Why You Can’t Return Amazon Products At Kohls

If you are like me you were thrilled to hear that you can return your amazon products at Kohls for either Kohls cash or coupons. Unfourtnetly not all of us can enjoy the amazon returns at Kohls as a drop off option, and here’s why….



You have to live within 8 miles or less of the nearest Kohls. If you don’t then the kohls drop off option won’t even pop up on your return screen. If you don’t see kohls pop up as an option then it’s not just your computer, you live too far away.

The location obviously goes off of the mailing address associated with your Amazon account so there is really no way around it. Unless you want to pick your packages up from a random home down the road or you choose to move, you are shit outta luck. Trust me I feel your pain, I live 13 miles away from one! The struggle is real.

To be noted for you newbies: You must start a return from your Amazon account through your computer or mobile app before you can do a return.  You can not just show up at Kohls and hand them over the 20 sock pack you just realized were for kids and not a women’s size 7, sorry Linda.

State Residency

Much like location the state you live in is going to play a role in who can drop off at Kohls. Currently, only the following states partner with Kohls:

  • California
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Wisconsin


Items being returned must weigh less than 35 lbs or that is going to be a no go at the Kohls! Most things ordered through Amazon are going to weigh less than that! Unless you are an elephant collector and in which case, what merchant are you buying from? I would love a cute elephant!


The average selling price of your return must be $500 or less.


If you are like me you might have talked to someone and they said the merchant may be why you can’t use kohls and no third party options are allowed. I was told later by what seemed to be a more informed person at Amazon that this WAS NOT the case and it doesn’t matter if the item was sold by Amazon or a third party merchant.

So there you have it! If you don’t fit into any of those catoriges you are like me and have to use the old school UPS or Amazon locker options. I am hoping that in the future Amazon will allow the option of the customer to use Kohls if they choose to drive the extra miles.

And remember, you have to first start the return process from your Amazon account before you can go into Kohls to do the physical return. Hope this helped answer your questions! Feel free to leave a comment below if you found this article helpful 🙂

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