Green Tea Irwin Naturals – My Weightloss Secret

One of the first things that pops up when you google Irwin Naturals is acute live failure.  This is not a great introduction to Irwin Naturals. I don’t blame you if you came here to just smirk at the good things I have to say about the company. However, on close inspection, the article cites another article that isn’t solely on Irwin Natural products, but rather a collection of bodybuilding supplements.

Over-consumption of green tea, in general, can lead to liver failure.  Tea you find in the supermarket can leave to liver failure if you are over drinking it every day. Compare this same idea to over drinking. It’s not really fair to blame Tito’s for your liver failure if you are drinking 5 dry martinis every night. Blame should be passed on the person swallowing it, and not on the company who makes the vodka.

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To be noted: I DID NOT receive free products for the exchange of this article. Irwin Naturals has been in my supplement routine for years and I want to share the knowledge. If anyone from Irwin’s corporate happens to be reading this though, you are more than welcome to hook a girl up.

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What is Irwin Naturals?

For those of you who have never heard of Irwin Naturals, they are a supplement company that offers a wide range of health products, including vitamins and supplements.

Supplements I’m familiar with include their green tea line and sleep line. Listen, Linda, before you go ahead laughing at the irony of this let me be clear, I have always had insomnia. Green tea or no green tea, I’ve always had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

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Personal Experience With The Green Tea Line  

My grandma was from Mexico and this means my genes are internally wired to have a slow metabolism. Having a slow metabolism means my body is going to hold onto fat more, in places I really don’t want. It also means I have a harder time burning fat. My thighs, ass, hips, and upper arms are all problem areas.  A better question might be what isn’t my problem area. Ironically I have the smallest boobs known to mankind. Of course, I can’t retain fat there.

My worst spot of my body and my absolute weight tell, is without a doubt, my face! Sometimes people look through my Instagram and say I don’t even look the same from picture to picture. Totally what every girl wants to hear.

Using the green tea line combined with my lifestyle allows me to not only look but feel good. I know that sounds so cliche and sales-pitchy but it’s true! Don’t believe me? Alright then Linda, take a peek at this picture that shows me when I don’t take green tea supplements vs when I do. Pictures on the Left are when I use the green tea line and the pictures on the right are when I do not!

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The Products – Green Tea Weight loss

There are a few different products within the green tea product line. While each obviously contains tea, each is also unique in its own way. Take a peek at the details so you can pick out the one that is right for you!

Each product should be taken according to the instructions on the bottle! Do not take more then what is recommended, always take with a full glass of water and typically before a meal. Because of the caffeine found in these products treat it like you would any other type of caffeine. If you typically don’t drink caffeine after a certain time then don’t take these after that time either. All around watch your caffeine intake when you are on these or you can get a little shaky.

Do not take these if you plan on drinking heavily! You can get some nasty side effects and it’s super hard on your liver to have to filter drinking with a product such as this one.

Green Tea Fat Burner Red 


This product is part of their red line which means it is formulated to give you a nitrous oxide boost. L-Citrulline is a catalyst for the production of Nitric Oxide in the body and is put into the pills to help your body make it. Nitric Oxide supports enhanced blood flow which gives you an extra boost to help energize you.

Additionally, this product supports metabolism and contains a product called Chromax® which helps break down carbohydrates. When carbohydrates aren’t broken down they are stored as fat. 

I never feel shaky or have a fast beating heart. Not drinking enough water when I take these has left me with a little bit of an upset stomach, but as soon as I drink water it goes away.

For those of you just starting out, I suggest these as a nice warm up to see how your body reacts to green tea products.


Triple-Tea Fat Burner 

This product doesn’t mess around with its tea contents. White, green and black tea are all used in the making of this product. You will also find fish oil, vitamins C and E. Each of these vitamins have powerful antioxidant qualities that protect cells all over your body.

I took these while drinking once and it made me super out of it! I strongly suggest not taking these on days you know you will be drinking. Don’t even mess around with it and try it, just trust me on this one.

You are meant to only take one of these, with meals and a full glass of water. This specific product is super powerful so do not be a smartass and take more than what is suggested.

This green tea nutrition in this contains a shit ton of caffine so I don’t suggest having more than one cup of coffee on days you take these.


Additional Benefits

Taking these pills have helped me in the pooping department. Maybe TMI but let’s be honest, we all have poop issues in one form or another. When I’m not on these pills I have to take miraLAX, like two caps full. All the vitamins in these supplements really get things moving and allow me to do my thing.

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Final Thoughts 

I have tried many weight loss pills and supplements, and have found no luck. My body seems to work with Irwin Naturals products and results are always provided. While I highly recommend these I do not recommend them if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Green tea pills are meant to help you get down to your goal weight but are not meant to be a lifelong everyday thing day after day. I rotate when I take them and use these pills alternating months to give my liver a break. If you are like me and can’t lose that extra stubborn fat, I highly suggest letting Irwin Naturals give you a helping hand.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP!

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