Dying Hair Darker To Make It Healthier – Facts VS Myth

Let me just ease your beautiful mind and let you know I have had my cosmetology license since 2008! I have worked traveling the country with high profile clientele and in my home state of Wisconsin working at various Salons. I know the ins, outs, and all the roundabouts when it comes to beauty. I’m no Joe Schmoe just writing an article based off of an interview I did with someone at a hair salon for five minutes, and now thinking I am an expert writing an article. Not to throw other sites shade but….

You may want to take your locks to a darker hue due to numerous things such as a breakup, the season or perhaps you are into a new Netflix show and you want to look just like Mandy Moore. Whatever the reason for wanting to go darker you need to keep in mind myths vs actual facts of taking the plunge to go darker. Let me help you sort through a few FAQ below so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

                                       Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off.    

MYTH: Dying Your Hair Darker Will Make It Shinier 

FACT: Dying Your Hair Darker Can Make It Shinier 

Yes, coloring your hair will typically make it appear to shine more. However, that will be dependant on a few different things. If you are coloring it at home yourself odds are it won’t turn out shiny and will instead turn out mucky. If you are going light to dark you are going to need a filler color before you apply your final dark shade. You can’t go brown to blonde without being red and you shouldn’t go blonde to brown without putting on a red filler color.

The shine level will also depend on the current condition of your hair. If you have overall healthy hair then coloring it darker will appear shinier vs if you already have damaged hair it’ll appear dull.

Rule of thumb: healthy hair is shiny hair – Damaged hair is dull hair 

No matter what color you dye your hair, it will appear dull of it’s unhealthy. 

Cosmetologist Suggestion: This pertains to color choice- if you currently have healthy brown hair and you want to go a shade or two darker, that is a pretty safe bet and you will shine bright like a diamond my love. Just don’t go more than three shades darker of your natural roots or it might not go with your skin tone.

MYTH: Dying Your Hair Darker Makes It Healthy

FACT: Dying Your Hair Darker Makes It LOOK Healthy And Full 

Dying your hair darker isn’t a miracle and won’t automatically fix your hair troubles. Nothing on this planet we call earth is going to fix your hair by just applying something on top of it. Whoever can figure that out will be richer than the owner of Amazon or Mark Zuckerburg.

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Appearing Healthy Vs Actual Hair Health

While dying your hair doesn’t fix your hair problems and make it healthy again, it can make it appear healthy. When you are dying your hair dark the color deposits into all of your hair strands holes and cracks, making your hair appear thick and healthy. Just because something appears healthy doesn’t mean it is healthy.

Think of it as the pothole problem in the midwest. When there are potholes in the road the state simply fills it with asphalt to fill the hole, cover up the problem and allow cars to drive bump free. The potholes themselves aren’t fixed but the problem simply has a band-aid for the time being. Eventually, the asphalt will loosen and move. Next thing you know BAM, welcome back potholes. This is exactly what coloring your hair darker does.

The only way to really make light hair healthy and full is to keep up on conditioning treatments and trims. Conditioning treatments will keep protein in your hair which will keep it healthy. Trims cut off split ends which prevent breakage, thus making your hair full.

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MYTH: Dying Your Hair Darker At Home Is The Safest

FACT: Dying Your Hair Darker At Home Can Turn Out To Be A Disaster 

Like I mentioned above you need a filler color when going darker. Unless you went to cosmetology school you won’t know the proper red to use as a filler. Red isn’t just red. Like we learned in kindergarten you can have a warm red, a cool red or a neutral red. Going to a stylist will ensure you get the final dark result you want because they will know the proper filler color to use.

The Truth About Coloring Your Hair At Home

Coloring your hair at home is never a full proof guarantee. The color on the box won’t necessarily match the color on your head. Box colors try to be a one size fits all type of product, and those never end up working out for anyone. Everyone has hair that starts at a different level of health so it’s impossible for a box to give everyone the same end result.

Using box color is a risk and can, in fact, make your hair unhealthy vs healthy even if you are coloring it darker. Box color uses a stronger version of ammonia which if used improperly will leave your hair looking dead AF. You can take healthy hair and ruin it with one bad box color in a matter of 30 min.


At the same time if you go into a bad stylist they can damage your hair by using poor coloring technique. Check reviews, check Yelp and ask your friends on stylist suggestions.

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MYTH: It Doesn’t Matter What Brand You Use When You Go Dark

FACT: Not All Hair Color Brands Are The Same, Even If You Are Just Going Dark 

Hair coloring brands, professional and drugstore lines, spend years formulating hair color that will be different and stand above their competitors. While that is great for the consumer, at the end of the day some hair color lines are going to look great on you and some will look like shit. It’s not you, it’s them.

Hair color is all science. Cosmetologist have to take chemistry in school for a reason. Yes I know, my family was shocked too when I told them I actually had to take a full 8 hours of curriculum for a year straight and didn’t just play with my friend’s hair all day long.

There are a number of factors why some hair color lines work well with the makeup of your hair and why some don’t seem to take well and look like garbage. A few of these factors include:

  • Diet
  • Medication
  • Pregnancy
  • Heredity
  • Health conditions

If a line doesn’t give you satisfactory results the first time, it won’t be any different the second time around. Have no fear, there are a million other hair coloring lines out there and one of those is going to give you the results you desire.

The Genius Of Test Strands

This leads us to why test strands are so important in hair coloring. If you are coloring your hair at home or are coloring your hair at a salon make sure a test strand is done. A test strand is key to keeping your hair health at it’s finest.

What is a test strand? A test strand is a pinch of hair typically cut out somewhere in the back of your hair, that is used to test the color on. The hair strand is typically put in a piece of foil that is then colored, washed and dried. Whatever the end result on the test strand is will be the end result on all of your hair.

An additional hair color test can be done on your actual skin to make sure you are not allergic to the hair color itself. This can be done by simply taking a dot of hair color and putting it on the back of your neck or on your arm. If you are a person who is nervous or know they have odd allergies I would strongly suggest doing a color test.

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MYTH: Coloring your Hair Dark Is Cheaper 

FACT: Coloring Your Hair Dark Is Cheaper If You Stay The Same Color

Most people tend to change their hair color with the seasons. Style rule of thumb is to have light hair for summer and dark hair for winter. It is typically cheaper to go dark because you just need to deposit color, which requires less time and less product. When you are going lighter it takes more time, more product and more steps thus making it more expensive. 

While your dark hair appointment is cheaper it is going to cost you more money in the long run if you want to go back lighter. The back and forth of light to dark is going to add up each season. If you really want to go dark for winter choose a demi-permanent color or semi-permanent color vs permanent color. A demi or semi color will fade better and will require less work to make lights vs a permanent color. 

The Reality Of Corrective Color Charge And Dark Hair

Keep in mind that using a box color that takes your hair darker and then going to a stylist to make you lighter or change the dark tone is going to cost you twice as much. Anytime you have a stylist fix a box color mistake it is going to be charged as corrective color and it will be hella expensive. Stylists love corrective color because it is the biggest money maker and it takes up a lot of their time and product. From a professional to a non-professional go to a stylist even if you are just wanting to do an all over dark color, it’s going to save you hundreds of dollars.

At the same time if you go to one stylist and want another stylist to fix the color you might be charged for a corrective color as well. If you get a color done and don’t like how it turned out speak up and say something. In almost all cases the original stylist who colored your hair will change the tone for free or just charge you the bare minimum for the color usage. Unless you really pushed for that dark black gothic color. Most stylist won’t go that dark because a lot of people can’t pull off such a harsh tone and in that case, you asked for it you will get charged to fix it.

Case in point, if you know you are done being lighter and want to stay brunette for a while then yes it will be cheaper for you. If you want to be dark and just need to cover grey roots you will just need root touch ups which are even cheaper! CHA CHANG BANK CHA FUCKING CHING. Invest in a good color care line and root touch-ups will be the only color appointments you need. Dark is cheaper for you my friend.


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