Best Luxury Shears From Amazon

Amazon truly has everything you can ever dream of and that includes shears.

When I started traveling for work doing hair around the world I was sometimes in a pinch for shears when they got dull and I didn’t have access to my normal supplier. This lead me to search online for shears.

One of the first places that came up was Amazon and I thought, why not. Worst comes to worst I got them from Amazon and it was free shipping.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of shear options that were available on Amazon as well as the quality of them.

After my first pair, I was beyond satisfied and ordered a few more from them. Below is a list of all the best luxury shears from Amazon!

A benefit of ordering from Amazon is they have multiple credit cards. A few different shears also give you the option of paying for them upfront or doing small monthly payments.


Kenchii Charmer Collection KEC6 Cross Model 7.0″ Level 5 Hair Shears

pretty shear

Type: two-hole shear with a sterling silver handle

Material: Tungsten and vanadium is combined to create a light, yet impenetrable steel grain structure.

Lengths: 7, 6.5, and 5.5 inches

I like the design around the holes of the handle it makes it unique and striking.

Kasho / Kai Damascus Series Offset Righty 6.5″ 

shear from amazon

Type: Ergonomic with an offset handle and a pinky rest – two holes.

Material: Japanese V10 Premium Steel Alloy

Lengths: 6.5 and 6.0 inches

Kamisori 3pc Master Set Sword Set 7.0 in, 6.0 Cutting Shears & New Sword Texturizing Shears

shear set

Type: Ergonomic with an offset handle and a pinky rest – two holes.

Material: Made from  ATS – 314 is a chrome molybdenum alloy that has very small grain size and excellent edge retention.

The blade itself is angled which helps provide a smoother cut.

Lengths: This set includes a 6.0″ and 7.0″ Sword Shears and a 6.5″ 31 teeth Sword Texturizer.

Awards: American Salon Pro’s Choice (multi-year), Beauty Launchpad Readers Choice (multi-year), Hairdresser Journal Stylists Choice, Canadian Salon Hairdresser Favorite tools, Coiffure de Paris

Tao 2 Rotating

rotating thumb shear

Type: Two-hole swivel thumb with pinky rest with a convex edge.

Material: USA Steel

Lengths: 5.5, 6.25 and 7 inches

I personally love the swivel thumb type of shears becuase it feels better on my hand when I cut and it helps prevent cosmetology related injuries like arthritis. Once I used my first swivel thumb I never went back!

Japanese Steel Hair Cutting Scissors – Golden

Gold shears

Type: Ergonomic with an offset handle and a pinky rest – two holes.

Material: 100% Stainless Steel

Length: 6.5 inches

This package comes with a free razor that closes onto itself which is great for those who travel to clients.

Unicorn plus is a company based out of the United States. They have been in business for over 13 years making supplies for cosmetologists.

Joewell Craft 600 Series Professional Shear 

Stainless Steel Shear

Type: Polyhedric Grip 3-Dimensional Handle

Material: Stainless Steel

Length: 6.1 and 6.3 inches

For those who really want extra finger support in their shears, this would be a great option for you. Besides just the two holes it has a pinky rest and a comfortable spot for the middle finger.

 Super Swivel Stainless Cutting Shear

Double Swivel Shear

Type: Convexed True Right-Handed Double Swivel Shears

Material: Stainless Steel

Length: 5.5 inches

these come with multiple plastic insets which is great if you have small or thin fingers.

You don’t want your shears to sleep in your hand but you want them to fit snug to your fingers. Your shears should be an extension of your hand not something you should struggle handling.

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