Best Juicer For Apples – Tried And Tested Apple Juicers

Are you tired of going to Jamba Juice for your fix every morning? Same my friends, same.  Skip getting up early, skip the long lines, and put some money back into your pockets! No need to go out for your juice when you can make your juice at home.

With so many juicer options on the market nowadays, there’s no excuse not to own one. Juicers vary in prices and typically aren’t cheap, but you’ll end up saving money over time.

Essentially it’s the same concept as making coffee at home vs. buying one at Starbucks every day. Over time, the money adds up, and you would be surprised at how much you rack up purchasing drinks every morning.


Best Apple Juicers At A Quick Glance

No Pre -chopping or cutting required BrevilleBreville® Juice Fountain™ Plus
  • Extra-large centrifugal chute (3″ in diameter) that provides maximum juice extraction and the ability to juice whole fruits and vegetables
  • 2-speed electronic control juices soft and hard fruits in just 5 seconds
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
NutriBullet Juicer
  • Sieve, pulp basin, and juice pitcher are all dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance
  • Two speed
  • 3-in. wide feed chute
Best Compact Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor 
  • Fits whole foods
  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Extra-large pulp bin lets you juice longer
Trending Brand Ninja Cold Press Juicer Pro
  • Three interchangeable pulp filters for total control
  • The anti-drip lever keeps surfaces clean and prevents waste.
  • Juicer produces more juice*, less foam, and brighter colors than leading centrifugal juicers*
Best Attachment KitchenAid Juicer and Sauce Attachment
  • 3 pulp screens to create either low-pulp or high-pulp juices, sauces and jams
  • Easy to assemble and connect to the attachment hub of the stand mixer
  • Wide feed chute

Juicers look intimidating at first, but you become more comfortable working with them after a few uses. Like anything else in life, juicers come in different skill levels with various operating features. Finding one that can handle the girth and mass of an apple may be tricky.

I have tried and tested different juicers for apples, and my results are below! I began juicing as part of other diets over the years. While most of my diets come and go, juicing has remained consistent for me.

Why do people juice? What is the point of juicing?

I’m not going to sit here and try to put words in other people’s mouths. So instead, I will tell you why I like juicing and why others around me choose to juice.

For starters, juicing helps me get nutrients into my body naturally without taking vitamins or supplements. I am vegan, so I need to ensure I’m getting all my nutrients for the day. Juicing helps my body retain vitamins straight from veggies and fruits with better digestion vs.; when you cook them, all the vitamins can be cooked out, leaving you with nothing.

Juicing is, believe it or not, convenient. It takes seconds to make a juice, and most glasses fit under the spout allowing you to make a quick drink and head to your morning commute.

Healthy, healthy, healthy! I love the way I feel after drinking juice. My body gets this rush of energy, and it wakes me up! I started juicing when I began touring with bands on the road. Catering for the band and crew gets old after a while. I noticed some of the artists juicing, and I asked them to teach me their ways. After the first week, I was surprised at how full I was and how much energy I had throughout the day!

Two words: Money Saver! Buying fruit and vegetables in bulk is more cost-efficient than purchasing individual pieces throughout the week. In addition, having a juicer around gives you an alternative option to using the produce at the end of the week vs. just throwing it out!

Food hack: Juice all leftover produce at the end of the week and freeze it for a healthy dessert! 

Can you juice an apple with a juicer?

The simple answer is yes!

Depending on the size of your juicer, you might have to cut the apples in half. If you don’t want to do this, then look for a juicer with a broader chute.

Do you have to remove the seeds before you juice apples?

You don’t have to, but some people prefer to.

I will do this if I am feeling ambitious, but most times, I don’t.

If you are nervous about seeds going down your chute into the processor, I suggest buying pre-cut apples.

How do you juice a lot of apples?

There isn’t a simple answer besides having them lined up and ready next to the machine in terms of juicing a ton of apples in a juicer.

If you pre-chop your apples, you can speed up the overall process by having all your chopping done before you start the juicing process.

If you want to go old school, you can boil all your apples in a little bit of water for about 30 mn and then smash them; sort of like making mashed potatoes.

Things to consider before buying a juicer for apples

Juicer Type: Buying a juicer for apples will be a little different from buying a juicer for other fruits. Because apple skin is edible, you have more options for juicers. Also, apples don’t have pits, making them easier to throw into any juicer again.

Feed Chute Size: To save time, you can look for a larger feed chute size and throw the whole apple in there. If you don’t mind spending a little bit more time, you can look for a smaller feed chute and just cut the apple up into pieces.

Centrifugal Juice Extractors vs. Cold Press Juicers (a.k.a. Masticating Juicers) Essentially, the debate here is a new school vs. an old school.  Both work great; whatever one you think is better comes down to personal preference.

Centrifugal Extractor:


  • Most common type of juicer
  • Uses a fast-spinning blade that spins against a mesh filter, separating juice from the flesh
  • Juice and pulp gets separated into separate containers
  • Retains some pulp (good if you like pulp)
  • Lower in price


  • The heat from the blade can ruin fruit enzymes, rendering the juice less nutritious
  • Retains some pulp (bad if you don’t like pulp)
  • Noise is as loud as a blender

Cold Press Juicer


  • Extract juice by first crushing and then pressing fruits and vegetables thus leaving the highest yield
  • Keeps more fresh ingredient nutrients intact
  • High nutrient retention
  • Noise is quiet
  • Retains a lot of pulp (great if you like pulp)


  • More expensive

Closer Look At The Juicers

Breville® Juice Fountain™ Plus

Breville has a food chute perfect for fitting whole apples down; it is located directly on top of the disk, which allows for more efficient juicing than those with a food chute on the side.

All the parts in the juicer are metal, so you don’t have to get any harmful residue from plastic parts.

This apple juicer has a metal puree disc insert that separates the seeds and core from the apple juice.

Juicer has a safety locking feature that won’t allow the juicer to operate unless the cover is locked into place.

Writers tip: This juicer has overload protection that prevents over-heating, automatically shutting the machine down when it senses that the device is overloaded

Most parts of this machine can be cleaned on the top part of the dishwasher.

Product Details:

  • 1200 Watt motor
  • Dimensions:9 x 6.5 x 17 inches
  • 3-Inch feed tube processes whole fruit
  • Titanium metal disc cutter
  • Second juice disc purees soft fruits for 100% fruit smoothies
  • 1.2-liter juice jug (34 fl. oz.) with froth separator
  • Patented extra-wide feed chute -3” wide
  • 5-speed dial

Reviewers Have Said :

  • I did my fair share of research before buying Breville BJE820XL. Like a lot of other folks in the market for a new juicer, I’m hesitant to dole out $$$ on a machine like this without some assurance its a good machine and worth the money.
  • A superior product! Can’t think of anything I would change. I received a recommendation for this juicer from a friend who had been using an earlier Breville model for many years, and as soon as I received this model, I knew it would also last many years.
  • I just purchased this juicer almost a month ago and I am in Love. I am a research queen and it took me forever to choose this one.
  • ‘m very pleased to find that the Breville is effective enough to replace both of my older juices. Dialed up, it juices carrots, apples, beets, etc. ridiculously fast. Drop an apple in, and it disappears in a half-second, and a half cup of juice pours out.

Mueller Austria Juicer

This is one of the most affordable juicer options currently on the market. It has a wide spout perfect for apples, and it takes up minimal counter space.

It has two different speeds, adjusting for the fruit or vegetable you are trying to juice. For example, create a 16 oz cup of juice in as little as 8 seconds!

It has a safety locking arm that holds the cover on tight, meaning you don’t have to stand there and keep it on physically.

It has a remarkable overheating feature that will shut the juicer off if it is getting too hot.

Product Details:

  • Sleek modern stainless-steel design
  • Cord length of 48 inches
  • Max power 1100W
  • Anti-slip silicone feet
  • Wide 3-inch mouth chute
  • The container holds 48 fl oz

Reviewers Have Said:

  • I love this juicer! It’s easy to put together and clean. It’s dishwasher safe. You can put the whole fruit in it and it separates the seeds from the juice itself.
  • You probably can’t get a better juicer for the price
  • Solidly made. Cleans up easy. I’ve shoved whole apples through it and as long as you don’t try to choke it, it does very well. Filters good too.
  • The instruction manual is short and very clear and includes useful tips. Thank you, Mueller!

Omega Cube Nutrition System Juicer Creates Fruit Vegetable & Wheatgrass Juice Slow Masticating

Omega is one of the most kitchen-friendly juicers. Its compact, cubed design allows this juicer to fit in any kitchen!

This juicer’s size can be compared to a four-slice bread toaster. But, don’t let the size fool you; the motor in this bad boy plows through fruits such as apples.

A great feature of this apple juicer is the reverse option. For newbs out there, this is a clutch thing to have; just trust me. Start juicing, and you’ll understand why. Think of it like a paper shredder that has a reverse option.

If kitchen counter space is limited, I highly recommend this one as your first apple juicer. If you plan to travel but still take kitchen appliances with you, this might be ideal.

Product Details:

  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Dimensions : 10.2 x 10.2 x 10.4 inches
  • 3 ajustable settings
  • Automatic pulp dispenser
  • Offered in cube and horizontal shape

Reviewers Have Said:

  • It works great and you get a lot of juice from the fruits and vegetables. Super easy to clean, I am looking forward to using it for other things than just juicing!!!!
  • absolutely love this juicer…easy to assemble, use and clean… and I absolutely love the taste of the juice…
  • It all tasted delicious. BTW it is my first juicer and I’m loving it
  • This product is powerful and efficient just like the other versions of Omega juicers but it is great looking and has some improvements over the early models.
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