Best Kenra Hair Products – Recommended By A Cosmetologist

Kenra Products

When people ask me about my favorite hair care products, I think of one word: Kenra! I cannot say enough good things about this hair care product line. Not only do the products work great, but they also smell marvelous.

In this article, we will take an up-close and personal look at the best Kenra Hair Products currently available.


My Favorite Kenra Products At A Glance:

Cult Following Kenra Professional
Platinum Dry Texture Spray
  • Increases texture and fullness up to 278% while absorbing oils and impurities
  • ultra-lightweight, non-drying formulation leaves the hair with a matte finish and provides flexible Hold for up to 48 hours+
Kenra Curl Defining Cream
  • Best Curl Product
  • Refines and separates curls
  • Promotes curl memory
  • It helps to fight frizz and flyaways and is humidity resistant
  • Adds control and shine
  • Provides a soft, touchable finish

Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray
  •  Decreases blow-dry time by 50%
  • Provides heat protection
  • Detangles, smoothes and softens
  • Eliminates frizz and resists humidity
Volume Spray Hair Spray #25
  • 120-hour Hold
  • High humidity resistance for 20 hours
  • Wind resistant up to 25MPH

Kenra Color Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner Set
  • Gently cleanse and replenish moisture without stripping hair color
  • Improve manageability, readily detangles + adds vibrance + shine
  • Help to strengthen chemically challenged hair

Kenra Volume Dry Shampoo
  • instantly refreshes hair at the root
  • Absorbs oils & impurities
  • Translucent spray, leaving no white residue
  • Builds the ideal foundation for styling

Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss
  • Best Shine Product
  • It gives hair a silky, lustrous look/feel
  • Ultra-light formula tames frizz and smoothes dry ends
  • Heat application promotes optimum shine and condition

Kenra Luxe One Leave-In Miracle Spray
  • Best Hair Repair Product
  • The all-in-one miracle spray enriched with precious gold for opulent slip and lustrous shine.
  • Provides heat protection up to 450 degrees
  • Innovative sprayer to deliver a fine mist application for easy distribution
  • Use as cutting lotion, after cleansing, or for refreshing dull styles
  • Leaves hair stunningly silky to the touch

With so many product lines used by professionals and available in stores, it’s hard to figure out which is the best and which garbage. Lucky for you, I am a Cosmetologist who has been around the block once or twice, or should I say, have been around heads of hair once or twice.

I know which products work and which are full of S*!t. Literally, some products are full of wax, fillers, and other ingredients useless to your hair and the style you are trying to achieve. In most cases, the ingredients used in products you find in stores actually weigh your hair down and destroy the integrity of your hair. Not with Kenra, though!

What is Kenra?

Believe it or not, the Kenra product line goes all the way back to 1926. Kenra is a professional haircare company composed of three different product lines. Each line is forever growing, changing, and expanding to stay updated with the stylist and their client’s needs.

What are the three product lines that make up Kenra?

  • Kenra
  • Kenra Platinum
  • Kenra Color

Why does Kenra sound familiar?

Besides your stylist using Kenra on you, I’m sure you’ve seen the name before. This would be thanks to Instagram, Pinterest, and the innovative stylist Guy Tang. He is famously known as the hair color guru and partnered with Kenra in 2015 for a guy tang mash-up hair color line. In addition, the guy uses Kenra products on his clients, reassuring you that Kenra is the real deal.

Why should you listen to me?

As I said, I have had my cosmetology license since 2008 and travel around the country working on high-profile clientele. If I didn’t know what I was talking about, I wouldn’t be employed, and I would be writing to you about finding a sugar daddy because that would be my next step after losing my cosmetology license.

Are Kenra Products Sulfate Free?

All Kenra products are sulfate-free to ensure maximum color retention and protection.

Is Kenra Good For Curly Hair Girls?

Yes! Kenra products are made for every hair type and have products designed for curly hair specifically. A few favorites I use on my curly hair clients are the Curl Defining Creme and the Curl Glaze Mousse.

Kenra Hair Products Reviewed

Let’s get into my favorite Kenra products that I use daily.

Platinum Dry Texture Spray

Absorbs Oil and Impurities + Matte Finish + Increases Texture and Fullness + Provides Flexible Hold

Kenra Texture Spray

I use this in place of hairspray sometimes. My honest Kenra reviews of their texture spray can not be expressed in words. It gives me hold for days and works great with curly, wavy, or textured hairstyles.

My hair is drier, and I can use this dry texture spray once every three days. Kenra dry texture spray lets me wake up with a style I can walk out the door with.

If you have thin hair, the matte finish won’t weigh your hair down, making your hair appear to be more full of life. It helps my short hair have volume and movement without being crunchy. Because of its lightweight formula, my hair is still touchable and feels soft.

Update: My hair is long again, and it works great no matter what length to keep a style. Short, medium or long hair doesn’t matter; this product works! When I have freshly curled hair, I use texture spray and brush through the curls with my hands.

The result gives me a natural beachy look that will last even through the next day! If you want to spruce the style up, turn your head upside down, use a few more sprays, and mess it up with your hands. It will reshape your hair into the put-together messy look often seen on models like Gigi Hadid.

This is my go-to product when I am on the road doing hair for musicians. It works on all hair types, including dry, oily, or combination of both. Because musicians are on stage moving and sweating, I need a product that will keep a style and work well with activity. Kenra texture spray covers both areas.

Using Kenra dry texture spray on the road

If you need more proof – go to youtube and type in Misterwives. I tour with them and use this product on the singer Mandy and a handful of other professional artists I have toured with.

You won’t see a singer move more than her! The term firecracker was actually made after someone saw her perform at a show. If Kenra texture spray can keep her hair in place looking fire for her two-hour set, it will work wonders for the everyday human who moves half as much as her! I typically spray this on her hair before I style it and after!

Application Tip:

Shake the can before use. Hold it a few inches away. After spraying onto curls/wavy hair, make an upward scrunching motion with your hands to make your strands move. You can spray it onto straight hair to give it a windblown, sultry look. Great for holding hair that wants movement in style!  It should be used on dry hair.

Kenra Hair Spray

In this photo, I used Kenra Dry Texture Spray and nothing else! This was taken at a wedding after being outside in the humidity, dancing for a few hours! It looks like I just got there.

I always keep this dry texture spray with me, including a second permanent one in my gym bag. Twirl your hair in a  top-knot bun during your shower and take it down afterward while you are getting dressed. Use the texture spray throughout your hair to give yourself a beach wave look like I have pictured below.

This was taken after the gym, lived in for a full day, slept on, and then woke up! I used ZERO HOT TOOLS! All I did was the top-knot shower trick.

Tip your head upside down and spray the texture all around to get all areas of your hair! The more hair-sprayed, the better the style will turn out.

Make sure to use this at your roots to add some much-needed volume!

HiDEF Hairspray 

Matte Finish + Instantly Dries On Contact + Great Hold.

Kenra Platinum Hi-Def Hairspray #16 8 oz

I use this after the Kenra HiDEF hairspray to give my hair its finishing hold. It has a matte finish, so it won’t leave your hair looking wet. Also, HiDEF Hairspray comes out of the bottle in a fine mist, so it won’t cake up on your hair or come out too wet and ruin your style.

As it comes out, it has a wide range, so one spray covers a wide area. I will also use this spray when I wear my hair up. It keeps my flyaways in place, and I can spray it a few times, and the spray doesn’t leave buildup on my hair.

Hairspray Benefits

If you don’t want to use many products at once, I suggest this hairspray because its lightweight formula makes it workable with your hair. In addition, you can spray this hair spray before you style your hair and still be able to manipulate your locks into any style you want.  

The can is a twist top, so you don’t need to keep track of a lid! In addition, it is clearly labeled with open and close, so you don’t need to worry about spillage when you travel with this Kenra hair spray.

Application Tip:

Shake the can before use. Hold it 8-10 inches away from your hair. The nozzle allows you to do short bursts or one long continuous spray. It should be used on dry hair.

I love that this Kenra hairspray holds my hair all day but doesn’t leave a layer of yuck. Kenra hairspray makes your hair look like you just woke up with style and didn’t spend time and effort doing it.

Here I paired the texture spray with the hairspray! When both are used together, it is really a 1,2 punch like none other! 

Platinum Silkening Mist 

Protects Against Humidity + Shine Finish + Smoothes Flyaways + Detangles, and Tames Frizz

Great product to use when you want to wear your hair straight. I use this product as my finishing touch to straight hair.

Like all other Kenra products, it’s lightweight and doesn’t weigh the hair down. Gives shine to both dark and light hair. The silkening mist works great on all hair types and doesn’t leave your hair greasy.

Application Tip:

Shake the can before use. Hold 8-10 inches away. It can be sprayed in short bursts or long continuous ones. It should be used on dry hair. I personally like to spray throughout different sections of my hair about a 1/2 inch at a time. I use hair sectioning clips to help me section and spray my hair, which can be found at this link here! 

Because most silking products are simply oil, I recommended Kenra Silkening mist for people with thin hair because it has more ingredients than just oil. However, it is easy to over-saturate your hair even if you have dry hair and look like a grease ball.

The silkening mist comes from a spray bottle; you don’t have to worry about measuring liquid onto your hand. Instead, start with one spray and add more if needed. Make sure you brush between each spray to evenly distribute the product through your entire hair.

This product, like all Kenra products, works to fight against humidity. Great for those with wavy or curly hair that take hours to straighten and want to stay that way throughout the day.

Kenra Silkening Gloss 

Shine + Protects Against Humidity + Lightweight + Protectant

This product is more of a serum. It is lightweight; however, if you have wonderful hair, I suggest you stick with the silkening mist.

My hair is dry and thick, so I absolutely love this product. My personal Kenra review of the silkening gloss is nothing but praise.

I use a lot of this when my hair is wet to quench my thirsty dry locks. While my hair is towel dried, I first apply the gloss to the midsection of my hair, go down to my ends and put the least amount by the top. Once I have applied it thoroughly, I will brush my hair to make it evenly dispersed.

I like to use this product when I wear my hair straight and curly. It works as a nice buffer when I blow dry my hair and helps prevent damage from the blow dryer itself. I typically try to let my hair air dry, but I use this as a protectant for days when I can’t and have to dry it.

You can use this on dry hair as well. I suggest you put this on dry hair before using any heat tools. The gloss on dry hair will not only make it even shiner, but it will also protect against your styling tools. Using a heat tool with the gloss will give you optimum shine.

Application Tip:

It has a pump top, so to use this product, start with 2-3 pumps, spread it around your hands, and apply. I use about 12 pumps total when all is said and done. I have super dry hair, so I suggest using fewer pumps to start and then using more if needed if you have naturally greasy hair.

Applying it to wet hair is tricky until you use the product more, so I suggest starting on dry hair so you can see exactly how your hair will soak it up.

As I said, I will use this product no matter how I style my hair, but I prefer to use it more for times when I straighten it.

Final Thoughts

What I love about Kenra is it works with any hair type! Even for the products made for those who typically wear their hair straight, it won’t weigh it down, and the hair will still have a full look, allowing you to have volume still throughout. Store-bought products will weigh the hair down and make your hair stick down, pinned to your head.

My overall Kenra review is nothing but praise. It isn’t often you find a brand with all awesome products all around, not just one or two. But, as a professional and someone who uses it these days, I recommend not thinking and getting it.

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