Best Pop Up Tents For Tailgating

Anyone from Wisconsin knows tailgating itself is just as important as the actual game you’re going to see.

Below is a list of the Best Canopy and Pop Up Tents! Rain or shine your tailgate will be unstoppable!


Best  Pop Up Tents For Tailgating

What is a pop up tent?

Pop up tents are structures that can protect people from the outside elements, and are often used as temporary forms of shelter. The legs of pop up tents are adjustable and are easy to set up and take down. Most pop up tents fit in bags that make it easy for storage and transportation.

What are pop up tents made out of?

Pop up tent frames are typically made out of steel or aluminum. Most pop up tent tops are made out of polyester fabric.

Why use a pop up tent at a tailgate? 

Pop up tents work great at a tailgate for establishing your designated space from other tailgaters. Dogs piss on things to mark their territory, humans set up tailgate tents to establish their territory.

Pop up tents can also be great for people who don’t like being exposed to the sun. It provides shade to those with young children or are tailgating with the elderly.

Pop up tents provide protection if mother nature decides she wants to let it rain. Having a pop up tent can save a tailgate from getting canceled!

Things to take into consideration before purchasing a pop up tent.

Size of your tailgate: The size of how many people you typically tailgate with will determine how big of a pop up tent you want to get. If you typically tailgate with only a few people, then you might opt to get a smaller pop up tent. If you typically have a huge crew at a tailgate, then you might want to consider a bigger pop up tent that will give you more coverage and help establish a larger territory.

Size of your vehicle : This one should be a no brainer, the bigger the vehicle the bigger the tent you can fit into it. Another thing to think about with the size of your vehicle is how much extra space you want to have once you have the tent in your vehicle. Pop up tent size + other tailgating supplies + amount of people carpooling with you should all be factors you think about before you purchasing a pop up tent.

Type of people you tailgate with: Do you plan on tailgating with low or high maintenance type of people? If you are going with low maintenance people you will be good to go with a basic pop up tent. If you typically tailgate with high maintenance people,  you might want to go with a pop up tent that has a few mesh walls or even mesh walls that zip up completely all around the pop up tent.

Assembly of the pop up tent: Every pop up tent is going to be about the same. They are all typically very easy to assemble, but depending on the extras that come with your pop up tent, it might be a few extra steps. Bigger tents might have more clips to attach for the top, so if you don’t want to do extra work get a more basic tent.


Basic Pop Up Tent

10ft x 10 ft + Steel Frame + 99% UV Protection

Good starter pop up tent. Its simple, basic and easy to use.

Cathedral style tent gives you optimal head room.

Comes with easy to use transportable bag.


Wisconsin Badger Tent

9×9 + Badger colors and logo on all four sides + Steel Frame

Same features as the basic pop up tent.

Customizable (Other teams are offered but who wouldn’t want to rep the badgers)


Mesh Sides Pop Up Tent 

10×10+ Zippers to open and close + All seasons

Comes with ground stakes (optional to use)

5 min put up and 3 min take down

Adjustable tent height.

Great help in keeping bugs out!


Party Pop Up Tent 

Enclosed + Windows + Sleek Design +Multiple Colors Available + Waterproof

This tent is great for impressing fellow tailgaters.

Sleek design is a nice touch if you’re tailgating for a birthday, mothers or fathers day, anniversary, etc.

Optional fully enclosed area with windows along the sides so you can still see all the tailgate festivities.

No tools needed for installation, easy to put up and easy to take down.

New and improved heavy duty frame!


Deluxe Size Pop Up Tent 

10×20 + Optional Mesh Side walls and fully covered walls + EZ Assembly

Great for Larger parties!

No tool assembly.


Mini Size Pop Up Tent

6×6 + Fine Mesh + Fabric Top Offers Shade

Great for a small tailgate.

Steel Wire Frame.

Enough space to sit in chairs inside.


Single Pop Up Tent

All Weather + Personal Space Approved + Polyester Sides

Not big into crowds? No worries, with this single person pop up tent you can enjoy the fun in your own bubble.

Great for people who need more shade from the sun but the other tailgaters are sun bathers!

Big enough to fit a chair in it.

Zipper optional walls.


Kids Pop UP Tent

Girls Pop Up tent 



Boys Pop Up Tent 


Even children love tailgating.

With their own personal pop up tent they will be protected from the sun and will have their own designated play space!

What’s even better is after the tailgate they can continue the tent fun inside!



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