  3. Use contour liquid on the hairline to make it appear more real. You only need a small dot, and it will help hide the lace. Use a small eyebrow brush to dab the contour over the part line.
  4. Use a setting powder over the contour liquid on the hairline to blend it to your wig cap more, and give it a real scalp color matte look.
  5. If you don’t want to use a contour liquid, then you can pluck the hairline. This will take a bit longer and be more tedious, but once it’s done, the final result will be so real, you’ll be glad you put in the effort.

Best Halloween Wigs

Below you will find our favorite halloween wigs broken down into sections based on the color of the wigs.

Orange Wigs

Orange wigs are great for a wide variety of Halloween costumes, and once you break it down you will be surprised at how many great costumes an orange wig can be used for.

It Costume Wig

This wig is great to use for IT, when you want to go the sexy clown route.

A key thing with this wig is that it has a very natural hairline! You can wear this wig in pigtails, or wear it braided down, the choice is up to you!

IT Inspiration

If orange isn’t your thing, this wig is available in a wide variety of colors! 

It is a front lace wig which means it is sturdy, reliable, and will look natural even if people inspect it close up.

Madhatter Orange Wig

The Madhatter can have almost any color hair you want, but I always think orange looks the best!

The hairline to this wig won’t matter much because you will want to wear a top hat to complete the look! This means the hairline prep can be nonexistent.

Madhatter Hair-spiration

This is a perfect length for the Madhatter because the focus will want to be on the outfit itself and not the hair.

Lilu – Fifth Element Wig

Lilu Firth Element Wig Picture

This wig is fantastic because it matches the texture of Lilu’s hair!

This wig has bangs which are great for those who don’t want to deal with a fussy hairline or part.

It has two adjustable straps which are great for those who want an extra snug fit.

Lilu Inspiration

Green Wigs

Green seems to go hand in hand with Halloween, from witches to a wide range of movie characters.

The Joker Green Wig

One of my biggest pet peeves with the new joker movie was the fact he did the WORST dye job in history.

You can’t just put green dye over dark hair and color it, it just isn’t going to work. You have to be a pale blonde in order to color your hair, especially a fashion color like green.

The Joker Inspiration

If you are looking to go as the Joker this year, do yourself a favor and get a wig. You can go ahead and try to dye it yourself, but you will be ending up right back here! 

I love this wig because it matches the joker green, and the ombre effect really matches the overall playful spirit of the Jokers character. 

This character is one of the most iconic green-haired movie characters to date!

Billie Eillish Green Wig

This is a more wearable version of Billie Eillish new green, blue hair duo.

I would suggest wearing two little top buns, which is her signature look. You don’t need to do full buns, just section out the top and leave the sides and back down.

She is all about the neon green and this matches it spot on with the blue on top.

Billie Eillish Inspiration

This is a lace front wig that you are going to have to trim the front lace down up to the hairline, which is super easy.

The entire wig is heat resistant.

The Grinch Green Wig

Who says the Grinch can’t be sexy?

When you pair this green wig with the right makeup and a sexy Christmas outfit it’s a genius costume. This year might actually be the year you win that Halloween costume contest you’ve had your eye on.

Grinch Inspiration

This wig has big sexy curls and is a better option for your Halloween hair than just spray painting your hair green because spray paint will often times weigh curls down. 

Blue Wigs for Halloween

Blue wigs are a fun color to wear for any skin tone and there are some really fun blue wig Halloween costumes out there! Let’s take a look!

Tim Burton Corpse Bride Wig

The corpse bride from Tim Burton’s famous character can actually be a really neat Halloween costume.

The wig found here matches her hair exactly! All you have to do to finish off the look is buy a boho flower crown, cheap veil and hop on over to goodwill and find an old wedding dress.

Corpse Bride Inspiration

I actually own this wig and love wearing it during the fall and winter seasons. It is a dark blue which makes it a fashion color but isn’t crazy like a neon blue which is sure to stick out like a sore thumb.

Kryssma is my favorite wig brand and I recommend them 100%. Whenever I wear them people stop me to take pictures and ask me where I get my hair done and I always blow them away when I admit it’s actually a wig.

Marge Simpson Blue Wig

Marge Simpson may not be the sexy choice for a Halloween costume, but it’s still a fun one.

Throw this blue hair wig on and your friends will be able to spot you in any room, crowd, or bar.

There are blue tinsel like pieces mixed throughout which makes for a fun pop of color.

Marge Simpson Inspiration

Since this costume is meant to be tall and wide, it is best to take it out of the packaging at least a few days before you wear it, so it has enough time to fully fluff out.

A trick for securing a wig this tall properly to your head is to line the hairline all around with bobby pins.

Sadness From Inside Out Halloween Wig

Even if you don’t want to paint your body blue this can be an adorable and super easy Halloween costume.

This wig is perfect for the Sadness character, and you can wear it as is or cut some shorter layers into it.

Sadness Inspiration

If you take it to your hairdresser they might cut it for you for free or do a very small charge. If I was still working in a salon I would only charge like 10 bucks to chop this wig up to help a girl out for her Halloween costume!

Red Wigs for Halloween

Red wigs are great for some iconic Halloween costumes, and I’m not talking about Ronald Mcdonald!

Jessica Rabbit Wig

Jessica rabbit is an OG Halloween costume, and if done right it can really be a standout/knockout costume.

The trick to achieving the right Jessica Rabbit look is to make sure you get a true red wig like this one, and you aren’t getting a copper or orange wig.

Jessica Rabbit was a true redhead after all.

Jessica Rabbit Inspiration

This one doesn’t have any lace that you have to trip and the hairline is already set out, meaning you can plop it from package directly to your head. 

Ariel Wig

You can do Ariel in a few different ways. I always think it’s fun to do the OG Ariel underwater costume, but I have seen a few neat modern or hipster Ariel costumes as well.

This Ariel wig is perfect for her hair because it is a good mix of her character, with straighter hair on top and a slight flirty curl at the bottom. 

Ariel Inspiration

This is a heat resistant wig so if you want to add a bit more curl to the bottom you can.

Jessie From Toy Story Wig

Jessie is the kind of costume that can be worn solo or with a partner.

This wig is perfect for Jessie because it is the right sort of copper mix. This specific wig is long enough to be able to braid into her classic braids. Attach a simple hair tie bow to the end and you are ready to go.

And if you’re unsure which ones to use, don’t miss my round-up of the best hair ties to prevent breakage.

Jessie From Toy Story Inspiration 

This wig is heat resistant and isn’t overly shiny which is perfect for this specific Halloween Costume.

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