Best Vegan Masks – Hair + Face

Face and hair masks are often overlooked and super underrated! Your hair and skin go through so many modifications with the changing of seasons, and it’s essential to give it TLC.

Take it from me, Meegan, the vegan; self-care shouldn’t be put on the back-burner, and it should be added to your MUST DO list. What we put into our bodies is just as significant as the products we put on them.

Treat yo self with this vegan hair and face masks! The results will leave you feeling lighter, make you look younger, and it is all achieved without the harm of any animals!


Argan Hair Mask Conditioner

This product has been featured in Glamour, People, Business Insider, and Allure, to name a few!

Not only does this product smell like coconut, but it has essential coconut oil found within it! This hair mask gets rid of split ends, tames frizz and flyaways, adds moisture to your scalp and hair strands while also blocking 20% of the sun’s harmful rays! Your hair can be damaged by the sun just as your skin can.

There are loads of vitamin C here, which helps promote hair growth. If you love the scent of lime and coconut, you will drool at the aroma of this.

Reviewers Say:

  • Best hair product. Makes your hair soft and strong…purchased 3 already.
  • Only used this product a couple times but so far so good -definitely livens up dull/damaged hair.
  • literally the best product I’ve ever bought – works wonders- received it very quickly in the mail – highly recommend it to anyone.

Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face and Body

Dead Sea Mud mask

Yes, this truly has mud from under the sea! The natural salts and minerals found here are exceptional for evening skin tone, deep cleanse pores, tighten skin appearance, and help minimize the overall look of pores.

Because it’s all-natural and vegan, it works great on all skin types, from oily to dry and everything else in between.

It can be used not only on the face but also on the body! I put this one for 5-10 minutes before my shower and rinse it off in there with warm water!

Reviewers say:

  • skin feels smooth after using + wasn’t very expensive-well worth the price.
  • Was a gift for my wife, she absolutely loved it.
  • felt good when the mask was on & after [ I had] no yucky or overly tight feeling- no painful peeling or burning feeling that I’ve experienced with other products in the past- I do have pretty sensitive skin but this didn’t bother me at all.

Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner By Arvazallia for Dry or Damaged Hair

Argan Oil

A bit of this hair mask will leave your hair feeling silky and smooth! Argan oil is one of the oldest ingredients used to leave hair transformed into a healthy new state since the beginning of time.

It helps detangle, hydrate, and fix damaged hair from overly processed hair from too much coloring or other heat treatments.

Great for every hair type, from curling to fine! A little bit goes a long way with this product.

Reviewers Say:

  • I have been using Arvazallia for the last 3 years-found nothing else that works as good as this
  • an immediate difference as soon as this product touches my hair.-Leaves it feeling silky, even after I rinse it out.
  • My second tub just arrived so I wanted to take the time to make a recommendation that is  tailored to my curly-haired girls-I wanted to share my experience because some reviews can be deterring-really can’t relate because it’s been one of my preferred things ever.

Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Hair Masque

Coco And Eve

If you are a fan of things on the best-selling list, you will love this product! It has won over 12 beauty awards and works as a 5-in-1 hair treatment.

This is the famous mask that is seen all over social media, and it has a cult following for a reason.

It can help hair by:

  • hydrating
  • conditioning
  • adds shine
  • treats split ends
  • helps frizz

Each hair masque bottle comes with a detangling brush. The brush can help apply the product and be used after combing the hair.

Use this product 2 to 3 times a week and leave it on for a total of 10 minutes before you rinse it out.

Reviewers say:

  • If you’re looking for something that makes your hair feel soft, healthy and smells great then here you go
  • used it for the first time day of a wedding I was attending – my hair felt, looked, + smelled amazing- received so many compliments, cannot stop touching my hair.
  • use this as a leave-in conditioner- 18 years of platinum hair catches up with you. this gave my hair life again-Keeps frizz away + makes those spilt ends disappear – can only imagine how well it works on somewhat healthy hair.

O Naturals Anti-Aging Kiwi & Cucumber Vitamin B Hydrating Gel Face Mask

This anti-aging vegan mask rehydrates skin, firms, and smooths the overall appearance.

Vitamin E content in here helps fight UV damage that has already occurred. Kiwi fruit and cucumber inside this formula help rid saggy and dull skin. Vitamin B reduces oil formation so the skin can produce the proper amount of oil.

Apple extract leaves enough moisture in the skin to give a dewy, fresh look.

Those looking for a product with HYALURONIC ACID will be happy to find that in this face mask as well!

Reviewers Say:

  • glides on & only need a thin layer-smells great +easy to rinse off – adverse reactions on very sensitive skin to the Kiwi mask
  • relieved some tightness, my skin felt smoother-some discoloration due to past sun damage has already improved with the first use
  • I work outside so I cover my face to protect myself from exposure to the sun. This product moisturizes and smells great- washes off easily

TruePure Natural Hair Mask

For those who want an all-natural vegan mask, this one is fragrance-free made for all hair types, including dry, damaged, oily, color-treated, or ethnic hair.

It has critical essential oils like argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, saw palmetto that helps penetrate and hydrate the hair.

Using this routinely can help hair grow in length and volume. So stop losing hair and start gaining it!

Reviewers Say:

  • I didn’t feel like I needed as much to completely coat my curls and it detangle – has a decent slip and feels nice in the hair.
  •  the scent makes me want to take a shower and wash my hair more often
  • I have naturally thick, long, and frizzy hair that has been damaged from color+ dry weather in Colorado-mask has completely tamed and reconditioned my hair.

New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face and Body

Unlike the above sea mud mask, this one doesn’t contain any retinol. Therefore, it can be used anywhere externally on your face and body.

She is noted for its high content of sodium and magnesium.

Will Help:

  • Fight blackheads
  • Draws out toxins and oils
  • Cleans pores
  • Exfoliates your face
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Minimize the appearance of pores
  • Hydrates skin leaving a glowing appearance

Sand & Sky Perfect Skin Bundle. Australian Pink Clay Face Mask Set

Sand And Sky Skin Bundle

If you have any social media account, I’m sure you have seen these products advertised.

What is neat about this bundle is you not only get a pink clay face mask, but you additionally get Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment Face Scrub. Both work together to give you the best results possible.

Besides doing the basics like brightening and minimizing pores, this duo helps detoxify your skin!

Reviews say:

  • Worth every penny
  • These products changed my life
  • Lives up to the hype
  • The face mask will blow your mind

Pacifica Beauty Pineapple Hydrate Curl Nourishing Hair Mask

Pacifica Hydration

This one is for all my curly-haired ladies out here! This is meant to be used in the shower after shampooing your hair! Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, and you’re good to go.

It can also be used as a weekly overnight treatment! Apply it and rinse it in your morning shower.

If you don’t have curly hair, this can still be a great vegan product for you to use. I love Pacifica products, and they smell out of this world.

Powerful vegan nourishing ingredients found inside include:

  • Seed oil
  • Avacado oil
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Quinoa protein
  • Rasberry and pineapple extract
  • Flower extract

Acure Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub and Face Mask Bundle With Argan Oil

Acure Facial Scrub

I have another bundle set coming at you because bundle sets always work better when the products are bought together vs. trying to pair random effects together to make your bundle set at home.

Celebrities have used this vegan face scrub and mask set for years! Inside the scrub, you can expect organic sea kelp and lemon peel to exfoliate your entire skin gently.

Chlorella growth factor, argan stem cells, and Madonna lily stem cells help brighten the skin giving you that Jlo flawless look. Great for getting rid of acne scars on the face, even if they are from decades ago. 

Reviewers Say:

  • Absolutely Love and have recommended it to a number of people!
  • I had acne in high school which left me with scars, Acure’s Brightening skin line has demolished scars and tightened my pores within 2 months! LOVE LOVE LOVE this line!
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