Rules For Wearing your Summer Clothes In Fall & Winter

There is something about being able to wear your summer clothes into the colder seasons that makes you feel like you are getting away with something; perhaps that feeling is the emotion of saving money or maybe it is the excitement of being fashion savvy.

While it is nice to add some new fall and winter pieces to your wardrobe, there is no reason why you can’t pair your new favorites with your “old” summer staples.


Best Transitional Items To Help Turn Summer Clothes To Fall & Winter – Quick Glance

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If you’re not sure how to transfer your warm wardrobe into the colder seasons, take a peek below. No, Linda, the answer isn’t just to throw a jacket over everything. There are a few rules that all fashionistas should follow, so they don’t look messy AF trying to dress for the day.

A few of the tips n tricks will seem so simple to you transitioning them into your life will be flawless!

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1. Replace Crops & Tanks With Long Sleeve Tops

In early fall the weather has a bit of a split personality. It might start off warm, and by the end of the day will cool down a bit, leaving you to rub your arms in an attempt to warm up. This is where the genius of long sleeve tops comes in. Any outfit you would typically wear a crop top or tank with can be replaced for a long sleeve top.

You don’t need to pack away your shorts or skirts just yet, but pairing them with a long sleeve top can be the perfect piece to balance out your outfit.

I suggest a few of the long sleeve tops below!

Mesh Long Sleeve Top

This top is a spin on the old school classic long sleeve tee. A tidbit of mesh gives it a sexy pop without being inappropriate which means you can even get away with wearing this at work. Pair this top with a high waisted skirt or pair of shorts.


This top is available in a wide variety of different colors, Check out more color options here! 

Casual Color Block Long Sleeve Top 

If you want more of a casual option, you can’t go wrong with this color blocking top! It is available in a few different color options, which can be found here!

This top can be tucked into your bottoms fully, or you can opt to do a casual front or side tuck. The material used to make this top means it will lay nice and flat around your bottom.


Waffle Knit Tunic Blouse With Tie Knot

Right off the bat you can see the button design going down the front of the shirt, do these look familiar? Button front tops were hot in the summer, and they are a trend that will continue all year long.

Much like the other tops, this is available in a wide range of colors. 



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2. Pair Whites With Long Trench Coats

Whoever came up with the phrase “you can’t wear white after labor day” is frankly an idiot. White is a year-round staple that can and should be worn.

The key to wearing white is to pair it with a long trench coat; this makes the focus on the coat vs. the white of your outfit. A super chic and daring look is to wear all white from head to toe, just make sure the top is a thick material like a chunky knit sweater.

Styling tip: Pair your jewelry and purse to the color of your trench coat. If you are like me and live in a state where a “white winter” is more of a slushy brown mess, it can be better to pair the outfit with shoes that match your trench coat. If you live somewhere warm where snow, mush, sludge, and salt aren’t an issue, then be ultra-chic and pair your outfit with white booties or heels.

White and tan are going to be the fall and winters must-have colors, so stock up now!

The trench coats I’m digging at the moment are below!

Women’s Double Breasted Trench Coat 

Khaki color is going to be the “it” color as far as trench coats are concerned.

This coat is your classic double-breasted style which is very flattering on every body type. On the top is a notched lapel.

Not a fan of the kaki? This trench is available in a few other colors you can check out here.

Simple Trench Coat 

As you can see, this trench coat does not have buttons, and it is more of an open-style design.

Button free trench coats were all over the fashion runways this year, and it’s all about simple, minimalist designs.

The jacket contains materials of wool, cotton, and polyester.


Red Cape Trench 

Cape coats are a real head turner and you are sure to be recognized wherever you wear this.

I’m sure you’ve seen people wearing them but never thought you could pull it off, and I’m here to tell you you can!

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3. Pair Your Summer Dress & Rhompers With A Blazer

The best part about this is you can pair a dress with any length blazer and it will instantly be a hit.

Unlike the trench coats above, blazers allow a closer fit which makes the flowy dress look more put together.

To get an even tighter fit wrap a belt around the outside of the dress and blazer.






Casual Relazed Fit Blazer 

This blazer is one of the most flattering colors with every skin tone. It has a relaxed fit making it great for the office to after workwear.

It is available in a few different color options, all of which can be checked out here! 




Schoolboy Blazer

This blazer is going to give you a more tailored fit.

The material used to make this blazer are 63% Polyester, 33% Viscose, 4% Elastane, and it is available in a few different colors.




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4. Replace Sandals With Flats or Sneakers

This one seems pretty much like a no brainer but let me explain. The clothing you would typically ONLY wear with sandals can be paired nicely with sneakers. A few items might include skirts, dresses or cropped trousers.

Don’t put these items away because you are packing up your sandals for the season.

I personally love converse with anything but there are plenty of converse alternatives if that is more your thing.

You should play around with high tops and low tops, as well as colors. I personally love how high tops look on other people but don’t like how they look on myself, becuase im short and they hit where my calf starts making me look like I have fat ankles.




Converse are my go-to for a large number of reasons; they are sturdy, reliable and dependable.

Converse come in low and high styles and are offered in a wide range of colors.

Canvas Sneakers

You can’t go wrong with a canvas sneaker, and I like this one because much like converse, they are simple.

Simplicity and minimalist design pairs well with everything.

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5. Pair A Scarf With Short Sleeves and Tanks

Pairing a scarf with short sleeves and tanks can be a great way to make any outfit fall or winter-ready.

There are a vast number of ways in which you can wear a scarf and you can tie it up your neck to stay warm or wear it looser if you live somewhere where it stays warm year-round.

Play around with scarf patterns, textures, and colors.



Plaid Scarf 

This scarf provides double-sided printing and has a fringe edging. Colors of this scarf are the perfect mix of summer and fall making it ideal to wear with any summer top.





Silk Stripe Scarf 

Silk scarfs are great to wear in your hair when you are done wearing them around your neck.

Stripes are in this season, as they will always be a bit, so this one is perfect to match with your summer tops! Mix it with solid tops or pair it with stripes to have a pattern on pattern effect.


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5. Invest In Tall Boots

Tall boots can be paired with shorts or skirts to cover skin that would be exposed to the outside elements.

Tall boots can have a short or tall heel, the choice is up to you.

Tall boots are meant to be worn around knees or thighs so they will have more space in them compared to lower boots that hug your heel or calf.




Brown Thigh High Boots 

Steve Madden is my favorite brand of shoes and they seem to have the best fit for me and my little legs.

If you like the style they are also available in black and grey.



Black Thigh High Boots 

You can’t go wrong with thigh-high boots in black color.

These boots are made of faux suede. It has a functional self-tie detail that can make the fit ideal for everyone’s legs.





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6. Add Tights To Bottom

Adding tights to shorts and bottoms is the oldest trick in the book.

Tights come in so many colors that you can choose to blend the tights in or make them stand out in the outfit.

You can wear a sheer tight for a more sexy look or a solid tight for a more classic look.

Pair them with any type of shoe, as long as its closed-toe, obviously. I personally love a high boot or little botty to pair with tights and shorts.

Adding tights with a design in them can make for a really fun pop when worn under plain shorts.

Black tights are the most classic but wearing colored shorts can be a fun alternative. If you want to sport a more alternative version of tights than fishnets can be a good way to go as well.

Fleece Lined Tights 

Fleece-lined tights make for a great alternative to thinner ones. This is a great option for those like me who live in Wisconsin where the temperatures get into the negatives.

I love this set becuase you get two pairs of different colors with black/black, black/brown or black/grey.




Patterned Tights 

These are super cute in fall and winter! Those looking for a thicker tight material is going to love this pack! 






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7. Layer Up

Layers are a fashion-forward look and a staple to any fall or winter wardrobe. Layers give people the ability to keep them on or take them off as they get warm.

To properly layer you should always do long over lean so you don’t bulk up too much.

Long tops should be paired with tights or skinny jeans. Shorts with thin tights can be paired with long trench coats or long sweaters/cardigans. Put thin sweaters under jean jackets, blazers and bomber jackets.

Doing the blouse under a sweater look can be done a few different ways. If the blouse is thick pair it with a thin sweater and if the blouse is thin you can pair it with a thicker sweater.

When you want to wear a scarf always make that the outermost layer of the outfit.

Pair thin short sleeve shirts with shorts and wear a jean jacket or oversized chunky sweater over it as a fun layer.

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8. Tone Down Brights With Neutrals and Darker Colors

If you have a collection of good bright solid colored items tone them down by pairing them with darker colors and neutrals.

If you have a bright top put a dark color cardigan over it, and if you have shorts that are bright than tone it down with your top and a jacket.

Styling Tip: Bright pink is a must-have this season!


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