Best Gifts For Female Boss – Gifts She Will Actually Want

Let’s face it, buying gifts for women is usually tricky. Before you get all triggered on me, I am a woman writing this and I will stand by my statement. Buying gifts for women are tricky. Each woman is a unique being and has her own style, taste, and strength. No two woman are alike and no two women want the same gift. Except if it’s wine and chocolate, every woman wants wine and choclate.

Buying a bad gift for that everyday woman in your life will send you to the store to purchase another gift. Buying a bad gift for your boss woman will send you packing your desk and out the office doors, forever. Don’t be the newest member on the unemployment list! Take a peek below at the top gifts every boss bitch wants and will actually use. Who knows, you might just get that promotion you were in line for. 

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Lady Boss Mug 

What’s greater than a lady boss mug? A lady boss travel mug. 

Every lady boss knows she needs to start her day with that caffeine fix. Help her get that extra caffeine with this mega 16 oz travel mug. Simple and elegant, this boss lady travel mug is white and is finished with a gold foil screw on lid.

Reassure her she will be sipping nothing but healthy coffee beans because this mug is BPA, Phthalate,  and of course lead-free. 



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Marble Flameless Pillar Candles

Chicks just love candles, its encoded in our DNA. Candles are the first thing lit when girls get home and the last thing shut off before they go to sleep.

Bring a piece of home comfort to your lady boss office with these flameless candles. Each candle will illuminate white light into your lady boss’s space giving her a relaxed comforting feeling. Flameless means you do not need to light it because it isn’t an actual flame that burns wax. It is a fake illuminating light operated by batteries.

This candle set comes with a remote and the remote functions include:

  • On and off buttons
  • Timer: 4 hours and 8 hours
  • Light options: bright light or candlelight 
  • Light visibility buttons: birght or dim light 

This set includes 3 white and black marble style finishes and batteries. No one ever remembers batteries and lucky for you with this gift set you don’t need to remember the stupid batteries.

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Word Clock 

If you are scratching your head and can’t figure out what a word clock is I will tell you. Word clocks are one of the most unique clocks out there right now. Time is displayed as numbers typed out to display the time instead of just numbers themselves.

This word clock is available in the following options:

  • 8×8 inches
  • Spanish 8×8 inches
  • 12×12 inches
  • 12×12 inches platinum elite
  • AC Adaptor is included with all options

The text time is displayed in five-minute intervals and can stand alone on your lady boss’s desk or mounted onto her wall.

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Motivational Pens 

No one uses more pens than a boss bitch, she is after all the one who signs your paycheck. Give her some pens with sass to write with and she might just add an extra zero onto that paycheck of yours.

These specific pens have a great ink life that lasts a long time. There have been zero complaints from anyone I know that has used them and zero complaints in reviews left on them.  Each pen has it’s own unique color and saying!



Saying on pens included:

  • Hustle, Darling
  • Like a boss
  • Boss lady
  • Risk taker
  • Badass and Brillant
  • Fierce and Fabulous
  • Unstoppable
  • Get it done
  • Make it epic
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Boss Lady Desk Plate 

Give your boss lady the nameplate she deserves!

This white and gold boss lady desk plate 2″ x 8″. When you purchase this nameplate here it is available to be gift wrapped. 




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Travel Cord Rollup 

Any good boss is likely to have multiple devices. Each device works its own special purpose in getting work done and each is just as useful as the other.

The annoying thing with keeping track of each device is keeping track of its charge cord. Charge cords have a way of going missing and when you do have all of them in one spot traveling with them is a pain. Most times charge cords get put into a bag in separate pieces and end up at work in one big ball. A travel cord rollup case is essentially a cord cable organizer or a cable wrap holder. 

Help your lady boss out by giving her this travel cable organizer in a travel friendly/convenient roll-up style. Each cable organizer lays flat for easy use and can hold up to 8 charge cords, 2 plugs, and a snap button close storage for random items like mints, reading glasses, or wireless ear pods. The spacing for each cord is spaced out allowing you to designate each cord to its own spot. 

Cable cord organizer is made out of vegan leather and is available in the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Turquoise
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Wireless Home Security Camera 

You might be scratching your head with this one but let me explain before you click that little X.

Kamtron’s at home security camera is actually way cheaper than you think and is one of the best gifts you can get for under $50! You know you would be spending way more on that fruit basket you get her every year. The same fruit basket every other employee also gets her every year.

Most lady bosses are either at work or running around traveling to a million different places. Since the human race has yet to find a way to be in two places at once, her home is often left unattended. This is where the beauty of the home security camera comes in! A wireless home security camera allows her the reassurance of her home life being intact while she has to be away at work. 

Perhaps she has a dog baby at home she is often thinking about. With this broad view home security camera she gets up to a 62 degrees width angle, 100-degree tilt angle, and a 350-degree pan so she can see exactly what Mr. Cooper is up to at home. How exactly you ask? This wireless security camera pairs with an app she can download right onto her phone!

With the app, she can get a 100% live stream. When she needs to focus her attention back on work she can opt to turn on the app’s alerts feature which can snapshot and record to her mobile device when motion is detected. 


If she sees Mr. Cooper chewing her brand new running shoes she now has the option to stop him! Kamtron’s security camera operates with a 2-way audio mic and speaker. Instead of yelling at Mr. Cooper after the shoe is toast, she will now have the ability to stop him mid-action, thus saving her brand new running shoes. So not only did you get her a badass security camera you essentially kept her money in her pocket! It’s a two for one gift. Congratulations on your new promotion.

Available in a white or black color! 

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Nail Polish Ring Holder 

This is one of the coolest inventions of the century. A bold statement and I’m sticking by it.

Go ahead and get two of these bad boys so you can keep one for yourself. If you haven’t heard of this yet I’m about to change your whole life.

A nail polish ring holder is essentially what it sounds like. Made out of silicone, the ring holder is a one size fits all device that holds a nail polish bottle in place. This nail polish holder works with any brand of nail polish and helps prevent polish spills, drips and eliminates you having to paint your nails by a flat surface. 

While this device looks like it would have to slide onto the fingers, it doesn’t. The ring goes on each finger from the top through built-in slits, which means you don’t have to pull the ring part over your nails. She can switch hands during polish without ruing the polish on her nails.

This ring holder comes in 17 ndifferent colors! 

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