Tampon Cases You Never Knew You Needed

I’m not sure how I have made it this long without using a tampon case. Being a lady who doesn’t typically use purses means I have to ask my boyfriend to hold my tampoon in his pockets. Yes, that is a whole other level of love.

Because of this, I am often asking him for my tampoon which I then have to carry out in public to the restroom. While this doesn’t embarrass me because I give no fucks, it is a little obnoxious to go to a fancy restaurant and have to do that. This is where the genius of the tampon case or tampon holder comes into play.

Grey Felt Tampon Case 

This tampon case works great for throwing in your purse or just carrying it around on its own.

The overall design looks like a clutch and people won’t even know you have your helpful little blood soakers inside. A leather strap wraps around the case so you can keep it closed.

What’s great about this case is it holds 8 at a time so you can change out your tampoon throughout the night, avoiding toxic shock syndrome!

Dimensions for this product measure in at dimensions: 6 x 2.65 x 1 inch.

This case is big enough to throw in extra skin care tools like beauty rollers or eye pads!

Retro Tampon Case 

This case is very retro and is made from a hard tin like material making this waterproof. Can be a great option for your purse, suitcase or gym bag.

If you are more of a pad person this product is big enough to hold those as well.

This company makes a few different styles of this retro tin and is available with different pictures and sayings.

Canvas Tampon Case 

You get not one, not two, but three different carrying cases! 

Each of them has a cactus design and can carry either tampons or pads. The size of these is measured at 12*8.5*3.3cm.

You can use the other cases as a coin purse, bobby pin holder or throw your car keys in them so you know exactly where they are in your big purse.


Having an easy carrying case for your tampons is discrete and is also helpful in keeping the tampon protected. Often times tampons just thrown in a purse or gym bag can get beaten up, ripped or even break. Having a case is a real game-changer for women and their period.

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