Why New Year Resolutions Are Important – Stop Making Excuses!

Humanity changes year after year but there is one thing that always stays consistent, New Year’s resolutions. New year, new me is a saying that can be heard around the world every December 31st. As soon as the clock strikes midnight from one year into the next people go through a brain change. Having the year on the calendar change from one number to another gives humans the sense of rebirth.

Going into a new year gives people a chance to work towards becoming a new person. It’s a chance to shed old habits and work towards being a better version of themselves. It doesn’t matter if your resolutions include money management, diet, exercise or volunteering. What matters is that you stick to your resolution and don’t give up at the first sign of trouble. Let us dive into why new years resolutions aren’t just for talk, but why they are an important part of everyone’s life. 

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When you make a new years resolution you are making a promise to yourself. To keep and uphold that promise takes responsibility and holding yourself accountable. Having this sense of responsibility helps you, in turn, become a better person. When you start to establish responsibility in your life it can snowball into a chain of good actions. Being a responsible person can greatly impact your life and having unresponsible habits can greatly hurt our life.

When you go through a year of sticking to your resolutions your sense of responsibility grows. This, in turn, makes you a better and more confident person. Perhaps you started this year with one resolution and were able to make it through the whole year. Good for you, not many people make it past the first week. With your renewed sense of responsibility, you can take on two or even three new years resolutions this year. And this is the Snowball of responsibility my friends. Welcome to adulthood and thank you for not being one of the shitty ones.

Having a good sense of responsibility is key to being a good parent, friend, and spouse. You can encourage others by your actions and those around you might start to even get their shit together. Now your friends no longer live with their parents and you are a little bit to thank for that. People pick up on the energies around them and your responsible habits can literally rub off on others turning them into better people, or at least not such as shitty as they were before. New year, new you and new responsible friends.

At the same time if you fail at your new year’s resolutions you can take a step back and look at why. Perhaps you didn’t even realize you were an unresponsible person. This whole time you have just been wondering around life thinking you have your shit together when surprise Linda, you are one of the most childish humans out there. Not being able to complete your new year’s resolution can make you look at why and can help you realize a part of your failure could be due to the fact you need to become a more responsible human. People typically don’t fail at new years resolutions for no reason.

New Years Resolution Ideas For Responsibility:

  • Make a weekly grocery budget
  • Call your family once a week
  • Keep track of your oil and actually change it at the recommended mileage, not thousands of miles over
  • Send birthday cards to your co-workers, friends, and family – no more birthday texts!
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors and invite them over for dinner once a month
  • Make dinner five times a week
  • Start being ten minutes early for appointments or gatherings

Sticking to your new year’s resolutions is in itself is a big responsibility. According to Forbes only 8% of people actually stick to their new year’s resolution. If you are one of that 8 % consider yourself a mother fuckin responsibility boss (drop mic now). If you are part of the other 92% you are a failure but you always have next year. Time doesn’t stop just because you shit the bed and gave up on your resolution. Plan better for next year, I have faith in you.

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Self Worth

Let’s all be honest, resolutions are typically selfish acts. Even when we have good intentions behind them and the resolutions themselves are for a good cause (like wanting to volunteer more) they are typically self-rewarding to us in a way. People don’t make 100% selfless resolutions, and that is okay. We are only human after all. Making resolutions that help yourselves and others is really a win-win at the end of the day.

Diet and exercise are the top one and two new years resolutions, for a good reason. They are both things that we as humans put on the back burner when in reality they are the two things that should be a priority in our lives. Health is the only thing we have at the end of the day. Take it from someone who is experiencing their first NYE without their mother here, you are nothing without good health.

Diet and exercise is in fact closely related to your self-worth

Maintaining a good diet and exercise routine will not only help your health, but it will boost your sense of self-worth. When you work hard and look good you will, in turn, feel good. Being healthy will give you a confidence boost and you will want to start living your life how it was meant to be lived. You will notice yourself wanting to go out to dinner again to show off your cute new outfit. You will feel comfortable flying in those tiny ass airplane seats and can finally take that trip to Europe you have been putting off. Go on and buy the ticket to the movies because you can now feel comfortable sitting in a movie theatre seat.

Many problems we face with our life can stem off of our self wroth. Self-worth is the least talked about aspect in life and one of the most important we should all take into consideration. Our self-esteem is directly related to our self-worth. Making resolutions that improve our self-worth is so crucial in having a fulfilling life. Bad self-worth can lead to depression which I wish no one to ever have to feel.

Self-worth New Years Resolution Ideas:

  • Save more money
  • Keep a journal of pros and cons of the day
  • Start a realistic diet
  • Workout more – at home or join a gym
  • De-clutter your house
  • Start a skincare regimen morning/night
  • Plan out your outfits the night before work
  • Start a medtation practice
  • Make the damn yearly physical with your primary physician and stop wondering if you’re actually healthy or not

Try picking one or two of these to start off the year with. Keep a diary of how you feel at the beginning of the year all the way until the end of the year. You will be surprised when you go back to day one and read the emotions you felt before you made the small changes in your life. I’m sure by the end of the year your self-worth will have improved if not by a little by a marginal amount.

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We are all at different stages in our life. Some of us are entering adulthood, some are in the middle of it and some are near the end. No matter what position you are at in life it is always important to have a purpose.

Sure you can find purpose from your work, your family, your hobbies and even purpose from volunteering. There is something special to be said about a personal self-fulfilling purpose. A personal purpose, such as your new year’s resolutions, is something that you do for you only and not for anyone else. Purpose moves you forward and gives you something to live for. Without purpose, life is pretty meaningless isn’t it?

New years eve resolutions are typically things you have control over. We don’t always have control over other life’s purpose and that can be devastating once that purpose disappears or is taken away from us. For instance, perhaps your purpose is your work and you got fired? Or  18 years ago your purpose became your kids and now they are off living with their kids and your new purpose could be a grandmother. Purpose’s come and go but finding a new years resolution to stick to for the year can give you a much-needed boost in life to make it through to another year.

A purpose doesn’t have to last forever but if you can find a purpose [new years resolution] to last you throughout the year it can be rewarding. Set a resolution you know can only be affected by your own actions and nothing else. Even a small purpose can be just the thing you need to stay motivated throughout the year and not fall into a mood slump. No one likes to feel like their wandering through life without a purpose or a reason to be here.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas To Help With Purpose:

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