Best Creative Calendar Ideas – For Her

Calendars may not be the most exciting gift in life, but it is one of the most useful. Calendars help keep our lives organized in a time that seems to be so chaotic. Think outside the calendar box this year and give your special women a unique calendar she will love month after month. Below I have rounded up my favorite calendar ideas for that special woman in your life!

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Motivational Calendars

A motivational calendar is a great gift for any women or special person in your life! Great gift idea for family, friends, coworkers, and even the personal trainer at your gym!

Motivational calendars are a great reminder every day to keep chugging along. We all have days that seem to be set on breaking us and getting us down. Reading a motivational quote can keep your mind on track and can help push you back towards a positive mindset. You can’t have a positive change in your life with a negative mindset!

Below are a few of my favorite motivational calendars!

You are a badass! 

This is a smaller tear away calendar that fits great on a counter or desk. There is a page per day in this bad boy.

The back of each page contains fun actives that are also great for keeping the mind sharp with things like puzzles, jokes, tips, trivia and more! I call this the calendar that keeps on giving.

I call this one the pump up calendar!



Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff 

Simple saying, yet so many of us don’t live out this quote.

This is a smaller tear away calendar that fits great on a counter or desk. Inside you will find a page for each day.

I call this the one reduce stress and hit reset calendar!




Words To Live By 

This calendar is a bigger wall calendar. There is one quote for each month.

Inside of this calendar, you will find motivational quotes typed out in big bold lettering!

Comes with a hole punch so all you have to do is put it up!



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Personalized Calendar

Women love personalized gifts, it runs in our DNA. A personalized calendar can contain special pictures of family, friends or even vacation pictures that she can look at every month and those images will remind her of how great her life is. Giving her the gift of a personal calendar is special and she knows no one else will have the same calendar because no one else lives the exact same life as her.

Up your gift giving game calendar game and enter in important birthdays and anniversaries onto days that you know she likes to keep track of. Making her a personal calendar shows you put in the time and thought of her gift, instead of just getting a calendar from a random store.

If you need to collect photos of her go onto her Facebook, Instagram or her twitter account and you are sure to find good quality content. Words of wisdom, only use photos SHE HAS POSTED. Sometimes we are tagged in photos we don’t necessarily like but don’t have the heart to block or ask the person for an untag. If she herself has posted the photo it means she likes how she looks and therefore is fair game!

Need help on finding important dates in her life? Try messaging a family member like a sibling, husband, child or close friend to find out which dates she keeps track of. If you get her a wall calendar she can always hand write dates you may have forgotten, so don’t sweat too much about that.

Below are a few of my favorite places to make motivational calendars!

Wall Calendar – 12 month

This specific calendar allows you the option of personalizing photos and dates! This calendar allows one photo per month at the top.

You send in your photos and they will send them back to you!




Desk Top Custom Calendar 

This desktop custom calendar is great for any desk or countertop!

To be clear this is a personalized calendar kit! It’s a DIY type of thing but they provide you with all the supplies to make it happen. A DIY calendar isn’t any work, you literally just have to print pictures. Because you are doing the printing of the pages yourself, you can edit, crop and add quotes to any of the photos. You can pick the font and what color you want it to be. The options are endless my friend.

If you need some inspiration on how to print out calendar pages I suggest checking out Pinterest! You can type in calendar themes, look up quotes, or just look up what type of colors work well together.

Included in this DIY desktop calendar kit is the following:

  • Frosted poly cover and back
  • 15 sheets of two-sided photo paper
  • Sheets are inkjet compatible
  • Easy print binding mechanism
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Mouse Pad Calendar

Most of us use mouse pads at home or at work. Having a mouse pad calendar is both convenient and useful!

Most mouse pad calendars are going to be very basic. They will show you the months and days of the week, and not much else. Just being able to look at what day of the week something falls on can be helpful in planning for the year.

People who keep daily planners love mouse pad calendars because they won’t use a wall calendar or desktop calendar to write on, that why they have daily planners or journals They sometimes just need something to look at as a cheat sheet for the days of the week.

While mouse pad calendars are just days and numbers you can still find some unique ones that play with the overall color and patterns. Below are my top picks for mouse pad calendars.

Lighthouse Mouse Pad Calendar 

Maybe it’s because I live in the Midwest but anytime I see something that reminds me of the ocean or a vacation I tend to pick those out as backgrounds!

You can’t help but smile when you look at this mouse pad. The nautical theme works well with many peoples offices. A non-slip rubber backing will keep this mouse pad in place.




Rainbow Mouse Pad Calendar 

I like that this calendar is very clean and to the point.

As you can see this mouse pad has a basic black background and each month has its own color. If you aren’t a fan of the plain black background but like the colors of each month you can choose an option with the same color tabs but with a different pattern behind it such as designs listed below.

  • Flamingo
  • Anchor
  • Flamingo and palm leaf
  • Sea theme
  • Cactus theme
  • 80’s theme
  • Wood

Rose Mouse Pad Calendar 

Every girl love receiving roses!

This posh mouse pad calendar has a classic rose design. If you’re not a fan of the roses you can also find this mousepad in a design of tropical leaves or a wood and American flag finish.

There are also other mouse pad designs available with the link, however, they do not have a calendar on it.




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Personalized Keychain Calendar

These are more of a novelty item than an actual calendar that is going to be useful.

A keychain calendar is a truly special gift you can give to someone. Keychain calendars are typically made out of some type of metal or wood material and you can get them engraved with one month on it. Some keychains allow you to put a picture with the month or special charms attached with it.

People give these as gifts by picking out one special month a year that means something important to the person receiving it. Pick out one month with a significant date on it, perhaps their anniversary, birthday or their kids birthdays.

Some of the calendar charms are square and some can be in fun shapes such as hearts!

Personalized Keychain – Month and Picture 

This is my top pick for a personalized keychain. Such a cute calendar idea.

With this specific keychain, you can add a picture, a month, and a heart around the specific day of your choice.  Each pendant is made out of stainless steel so it will last you forever. Each keychain will be sent in a jewelry gift box.

You can pick between a few different calendar shapes and keyring shape including:

  • Circle pendant with star keyring
  • Square pendant with heart keyring and a tree charm
  • Heart pendant with heart keyring

The pictures put on the pendants will be shown in a classic black and white filter.



Ultra Detailed Personalized Keychain  

A personalized keychain doesn’t get more detailed than this!

Front sides of the rectangle pendants can be engraved with a month’s calendar. You can let them know the special date you would like to engrave on the Calendar and that date will be a symbol instead of numbers. Symbol choices can be engraved as an open heart, solid heart, infinity symbol or crowns. Front sides of the heart pendants can be engraved one line, up to 15 characters.

Each calendar pendant comes with a meaningful keychain. You can also engrave words on the front side of heart pendants. Normally people choose to engrave with the name of someone, date and important messages. Important messages can be a motivation quote, promise words or special sayings. With the special date on rectangle pendants and meaningful words on heart pendants, this personalized keychain will be a unique calendar gift.

Personalized keychain is available in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Rose gold

Each pendant is made from stainless steel, and you can buy them individually or in sets of 2.

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For more Adult Calendar Ideas Follow This Link Here! 

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