Gifts From The Dog To Dad – Dog Dad Gifts He’s Sure To Love

A doggie is often a mans first love and best friend. Help your doggie show how much he loves his best friend by giving him a special one of a kind gift! A gift from the dog to dad can be something  just for him or perhaps something man and dog can share together. I’ve rounded up some of the best gifts from the dog to dad that can work from any breed! Big or small check out these gifts from all! 

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Personalized Cutting Board 

Nothing is better than a personalized gift, especially a personalized gift that is useful. A cutting board is something used every day by any type of cook, no matter if you use it to cut meat or veggies! Go ahead and make your gift personalized by putting his last name on it or something punny like THE GRILLFATHER.

This specific board measures in at  13.5″W x 9.6″H x 0.68″T. Made out of bamboo this cutting board is sure to last. The personalized cutting board is offered in small, large and an extra large size. For reference, the small cutting board is intended for things like cheese, olives and small meats.

What I love about this cutting board is the multi-use of using it as a serving tray. Cut and serve all in one go without having to transfer the food onto a nicer looking board.

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Dog Mug 

A dog dad will be useless without his morning cup of Joe, every good dog knows that.

There are plenty of dog mugs out there for dog dads however, I prefer this dog mug because it’s funny and unique. Once you tip your mug up you will see a visual 3D photo making you look like you have a dog nose.

Dog mug holds up to 12 oz of liquid and is made out of porcelain. Dishwasher safe means the dog dad in your life doesn’t need to waste time doing dishes and can get outside to play fetch instead.


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Customized Dog Socks 

What’s cuter than dog socks? Dog socks that are pictures of his very own dog! He can always be with his dog when he slips these socks on for the day. Work or play, the dog stocks are on his feet to stay.

Each pair of socks is handmade and digitally printed so the picture of your dog will be an exact match. Socks are one size and fit almost every foot unless you have extremely large feet like Lebron James. Personalized socks are polyester which means they provide a snug fit and won’t shrink compared to cotton socks.



Available in the following base colors:

  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Pink
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Roomba Robot Vacuum 

One of the more useful gifts from the dog to dad. Roomba vacuum is the perfect gift for all the dog dads by doing their annoying chores for them. Owning a Roomba gives him the freedom of not having to vacuum twice a day.

Roomba has three different cleaning modes, smart sensors to direct it where to go and works great on all surfaces. Now living in the year 2018 Roomba can be paired and controlled with your smartphone and devices like Alexa. 

This bad boy can zoom around for 90 minutes before it needs to be recharged. Roomba robot vacuum listens better than the kids and will zoom back to its docking station on voice command whenever you tell it to. 

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Personalized Engraved Money Clip and Wallet 

Every time dogs best human goes to buy dog food he will be reminded of the one of a kind gift from his one of a kind dog.

The personalized leather wallet is engraved with a beautiful contrast stitching so the engraving can be seen clearly. People usually do one to two letters for the engraving, typically the initials of the dog dad.

Measuring in at 3″ x 4″ x .5″ this engraved walled can hold money and cards. 

If you want more of an engraved money clip and don’t need a walled with it, I suggest this one!  Some guys prefer having just a money clip over a wallet because it saves space and is more compact to fit in their pants. Men’s version of having junk in their trunk, get what I’m saying. 

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Wall Bottle Opener 

The seven words every man loves to say “In dog beers, I’ve only had one”.

If the dog dad in your life has ever asked for a bartender bottle opener or a wall mounted bottle opener this is the gift for him. This mounted wall opener can be attached to any wall and has a mason jar useful to catch all the beer tops after he opens that Miller Light.

Wall bottle opener is made out of wood and can be stained in:

  • Light wood stain
  • Medium wood stain
  • Dark wood stain

Don’t like what you see? No worries, each board can be personalized with graphics and stains of your choice. Simply contact the seller and describe to them what you’re looking for and they will change up the design to your liking at no addtinol cost!

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Personalized Whiskey Barrel 

Nothing says cheers like whiskey poured out of a personalized whiskey barrel. American oak barrels are typically used to make and age whiskey, this aging barrel can also be used for to age spirits, whiskey, wine, beer, rum, tequila, honey, vinegar and much more. 

Customized American White Oak Aging Barrel is available in the following sizes:

  • 1 liter
  • 2 liter
  • 3 liter
  • 5 liter
  • 10 liter
  • 20 liter

A great perk to this American oak barrel is the ability for you to engrave it with any logos, graphics or lettering you want! Go all out and get a picture of your dog engraved on one side. Or keep it classy and engrave your dog dads full name on it.

Not sure how to use an American oak aging barrel? Don’t you sweat it, just follow the video below and it is sure to answer all of your questions. Essentially people choose to use wooden barrels to age liquor because while it ages inside the barrel the alcohol takes on some of the compounds from the barrel such as vanilla and a slight smoking wood aroma. Much like the process of vodka, tequila or rum being distilled aging takes place as the barrel breathes. The alcohol passes back and forth through the charring thus causing impurities to be filtered out into the wood leaving you with a smoother end result.

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