Beauty Rollers – A Skin Routine Must Do To Prevent Aging

One of the most important parts of any good skincare routine is focusing on products that promote anti-aging. While it is inevitable we are all going to age; it doesn’t have to be inevitable that we look like we are aging. Don’t believe me? Have you seen Jlo lately? That girl looks younger than me, and I’m 30! But, women like her stand the test of time and show us the proper skincare routine; we too can look at how we feel inside, not what the year on the calendar says.

Beauty rollers aren’t a trend; it’s a lifestyle! So now let us take a look at your new best friend, the beauty roller!


What is a beauty roller?

A beauty roller looks like a mini paint roller and is made to be used on your face. Often, the material made for the roller will be some stone and should be a smooth flat texture.

What do face rollers do?

Beauty rollers decrease puffiness, help get rid of under-eye circles and minimize the look of fine lines. When used regularly, they can also energize, contour, enhance, revive and uplift your skin, giving you an all-over younger glow.

It can also help lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and can tighten pores.

How to use a beauty roller. 

Using a beauty roller is easy, simple, and can be done anywhere! Use the beauty roller:

  • In small spots around your face
  • In 4-6 minute increments
  • Always roll upwards and outwards
  • Try to do it about once a week

Do beauty rollers come in different sizes?

Yes! You can purchase them in single or double-sided, and they will typically come in medium and small-sized. Some places offer them in a large shape, but smaller ones are more beneficial for your face.

Is the jade roller the same thing as a beauty roller?

Yes! You got it right again, Linda. The jade roller is a beauty roller made out of, well duh Linda, jade stone.

Are derma rollers the same thing as beauty rollers?

Some out there might disagree with me, but since I have my cosmetology license, I am going to go ahead and answer it better than 90% of “beauty experts” out there. NO, NO, NO!

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A derma roller is a face tool made with microneedles that, when used, is physically going to puncture through the first layer of your skin. Unless you are a super clean person, these can cause you to break out and can even cause infection if not properly kept sterile. But these are for a whole different post entirely, and we will not be going over them here today.

Using a derma roller gives completely different results than what a beauty roller is going to give you. This is because they aren’t used in the same way and aren’t used to attain the same results.

Do the stones used in the rollers make a difference?

The basic answer for this is yes. Each stone carries its own unique healing properties and will each benefit you in its own way. To learn more about stones and their healing properties, check out this post here!

Jade Rolling Kit 

Right off the bat, it’s important to know that if you order this and a friend decides to order the same, once compared; they might not appear to be the same in color. This is because they use 100% natural jade stone, which varies in green and white marbling. So this is actually a good thing, and you know this product is legit.

This jade beauty roller comes with two sides; a small one for your face and a larger one to use on your neck, arms, or legs. When used on your body, it can eliminate muscle tension which helps relieve stress from your body.

Using this jade stone is beneficial before you apply your moisturizer so it can absorb your skin more.  You want to use this roller BEFORE you put moisturizer on, and not after! Jade stones can help your skin accept your product deeper, so you don’t feel greasy.

Pro tip: Women carry stress in their neck and upper back vs. men, which carry stress in their lower back. It can be helpful to rub the large part of this roller in those places to achieve maximum namaste.

Con: Some older versions make a squeaky noise after long use. The newer versions are supposed to be made to stop this, but keep an ear out for it. Seller is responsive to complaints, so if this happens, you can ask them to send you a new product.

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Rose Quartz Face Roller 

Rose quartz is a great stone for love. Love your face, love your body and love yourself!

This rose quartz roller comes with two stone rollers and a third additional free-standing Gua Shade stone that can be placed around your face. The large flat Gua stone is great to use in curved places around your face, like your cheeks and nose.

Unlike other rollers, this handle is a bit thicker, making it more durable and longer-lasting. In addition, they made this roller with an additional plastic piece that prevents a squeaking noise. 

Since this is a real stone, try not to drop this or put it down with a lot of force. Doing these two things can cause the stone to break or chip, rendering it useless.

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Ice Beauty Roller 

As many women know, cold compresses are great for your face! They help your capillaries and help firm your skin up.

This beauty roller is comparable to the others we have gone over; however, it is made specifically to be put in the freezer before applying it to your face. 

This handle is made to fit in hands, so it might be a great option for those who have difficulty holding onto stuff. If you have arthritis or joint pain, the width of this is perfect for you.

The roller on this is more durable than stones, so you don’t have to worry about breaking if you accidentally drop it.

It can be used in the morning to help puffy, dark under-eye circles and can also be used to help eliminate redness before applying your makeup.

The product is sold in both plastic and stainless steel. I highly recommend the steel one because it will stay colder longer, but it is a bit more pricey compared to the plastic one. They do that on purpose because they know steel will stay colder than plastic.

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