How To Get Adidas Clothing For Free!

Free Adidas

Yes, you read that right. I am going to teach you a few tricks on how to get Adidas clothing for free.

Try to keep an open mind about this one, but once I guide you, you will never shop for Adidas in the same way.

Reading this guide at a quick glance might make you think I’m a bit looney, but if you take the time to read it from beginning to end, you’ll see the genius in it.


Gift Adidas To Your Significant Others

Adidas has men and women’s sizing but is, in fact, a unisex brand. Obviously, there are some items made just for men or women, such as a sports bra for women. But most designs, colors, and shapes are universal.

When you look at Adidas, you don’t think men’s line or women’s line you think, “how fast can I get that on my body.”

These facts all lead me to why gifting Adidas is a good gift and good for you. If you are a couple, then odds are you share clothing.

Since Adidas is unisex and has a unisex fit, it can fit many shapes and sizes. For instance, I am 5 ft .75 inches, and my significant other is 6ft, and we share Adidas clothing. Our body shapes are entirely different, as well. He is tall, broad shoulders and has thin, lean muscle. I am short, petite, and curvy…think big butt and hips with a smaller waist and some athletic thighs.

The idea of first gifting Adidas clothing for a greedy undertone didn’t start that way. I noticed every time I bought new Adidas clothing Chris (my significant other) would pick those as the first items he would want to wear for the day. I would buy new ones so he could keep those and again, he would reach for the new ones. It was a consistent pattern, to say the least.

I figured if Chris was going to wear my Adidas clothing I might as well start gifting him some and I, in turn, can wear them when I want to. Its the gift that keeps on giving.

So you see, the idea you gifting Adidas clothing means you get it for free because you don’t “technically” pay for them for yourself, you pay for it as a gift that you would otherwise spend the money on elsewhere anyways.

Use Honey

This one is so simple and super effective. Honey is an add on to your browser that automatically gives you coupons at checkout.

Whenever I shop for clothing, especially Adidas, I always use Honey and have saved over a hundred just on one order.

Honey scans the internet for coupons so you don’t have to manually do it yourself. It’s super easy to install and use.

Shop The Adidas Outlet

When you shop at the Adidas outlet you not only get cheaper pricing but sometimes they have buy one get one or buy one get one half off. This means you get free clothing when you only have to pay for one!

The best time to go to the outlets is a month or two before the change of the season. Stores need to move old inventory fast in order to put new stuff in so this is when they put their big deals out.

It is also a smart idea to shop for the opposite season then it currently is. For instance in summer shop winter clothing and in winter shop for summer. If there is any leftover inventory that doesn’t match the season stores want to get rid of it and this is once again where the sales come in to play.

Check Rummages

This one seems like a no brainer, but I feel like I know people that love rummages or people who never go to them.

I just did a rummage last summer and I was surprised at how many online rummage posting sites there are. If you take time to sign up for a few you can browse for Adidas clothing. A ton of these sites has you put pictures and brands of stuff you are selling, so as a consumer you can filter your search for Adidas or look for people selling athletic clothing.

People who have rummages typically do so because they really need to move stuff out of their house and most of the time you can bargain with them. If you see Adidas clothing with another item you can probably talk them down into a cheap price for both.

Check Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a great place when you are looking to buy or sell items. I’ve noticed many people my age are switching to a more minimalist lifestyle which means all the items they own are getting thrown out or donated.

There is a big emphasis on traveling so people are getting rid of perfectly good Adidas clothing. It’s super easy to search on Facebook and you will be surprised at items people are giving away.

Sign Up For Emails

When the little pop-up window comes up on the browser don’t press the X and instead sign up!

Yes, it’s annoying to have emails getting blown up in your inbox but signing up typically gives you perks like money off. If you are really a stickler sing up for the email, use the promotional discount and then unsubscribe as soon as your order is placed.

Since Adidas is sold through multiple vendors you have the opportunity to sign up with each retailer and get money off.

You can even get Adidas through Amazon and that comes with the benefit of free shipping.

Check Poshmark

Poshmark is sort of like an online rummage and you can bundle items together which decreases shipping costs and allows you to put in your own offer. If you play your cards right you can get free Adidas stuff by bundling items together.

I both sell and buy on Poshmark and I am amazed at the deals I am able to get. People have brand new Adidas clothing they don’t even wear and you can find everything from shoes to bras and other types of clothing.

If you take the time to search you can find some really good deals on Adidas clothing, and you don’t have to take the first item you search.

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