The Best Baseball Cap Outfits

We’ve all seen them once in our lifetime…the super cute girl who is pulling off a baseball cap like she was born in one. Our brains instantly think is it her, or can I do that too?

Yes, queen, you can pull off a baseball cap, and you can make it slay! If you aren’t one who wears hats of any kind, it may make you hesitant.

Stepping outside for the first time with something on top of your head may make you feel self-conscious. I promise, though, after one full day you’ll regret waiting so long.

Baseball caps are especially great for those days when you don’t want to take the time to style your hair or just don’t have the effort inside yourself to do it, but you still have a bomb outfit you want to wear.

Your hair effort doesn’t always have to match your outfit effort, and that is one life lesson you should take away from me.

I’ve also found baseball caps to be a real lifesaver when people make plans directly after you just got done at the gym. I don’t know how many times I’ve said no to plans becuase I just got done with the gym and didn’t want to make people wait on me.

A baseball cap allows you the ability to cover up the problem area of working out (your hair) and gives you the luxury to have time to still rinse your body off, but more importantly, have the ability to meet for those dinner plans that came outta nowhere.

Baseball caps can be great for dinner, brunch, errands, and of course actual sporting events.

Few women opt to ear baseball caps to sporting games which means those that do wear them actually stand out more, which means you might just get on that jumbotron for that chance to win the free plane tickets for that vacation you’ve been holding out for.

Take a stroll with me and check out a few different ways to style baseball caps.

There is a bit of every style in here so I guarantee you will find something you love, or you will get your money back. Just kidding, you won’t get your time or money back, but you will gain one new cute outfit to throw into your rotation.


Blue Jean Baseball Cap & A Striped Sweater Outfit

I wore this swaggy little outfit on a Sunday evening after a long weekend. Doing my hair was just not on my list of things to do so I paired this outfit around one of my favorite baseball hats.

The blue jean baseball hat itself is a legit blue jean material so I paired it with high waisted black button-up skinnies, a striped sweater, and some color block botties.

The snakeskin pattern in the back is a nice compliment to the stripes in the sweater and mixing patterns will forever be a thing.

Since I was mixing so many patterns, I decided to pick a sweater that would match the blue with my hat. I opted a pony to got through my hat loophole so it made me feel like I was style “trying” with my hair without actually trying at all.

It’s hard to see in this photo, but I finished off the outfit with green acrylic earrings that matched the green stripes in my sweater.

Outfit Deets:

Baseball Camo Cap & Adidas Sweater Outfit

 Army hat and leggings

How comfy does this outfit look?

Wear this running errands or wear it to your casual movie date!

This is a laid back outfit that looks put together becuase it has similar branding, styles, and colors in the outfit part and the camo hat is the pop of flair on top.

A messy pony with some pieces pulled out in front makes this an effortless hairstyle.

And did you happen to peep the cute old school Adidas shoes? Retro, fo sho.

Outfit Deets

Fancy Baseball Cap Outfit

Slouchy oversized sweater + distressed denim + baseball cap

This white base outfit is a nice break from the black ones that seem to be all over.

White can be worn after labor day and is in fact more eye-catching if worn after.

This outfit combines fancy with casual, and it is very striking in a large number of ways.

Pair some shiny grey shoes with white pants, a grey sweater, and a tan cardigan. Grab your blue sports baseball cap or opt for a plain one.

For an even comfier look, you can switch out the white jeans for white leggings.

Outfit Deets

Black Baseball Cap & Heels Outfit

Baseball cap and heels

A baseball hat and heels? That is actually a thing?

Sometimes seeing is believing and once you see this outfit you can’t unsee it.

You can mix chic and casual all in one outfit and it ha never been more clear than it is here.

Pair some black pumps or heels with your best black skinnies, black tee, and a black baseball cap.

To make this a bit rockier pair it with a graphic black tee and to make it chicer pair it with a plain black tee with a more slimming fit.

Planning to wear this during the day? Make sure you wear your best oversized black sunglasses so the paparazzi don’t blind you with their flashing lights.

Outfit Deets

Baseball Cap With A Dress Outfit

(Minus the yankee hat of course) this is one of the cutest baseball outfits i've seen

I call this the most feminine take on a baseball hat outfit.

Jean material and converse are like an American staple and they go together like ice cream and apple pie.

To make it ultra-chic wear your hair down in a beach wave style.

Pair your jean dress with a nice gold or rose gold watch.

Tie a white sweater around your waist for during the day that will also work for practicality in case it gets chilly.

Wear this look in the winter by pairing the dress with thigh-high boots and a blazer.

Outfit Deets

Sporty Jean Jacket Baseball Cap Outfit

How to wear hats baseball caps outfits sporty chic 63+ ideas for 2021 #howtowear

This outfit screams gym vibes but the jean jacket gives it a little extra somethin somethin. With high waisted paints and a workout crop top bra, this has sport and sex appeal all in one.

Since the jean jacket provides a bit of everyday structure you can literally go from the gym straight to lunch all while showing a presentable public image.

Dry shampoo and body spray were made for a reason people. Do you want the lunch special or do you want to be clean and pay full price?

This baseball hat outfit takes your everyday gym clothing and pairs it with black sunglasses, and comfy athleisure walking shoes.

Opt for a high shine or faux leather material when shopping for the baseball cap.

Unlike the previous ones, this outfit is complete with your hair down. Don’t be afraid to go natural even if it’s half straight and half curly. Natural hair is totes in right now.

The hat makes for a perfect coverup for the top of your head, so even if you have a ponytail mark when you put your hair down it won’t matter since the hat will cover that right up. If you don’t want to wear your hair down you can do a side braid or messy bun.

Outfit Deets

Jean Skirt & Baseball Cap Outfit

Whether it’s getting around town with day 3 hair or going for an early morning run, there’s plenty of reasons to wear a baseball cap. Here's how to style it. {Fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing agolde skirt, golden goose leopard sneakers, carhartt x 47 baseball cap, ny baseball cap} #casualstyle #casualfashion #baseballcap

How cute is this jean skirt outfit?

Mustard yellow is a color that pairs well with every hair color, making it super versatile and, therefore, an ideal shade for a hat.

If you can get your hands on an asymmetrical skirt I suggest getting the one I have linked below..the skirt sort of makes the whole outfit.

Pair a long sleeve white bodysuit with the skirt and mustard hat. Finish the look off with some beach wave hair, and a crossbody purse.

Invest in a long crescent necklace, preferably in gold, to match the hat and make the colors come all together.

For shoes, you can go the sneakers route or some open-toed white heels preferably thin straps. If you want to add a super trendy element opt for studded heels that are going to be trending everywhere this season!

Outfit Deets

Baseball Cap & A Boyfriend Striped Shirt Outfit

 elephant baseball tee

Not all baseball caps have to be plain.

I love this one because it has a cute little elephant on the front.

This is the “I stole my boyfriend’s clothes for the day and wore it better than him” type of outfit.”

For this simple baseball cap outfit, all you need is a baseball cap with an elephant or some cute little object on it, striped boyfriend tee and some black skinnies.

Pair it with sandals, converse or any low key type of sneaker.

This outfit works so well when paired together because you have a tight fit in the pant area which gives shape to the body, and a loose top which gives playful movement. Total chill girl vibes.

Outfit Deets

Baseball Cap Winter/ Fall Athleisure Outfit

25 Athleisure Looks You’ll Want To Live In All Winter Long

Yes, she is probably drinking a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and you know you want one right now. Everything about this picture just screams the perfect way to stay warm on a cold day!

This outfit looks so comfy you can wear it to bed, wake up and be ready to go for the day.

Looking at this outfit makes me want to jump in the car and go get errands done, that I don’t even have. Target … Homegoods … I’m sure there’s something there I NEED to get.

For this outfit, grab a simple black hat, high collared sweater, shiny leggings, and some fuzzy AF botties. If you want, you can mimic this same outfit and choose a different color scheme like red, black, white or grey to achieve the same consistent style; just select the same color from head to toe.

I own this exact outfit and it is one of my go-to weekly styles. Love wearing this when I want a cute, put together athleisure outfit for on my way to the gym.

Outfit Deets

Baseball Cap and A Long Coat Outfit

Two Stylish Ways To Wear a Baseball Cap

This entire outfit screams cool chic.

I love these round sunglasses! They are a nice switch up from the typical square lenses.

Depending on the time of year you can layer a sweater or a tee-shirt underneath the long trench coat.

Tan and black are such complementary colors when they are worn together and look great on every skin tone with every hair color!

The purse here is what pulls colors from the entire outfit and shows them off together. Playing with color block purses can be a nice switch up from the solid colored ones.

Wear your hair down with this outfit in a relaxed wavy style.

Outfit Deets

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