Eravino 5-Piece Decanter Set Review

Megan and her new decanter set

There are many ways in which one can mix, prepare, store, and drink alcohol; your drink of choice will affect each of these in its own way.

If you are like me, then that means you are a whiskey drinker. Being a whiskey drinker means you store it outside of the fridge or freezer. Does this fact surprise you? Don’t worry; you are not alone.

Before I get into my Ervaino decanter review, I will quickly go over some whiskey FAQ so you can use this item accurately.

Having an excellent product is only beneficial if you know how to properly handle what you’re putting into it.


Should Whiskey Be Refrigerated?

No, whiskey contains high alcohol content which means it can preserve its integrity. Storing it in a cold temperature will make it less flavorful and aromatic.

What Temperature Should Whiskey Be Stored At?

Whiskey is at its prime when it is stored at room temperature, specifically 60-65 ° F. You want it to be room temperature but you also don’t want it to be sitting in the sunlight. Whiskey is a refined drink, it isn’t your grandma’s plant you’re trying to grow.

How Long Can Whiskey Be Stored?

The shelf life of whiskey can be anywhere from six months to two years. Ironically enough, the less whiskey there is the shorter the shelf life, due to the air that gets into it. More air around the liquid speeds up the oxidation process.

Oxidation will additionally change the flavor of the whiskey.

Eravino box from new shipment

With just a few short answers to the frequently asked whiskey questions, it should come as no surprise why a whiskey decanter is the way to go. If you are a new whiskey drinker welcome, and congratulations on starting off the right way. Had I known years ago how whiskey should be properly kept, my palate would be way more refined than it is now.

All of this leads to why I chose the Eravino 5-piece decanter globe set.

Overall Look

The overall look to this 5-piece decanter set is eye-catching, while at the same time encompassing a modern contemporary look. There is nothing sleeker than glass and wood, and this set has the perfect amount of each.

There are many decanter sets to choose from in this day and age, but I loved that the overall pieces were cohesive; round glasses and a round decanter. It comes with what I refer to as a staging getup, which is both practical and stylish.

The staging board has four cup indentations and these keep the cups in place while you transfer them, and allow for a put-together look while you store them. Anyone who has served whiskey in glasses knows how heart-shattering it is when the whiskey cups fall to the floor, and pun intended, shatters. Glass cups on a smooth serving tray is always a sketchy route to go.

In the middle of the board, you will find a built-in wood arch that supports and holds the decanter itself with an added feature that allows you to turn it.

Globe Decanter Set

The visible imagery in this set fits into any decorating style, which is something I look for in all of the new pieces I add to my home. I have a wandering mind, and my style is continually changing and evolving, which means I tend to buy pieces that can fit into a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns. This way my home style can change overall and the inner decor can stay the same.

My job has taken me all over the world and traveling has always been a hobby of mine; hence my admiration for the globe and ship design.

Having the globe imprinted on this set is something that speaks to my heart and soul, not to mention it just looks bada**.

Whiskey Stored In Its Original Bottle Is The Same As When It’s Stored In A Decanter

When whiskey is stored in a decanter it has the same quality as if it is stored in its original bottle. This process has been used throughout history and dates all the way back to the 1700s.

You get to a certain age when storing bottles of alcohol no longer looks cool sitting on your shelf, and it instead gives off a look of being an alcoholic. Living in a city means you give up square footage for storage space, and thus the genius of a sleek decanter comes into play.

Since the quality of the actual whiskey itself isn’t affected, it’s dumb to keep it in the bottle when you can store it in something that looks cool.

Pouring it out of the bottle and into a decanter can actually be quite beneficial to the overall quality because when you pour it out of the bottle it will leave behind any unnecessary sediments.

Globe Decanter Givess Off Old School Vibes

Whiskey stored in decanters is most often portrayed with men from the 60s and 70s in an office setting. It is something often shown in movies and TV, and I personally have always thought it looked majestic, think Mad Men. Something about the old school days of people dressing up to go to work, looking sharp and having a cocktail at lunch really speaks to my heart.

After a long day, men in these shows and movies are portrayed as pouring whiskey out of the decanter, sitting back, and letting a long gentle sigh out. A nice glass of whiskey out of my decanter gives me the same feeling of stress relief and relaxation after a long day.

Not only does the imagery of it register in my mind as an activity of relaxation, but the whiskey itself provides a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

For any Gilmore Girl fans, you will remember a decanter as a staple in Emily and Richards’s house. Growing up watching that show those scenes always left an impression on me, for whatever rhyme or reason.

Whenever they poured the brown liquid out into a clear crystal glass, it always made the whiskey look high class and gave it an overall appealing look. I knew one day when I had my own home, I would own my very own, and lo and behold I do! I sometimes find myself at the end of the day asking Emily if she would like a splash of The Macallan Double Cask 12 year.

Storing Whiskey In A Decater Like Eravino Can Increase Shelf Life

This globe decanter made my Eravino has a glass and rubber airtight lid and this is one of the main reasons I got it. Why, you ask?

When whiskey comes with a cork it can dry out, crumble and fall into the liquid itself, thus contaminating it. No one wants to drink cork in their whiskey, and once the cork pieces fall into the liquid, it taints the integrity.

Can you prevent a cork from drying out? Yes, you can prevent this by tipping the bottle to moisten the cork, but I barely remember to blow out my candles before I leave the house, let alone tip my whiskey once a month.

If your cork doesn’t crumble and fall, you still aren’t off the hook. Since a cork can warp and change shapes as you take it out and put it back in, it leaves your bottle susceptible to air damage. Once the cork starts to change shape, it allows air to get into the bottle, and this will change the chemistry of your whiskey, making it lose its probity.

Becuase this set allows you to keep your liquid in a bottle free of a cork you don’t have to worry about using any type of preserving spray. Another fun fact: the higher the proof of whiskey the more the cork will dissolve.

Some people believe pouring whiskey out of the bottle and allowing it to breathe for a bit can open up the flavor profile and drinkers will taste the optimal flavors throughout their tastebuds.

Eravino Keeps Whiskey At The Proper Angle

Whiskey and most types of liquor should always be stored upright and should never be laid flat or upside down. Good whiskeys are typically a pretty penny and keeping your investment secure should be priority number one.

Pouring your drink of choice into this decanter will allow you to not have to think about how you store it or have fear of someone you live with moving it and possibly placing it in an improper way.

Most people were taught to keep their alcohol above that tiny cabinet directly above the stove or microwave, and this is actually the worse place for it. That habit is hard to break, so pouring it into this decanter such as this one is one extra step to ensure you remember to keep it in a proper place.

This Decanter Shows Whiskey Purity

Many different brands of alcohol use color, tinted hues of glass, texture or some type of design all over their bottle to grab the consumers’ attention. While this is smart marketing it isn’t great for the consumer who buys said bottles.

Bottles you purchase spirits in make it difficult to clearly see what is inside. Pouring the liquid into this decanter allows people to see exactly what state it is in and enhances the clarity.

This material used in this decanter helps block any minimal harmful UV rays that may sneak into where you store it.

Eravino Is Healthier Than Crystal Decanters

Since the time when decanters were first used quite a bit has changed. Crystal decanters are no longer suggested to use if you plan on drinking anything out of them because they can leak lead into the drink.

Whiskey that sits in a crystal that contains lead can in extreme cases cause to poisoning and in the very least tear up your insides leaving you with a very questionable hangover.

Lead crystal decanters are sparklier, but they are best to be left to be looked at and not used.

Package Guarantee

Packaged whiskey decanter

This set will arrive intact, unbroken and in mint condition. My last point may sound silly to most, but I have received enough packages in my lifetime to know it makes a big difference.

Eravino wants to make sure the decanter not only gets used but that it arrives at its customers’ doorstep in perfect condition.

The packing with this set guarantees every single piece is in a pure bubble of protection, and that none at of it gets bent, scratched or dented.

They take the time to not only send it in styrofoam but they cover each piece of glass with its own protective covering.


Besides just looking like a piece that should be in an art museum, this five-piece decanter set can change your entire whiskey world.

It is practical in storing your liquor, and the smooth lip on the spout makes for easy pouring into the cups.

This set is compact, but still of a measurable size to stand out as a bit of flair to any room you choose to put it in.

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