Adidas Women’s Adipure DC Golf Shoe Review – Gold & Black

With so many golf shoes on the market, it can be confusing and overwhelming on where even to start looking. If you are new to golfing and aren’t sure if you should invest in a golf shoe my suggestion is to do it! If you plan on golfing 5 or more times a year, then odds are a golf shoe can benefit you and your gameplay. Even if you aren’t one who is super competitive with golf, it never hurts to add a cute shoe to your collection.

Take a peek below on why you should invest in some golf shoes, especially the Adidas Adipure DC Shoe. It is available in black and gold or white and silver!



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What Are The Benefits Of Golf Shoes?

  • Prevents feet from moving during your swing
  • Spikes prevent slipping
  • Reduce wet feet on wet greens
  • Spikes bring your feet as close to the ground/ball as possible
  • Helps provide feet with support and comfort
  • Provides breathability to the feet
  • Absorbs moisture preventing blisters
  • Provides more traction on uneven ground
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Adidas Adipure Women’s Golf Shoes

The Adidas Adipure golf shoe for women not only comes in a sleek design, but it helps improve the overall golf game. Golf is all about patience, persistence, and performance, so having the proper golf shoe is going to enhance all areas from the first drive to the last put.


I love that this shoe from far away looks like a classic all-black golf shoe but up close you can see the beautiful detail and thought out accents that complete the whole shoe.

Different black textures give dimension to the entire shoe. A black shiny snakeskin fabric runs down the middle of the front and additionally is placed as an accent located on the back of the shoe.

Gold accents are placed tastefully throughout the entire shoe. You will notice gold metallic around the shoe:

  • At the tip of the shoelace
  • As 3 rows of studs on each side. These rows represent the classic 3 lines of the Adidas logo, made from shiny studs they add a luxurious look to the shoe
  • Adidas logo itself is made from gold on the lip and back of the shoe
  • 6 spike configuration is made from a gold located on the bottom of the shoe

Spike Details 

On the bottom of the shoe, you will notice a 6 spike configuration. I prefer 6 spikes because it fits well with my feet and provides the perfect amount of spikes per side of my foot. I have small feet so I don’t require more than 6 spikes and any less would be pointless.

Spikes help tremendously with shots that are on hills, wet grass, and uneven terrain.

The spikes are positioned in a way that suits a large number of people no matter if they are toe or heel, dominant walkers.

There will always be a debate of spiked vs. spikeless shoes, and with the advancement of styles and features of both shoes, retailers say it is pretty split down the middle as far as popularity and what gets sold.

A big thing overlooked with spiked shoes is the longevity of them. Spiked shoes will typically last longer because you simply have to replace the spikes on the bottom once they start to wear down. As long as the rest of the golf shoe is cared for properly spiked shoes will almost always outlive spikeless ones.

Adidas spiked golf shoe has been worn by professional golf pros for years, including former World No. 1 Justin Rose.

Cloud Foam Insole

What is the cloud foam insole you ask? Well, the cloud foam provides great cushioning, support and comfort for your foot. The inside is made of a visco-elastic rebound foam which is engineered to conform to the precise contours of your feet in such a way it mimics a custom mold to provide unmatched fit and feel.

The cushioning in these shoes make it great for days when you choose to walk the course instead of using a cart. Cushioning inside makes it great for absorbing impact so you don’t feel things beneath your feet like branches, twigs or random rocks that you may walk over.

I personally wear socks with these to keep them from smelling but they are made so that you don’t have to wear socks if you choose not to.

PureMotion Outsole

Much like the inside of this shoe, the outside provides much-needed traction, grip, and advanced stability which enhances your performance.

The outer sole is thick enough to provide support while being made from Adidas lightweight advanced Thintech material which makes you feel like you are barefoot. These shoes are so lightweight I wish I had a pair without spikes to wear for running errands.

ClimaStorm Protection

One of the main reasons I got these shoes is because of the fact they are made from waterproof material. Even if it isn’t raining when you are at the golf course, it can be wet in the morning due to dew or water leftover from the day before.

I am not a PGA golfer, so I sometimes find myself digging balls out of marsh or rivers. A bright pink Callaway ball is not being left behind without a fight! Having shoes that can hold up to the wet climates is a game-changer and makes for more comfortable play throughout the day.

These shoes also have climate-smart technology on the inside which prevents a buildup of sweat which is great for days when it is hot or super humid. This will also help prevent blisters, sores or bunyons from forming.

Wider Fit + Advanced Details

As far as looks and fit go I always try to get shoes that have a wider fit. These Adidas Adipure DC Women’s Golf Shoe  have a wider fit than most women golf shoes on the market. They provide enough space for both the middle and the front of my foot. 

The shoelaces aren’t made out of your classic material. They are made from a material that mimics a rope, and the end is a plastic-coated tip which makes them durable and aids in the overall waterproofing of the shoe.

The front is rounder than other golf shoes which gives toes enough space to fit in comfortably.

Final Thoughts

These Adidas Women Golf Shoes not only fit into my style but they have improved my overall gameplay. I am able to wear these and get proper gripping on the green which allows me to stand over the ball I am about to hit without slowly sliding downhill.

Since I can change the spikes on these easily and for a cheap cost, they will last me for years to come! The black and gold color match all my golf outfits I already have, which make for a perfect fit into my wardrobe.

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