Sexy Cosplay Costume – Stand Out Cosplayer Outfits

It’s no secret to anyone who is a cosplayer that your outfit is the highlight and, at the same time, the highest point of anxiety at any convention. Cosplay costumes take time, money and effort to fully come together. You want an outfit that both stands out and is a real representation of the character you are trying to represent. If you are like me, you also want a costume that is sexy.

Aiming for a sexy cosplay costume is a once in a year type of occasion. It’s sort of like Halloween, you can dress as whatever you want wearing as little as you want. Sometimes you are looking for a sexy piece to add to the costume you already have. Other times you are looking to buy a completely ready to wear sexy cosplay costume. Either way, I got you covered!

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Samus Aran Sexy Costume 

Samus Aran comes from the Nintendo world and was first introduced in 1986.

With the link here you can pick from three different colored zero suits:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black

Each suit is made from 4-way stretch lycra fabric. Lycra fabric is known for its elasticity and is typically made from polyester and spandex. Lycra is a comfortable material used in sports clothing due to its tight fit but breathable wear.

Thank the fabric lords because lycra is a very forging material. No matter what your body type is this suit is going to look great on you.  From my experience and from other reviews, this bodysuit fits true to size. I do not suggest going up a size to be safe. Lyrica is made to stretch out and is suppose to be worn like a glove. You don’t want extra fabric hanging around in certain parts of your body.

This is a fully sewn suit that is ready to wear as soon as you receive it! Samus Aran costume has a hidden zipper located in the back and covers you from head to toe. Perfect for those who don’t want to make an entire costume from scratch.

Costume Tip 

Because this suit covers your hands I suggest using some type of liquid glove solution so you can use your phone. Liquid glove solution is a material you can paint onto the tips of the costumes fingers. Doing this will prevent you having to cut the fabric to access your actual fingers. Without your fingerprint, most phones won’t be functional. You didn’t just spend time and money getting done up like your favorite character to not take a million selfies and photos with other cosplayers.



To finish off this costume I suggest pairing it with the classic Samus Aran Wig! 





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Spider Gwen 


Spider Gwen was first introduced in 1973 as Gwen Stacy aka peter parkers girlfriend who ends up getting killed. Most recently brought to life in 2014  in the edge  Spider-verse as a female version of Spiderman.

Like the suit mentioned above, this suit is also made from 4-way stretch Lyrca. This is a full body suit that covers your hands and feet. If you want to be comfy I would simply adhere soles onto the bottom of the suit feet. Plan B for shoes is to wear blue sneakers!

The suit linked here comes with the full face mask that is not sewn into the hood, so you can take it off as you need. This suit is available sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. 



If you don’t want to wear the hood all day I suggest pairing this costume with a Gwen Stacy Wig!





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Tinkerbell – DIY

If you are looking for a cosplay costume in the Disney world, an easy and cute option is always tinkerbell. While there are many package options out there I suggest looking into making your own to really stand out.

The first item you are going to need for Tinkerbell is obviously her signature green cocktail inspired dress. Make sure it has lots of glitter, tule, and sass.  The one I have linked here is equal parts fun as it is sexy. It has sequin fringe that is sure to catch everyone’s eye. If you aren’t into the fringe you can look at my second choice here that is full of sequins but not as much movement! Less busy to the eye.  

The linked dress does come with the hand sleeves and is a halter type of top. This means it will fit any chest size and you can tie it accordingly.

Tinkerbells butterfly wings 

The second item you are going to need for your sexy Tinkerbell cosplay outfit is, duh, some wings. If you are a DIY person the options for wings are endless! I suggest going with a butterfly type of pattern or something that is holographic. A holographic pattern is going to be super easy to find right now because it is one of these years hottest fabrics. If you are interested in DIY butterfly wings and have never done them before you can find a step by step guide here!



If you are a buy and go type of person, I suggest the wings linked here! It is up to you on which type of butterfly wings you want to pair with your dress. Wings can be white, green or a combination of both colors.

If you choose to wear a dress that has material with over the top movement pair it with some simple wings, such as the ones here. Round this outfit out with a Tinkerbell wig and you are all set to go!



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Princess Of Zelda – Full Costume 

Princes of Zelda is one of the OG cosplay costumes. Zelda has always been my favorite princess of the lands because she seems wise beyond her years and kind.

What I love about this linked Zelda costume is it comes with the full head to toe costume essentials. The hardest part of any costume is the base design and since your area already getting all of that in one go you can spend more time on the details of the costume.

How to alter this costume to become Princess Zelda the sex edition 

Clearly, anyone with eyes can see this isn’t the sexiest costume around the block. Lucky for you this set comes in separate pieces and isn’t just sewn into one full piece.

For the bottom: First things first skip the white underskirt. Instead, go with gold lycra shorts or cheeky swimsuit bottoms. I suggest wearing gold, brown, or white knee-high boots. Look for knee-high boots with a tie-up or leather material to give it the medieval feel. If you want to go more simple, look for some leg jewelry chains. 

For the top: The white underneath high collar top and the blue cloak are two separate pieces. I suggest keeping the white top but altering it into a halter that you can sew to the bottom of the cloak by the bra area. This allows you to keep the signature Zelda white collar but will open up your midsection giving it a sexy edge.

For the Middle: Since we are skipping the white skirt the middle belt with the detailed gold armor will be what covers your bottom, along with the outer blue and gold half skirt. This allows you to feel comfortable but still have your bare legs be your sexy little peek-a-boo teasers.

Additives: I am a glitter and stud type of gal. Because the core of this outfit is simple you can easily add glitter or gold to any part. I personally would add gold square studs to outline all the gold detail found around this outfit. You can get quality iron on squre studs with this link here! I use these all the time and have yet to have any fall off, even after wahses.

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