Valuable Non-Kitchen Wedding Registry Items You’ll Be Glad You Registered For


Non-Kitchen Wedding Registery Items At A Quick Glance

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You get to a certain age where your older friends finally pull the trigger and tie the knot, and additionally, you are attending round two to some of your friends and families weddings. This means that a registry can be a bit trickier to navigate. 

By the time a person hits their mid-twenties, they typically have the necessary kitchen items one would usually register for at a younger age. This means an older engaged couple has a few options: 

  1. Register for odd items that aren’t a necessity but would make an excellent addition for parties, date nights, or any type of social get together ex. Olive pitter, juicer or serving trays
  2. Throw away all kitchen items you and the fiance currently have and register for a fresh new start. New life, new last name, new kitchen! 
  3. Register for non-kitchen items

I relate deeply to this topic since I fall into the category of an older couple who has yet to pull the trigger, eight years and counting, but I digress. As I’ve spent the last few years browsing the aisles of target or roaming around Amazon for registries, it got me thinking. What would I currently want if I was going to do a wedding registry? 

The other half and I are huge cooks and being vegan means we have just about every kitchen item one could ever want, need or didn’t even know existed until we had to get it for a recipe. Knowing all of this means, as you could probably guess, that I would fall under the third option for what a couple would register for. I would be that girl who would register for all non-kitchen items. 

Below I have compiled a non-kitchen registry list from not only my ideas, but all my married friends and family members opinions. All the items are things they wish they would have added to their registry and most ended up going to buy said items as soon as they got home from the honeymoon. 

A few of these items can be last-minute non-registry clutch buys the couple will surely thank you for later! Each item is the top-rated of it’s kind and are loved my newlyweds everywhere!

Luxury Bed Sheets 

I’m not sure why more couples don’t register for this since the bed is one of the most used places at the beginning of a marriage.

The saying, “you get what you paid for” rings true, and there is a vast difference between standard, cheap bed sheets and luxury bed sheets.

These sheets are 1000-Thread-Count 100% Egyptian Cotton. Available in every color you could ever want and can be bought in a base color or a pop-out accent color.

It comes as a four-piece set and included with it is:

  • 1 Flat Sheet: 90” x 102”
  • 1 Fitted Sheet 60” x 80” with top-quality elastic with 18″ extra deep pockets
  • 2 Standard-size Pillowcases 21” x 32

Review Stats: These sheets have a perfect 4/5 star rating with over 4,7500 reviews! With stats like that, you know these sheets are the real deal.

Owner Reviews:

  • Colors are richer in person than what is shown in the pictures. With proper washing and drying care these sheets will last for years!
  • First time I splurged and purchased an expensive sheet set, and I regret not doing it sooner. The best set of sheets I’ve ever owned, and they live up to the hype!
  • These sheets are the softest and smoothest I’ve ever owned. These aren’t my first set of 1,000 thread count sheets but they are my favorite.
  • Satin texture has a nice feel to them, and you can feel that they are heavier than cheap sheets.

Bar Cart

With couples becoming more minimalist nowadays, it makes sense that the bar cart trend is hitting the home scene in a big way! Bar carts are a great way to spruce up any home and look just as attractive as they are useful!

I love this specific bar cart, Zephs Rolling Bar Cart, because it has wheels which makes it convenient to put in any room. Couples have different types of friend circles, and some get-togethers will be suited with the bar car in the living room where other groups of friends come with a different vibe, and therefore the bar cart is more appropriate in the kitchen or dining room.

Unlike most bar carts on the market, this one has multiple levels and accessories. It has hanging racks which can hold up to 4 wine bottles and 8 wine glasses.

With four different shelf spaces, you have plenty of room to put everything you need for cocktails and enough room for snacks. A little handle is found on the top shelf which gives the user easy access to wheel it to any room.

Review Stats: 4.5/5 stars with 136 reviews

Owner Reviews:

  • Such a sturdy and beautiful bar cart!
  • Easily put together when the instructions are followed. Love that the wheels have a locking feature which prevents the cart from rolling wherever it wants.
  • We live in a condo and this looks great in our living room!
  • Solid multipurpose cart! Love everything about it and get compliments every time I have guests over. Best home purchase yet!

Easy To Set Up Dome Tent 

Couples who camp together stay together, and I mean that both literally and figuratively. Couples who go camping are going to stay in the same tent, duh, and nothing is easier to set up than a dome tent!

While some couples might already have a tent, it can be valuable to have a smaller 2 person tent. These are easy to hike with and take to more remote locations than your standard 3+ person tents.

Coleman Sundome Tent is one of the most recognizable names on the market, and they are known for their high-quality products.

A tent-like this will take no more than 10 minutes to set up and has ample room for people to stand up and move around. 

Besides having large windows, Colman 2 person Sundome Tent has a ground ventilation system which keeps you cooler at night.

Review Stats: 4.5/5 stars with 7,321 reviews.

Owners Reviews:

  • This tent comes with a handy carrying bag that is useful and helps keep all items together. I was able to set this tent up by myself and didn’t need my wife’s assistance.
  • Used to own a giant Montana 8 person tenet that took four people to set up in 45 min! This Coleman Sundome Tent 2 person is a real lifesaver and allows me (a 6-foot male) to stand up and move around comfortably. It was also big enough to fit a queen-sized air mattress comfortably.
  • Handled 17 mph winds like a champ! It might be small but it is one sturdy little tent.
  • From a retired backpacking guide trust me when I say this tent will keep you dry. I even had one corner in water all night form a river that came up and everything inside the tent remained dry.

Lightweight Cordless, Handheld Vaccum 

Show me one couple who doesn’t binge-watch Netflix and get up with an outline of chips surrounding where their butts were once sitting. If you argue with that I will call you a liar or assume the dogs did the cleaning up for you.

A lightweight cordless and handheld vacuum can be great to use in the house and is a lifesaver for the car! Don’t let messy crumbs start nothing fights( if you’ve been dating under a year you will soon get the pointless meaning of nothing fights), and grab yourself a handheld Vaccum like this one: Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free, Handheld Vaccum. 

Dyson is a bit pricy but anyone who has ever owned one swears by them. Charge this bad boy up to 30 minutes of continuous use.  

A Hygienically driven compartment traps dust and debris in a single action so there’s no need to touch the dirt ever, just eject the mess directly into a trash can.

This bad boy comes with a 2-year warranty.

Review Stats: 4/5 stars with 473 reviews.

Owner Reviews:

  • Should have bought this years ago and it cleans better than any other type of dust-buster out there. Awesome at cleaning pet hair off the steps.
  • Recharges quickly and stores easy.
  • Great for soft or hard surfaces.
  • Well worth the price! Power is wroth the shorter battery life and I haven’t found a brush/suction combo like this.

Instant Camera 

An instant camera is a perfect gift for any newlywed. Sneak it to them early so they can use it during their wedding! If you don’t feel comfortable doing that no worries, they are sure to love it for their honeymoon. What’s even better is they can use the gift once they start bringing kids, or fur babies into the world!

My personal suggestion for an instant camera is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera. I HAVE used almost all instant smaller sized cameras and this one takes the cake. Fujifilm is a reputable camera maker that has truly stood the test of time. 

If you are going to get an instant camera you are far better off getting one that comes in a kit.

This Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera Kit comes with:

  • 60 sheets of Instax film so the couple can start shooting right away
  • The actual Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera
  • Custom matching fitted case with detachable/adjustable strap
  • 4 lens filters
  • 15 colorful frames
  • 10 picture hanging clips
  • Compact photo album
  • 20 film decoration stickers
  • Lens cleaner
  • Camera decorations
  • Photo hanging string

Camera colors available are ice blue, yellow, cobalt blue, pink, green, purple and white!

Review Stats: 4.5/5 stars with over 443 reviews!

Owner Reviews:

  • I’ve ordered this camera package multiple times for family and friends and each person has raved about how much they love it!
  • Once you mater the correct lighting setting you can really mater how an instant camera works.
  • Not just for kids, my husband and I have a few different photo walls and when you arrange these in the right way they are very trendy and stand out to all of our friends who say they never would have thought to get a camera like this or style photos the way we do.
  • One of the best camera bundles on the market.

Writer Note: the whole point of instant cameras is to have a “vintage” look to the pictures. The pictures aren’t going to come out clear like an iPhone and they aren’t meant to. If you take some time to master the proper light settings and light features on the camera you can get good quality photos, but don’t expect them to be crystal clear like your cell phone.

Turntable With Speakers 

A turntable really is a no brainer when you think about it. I would bet my life on the fact that every couple has been to at least one concert together.

With the growing popularity of vinyls being sold at shows, a turntable is a gift that keeps on giving. Once a couple plays a vinyl record they won’t ever want to listen to music any other way.

Having a turntable, or record player is a great thing to gift newlyweds and promote date nights for the new couple. Going to thrift stores or record shops in search of new vinyls can be a fun activity even for those who aren’t super into music but enjoy listening to music together.

My go-to turntable is the Victrola Modern 3-Speed Bluetooth Turntable with 50 Watt Speakers and finished in a  white piano finish.

Not a fan of the black and white color? Have no fear this is available in pink, wood finish, brown, black, oak, rustic farmhouse, and green.

This turntable is a 3 speed and has a Bluetooth ability to stream music up to 33 feet away. 

Review Stats: 4/5 stars with 363 reviews.

Owner Reviews:

  • The speed with this turntable doesn’t slip at all which I have had with other turntables, so that is a selling point in itself. Don’t sleep on this one and get it now.
  • The lever is good at not scratching the record.
  • A great addition to a small apartment or any size bedroom. Fills my living room up and I love that you can use the speakers solely as a Bluetooth system.
  • Takes under 3 minutes to set up.

Double Kayak 

Kayaking has more than doubled in popularity within the last few years, and a double kayak is the modern-day tandem bike; romantic, fun and a must-do on every couples bucket list.

Couples who kayak together are benefiting from reduced stress levels, as well as improved mental and physical health.

This double kayak is a blow-up version and is a bit different than the hard ones you might be used to seeing. A blow-up kayak is excellent for couples who don’t have storage or have limited space.

I suggest this Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump.  I myself own this and it has come in clutch on numerous kayak outings. This whole kit comes with the kayak, oars and air pump which means couples can receive this gift without having to purchase any extras. 

An inflatable kayak, do they really work? Yes, they do, and they are great at saving space in smaller homes, apartments or condos. The inflatable kayaks can be transported a heck of a lot easier than the hard ones. They don’t take up garage space and can be kept in small spaces like the front closet.

From personal experience, these are a great option to take camping or hiking.

My sister and her husband own hard kayaks, so these inflatable kayaks are an ideal option for when the four of us want to go kayak together. Who has enough space in their car to lug around four hard kayaks?

Review Stats: 4.5/5 stars with 2,946 reviews.

Owners Reviews:

  • We own both hard kayaks and these inflatable ones. We love taking these on vacations so we don’t have to lug around our expensive ones.
  • I actually prefer to blow up kayaks because they are easier to get into and don’t flip when you try to enter them from the middle of the lake.
  • Only takes 10-15 minutes to get from the back seat of the car out to the water.
  • Roomy, very comfortable, moves well in the water and stands up to my 3 dogs (trimmed) nails.

White Noise Sound Machine 

Giving the gift of sleep is just about the most thoughtful gift you can give anyone.

This white noise machine is a #1 bestseller and for a good reason! The name of this white noise machine is the Big Red Rooster. 

6 sounds can be emitted from this machine including Rain, Brook, Ocean, Thunder, White Noise and Summer Night. 

Leave the sound on all throughout the night or set it on an auto-timer to turn off. Auto-timer can be set to 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

This machine can be operated via batteries or plugged in for power, the choice is up to the couple.

Review Stats: 4/5 stars with 9,530 reviews.

Owner Reviews:

  • One of the better-looking noise machines on the market and it fits nice into any room.
  • Amazing product and I’ve tried out several other noise machines.
  • The sound given off by this is actually very clear and soothing. I use it during the day to help calm my dog while I’m at work.
  • Bought multiple of these for our room and our kid’s rooms.

Luxe 2-in-1 Shower Head

Luxe 2-in-1 shower heads can help save water and is great for a couple to…save time by being able to both shower and get in some, um shall we call it, TLC…2 birds with one stone when it comes to using this luxe 2-in-1 shower head.

My personal favorite is the Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower Combo. Both heads have their won 5 setting option that can be paired together or work with its own setting individually. 5 setting options include Power Rain, Massage, Stay-Warm Mist, Water-saving Economy Rain and Pause.

The 4-inch chrome face has 3 different target zones. The hose that connects the handheld is 5 feet wide.

Review Stats: 4/5 stars with 7,914 reviews.

Owner Reviews:

  • Love that everything is adjustable.
  • The sturdiest plastic metal composite shower head I’ve found in this price range, those looking for full metal need to realize they will be spending 3-4 time the price.
  • Installation took less than five minutes.
  • Great for couples who want to shower together.

Double Hammock 

Does it get any more romantic than a double hammock? Actually, yes, a double hammock that doesn’t require trees.

Vivere Double Hammock  is available in cotton, polyester, and sunbrella. This comes with a steel stand which means couples can easily set the stand up inside and outside.

You can adjust the hammock up or down to fit your swinging needs. Available in a large variety of colors and patterns that you can check out here! 

Review Stats: 4.5/5 stars with 5,731 reviews.

Owner reviews:

  • The hammock was dry in the morning even after it rained all night.
  • Bigger hammock than competitors.
  • Laying in the hammock is actually great for back problems and feels like you are sleeping on a pillow.
  • Great for sleeping with my boo, and is even comfortable when our dog jumps up.

Travel Luggage Set 

What is the first thing a married couple does? I know what you’re thinking, okay, so maybe what is the second thing married couples do together? Go on a honeymoon or a mini-moon, and neither of those is possible without luggage.

We all have some sort of luggage, but there is nothing like fresh new luggage set to with a fresh new marriage. Send the couple off with a functioning suitcase, so they don’t have to take the one with the broken wheel all the way to Hawaii.

Don’t know which travel set to get the couple, well may I suggest the Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set 3 Piece Expandable Lightweight Spinner Suitcase. Click the link to check out all the colors it is available in! A few colors include black, blue, gold, green, orange, purple, red, silver, blue and yellow.

Take it from someone who travels for a living, a hardshell lightweight suitcase is a real game-changer. It is considered a spinner wheel suitcase which means it can move in every direction and not just back and forth because the wheels have a 360-degree spinning point. It also includes a unique locking system so people can’t break into your luggage.

The suitcases in this luggage set are expandable which means you can pack more and not have to worry about breaking the zipper.

Review Rating: 4/5 stars with 1,156 reviews.

Owner Reviews:

  • We live in a military family which means our luggage gets used, abused and beat up. This luggage set has stood the test of time and the test of moving every few months.
  • The handle isn’t lodged into the storage of the actual suitcase which means there is more room for clothing to be packed.
  • Just used this set of luggage through a 2-week trip and five different plane journeys. Still has the awesome color and wheels are not only intact but work great.
  • Love the inside lining! Keeps clothes organized and wrinkle-free.
  • Color of the luggage makes it great to share with my significant other, very gender-neutral.


A hamper might not be the most luxurious thing you can get a new couple, but it will turn out to be one of their most-used wedding gifts. 

No one WANTS a hamper, but we all NEED a hamper, so why not gift the newlyweds a cute one. 

I love this hamper because it makes it helpful to those who are laundry blind. Some of us grow up with a sense of separating our darks from our lights, and others just throw it all in the wash. Nothing says living on the edge like playing a game of roulette to see if one shirt has bled onto the entire load. Will they all stay separate colors, or will they all turn red? Who knows but in a short 32 minutes you will find out. 

Each bag holds up to 2 standard-sized loads and has a drawstring top to “cage” in the loose items of clothing that seem always to go missing; I’m looking at you socks. Hampers themselves are secured onto the holder via velcro making it easy to put on and off. It comes in a few different outside color options of this one isn’t your cup of tea. To look at other color options take a peek here! 

Review Stats: 4/5 with 256 reviews.

Owner Reviews:

  • Feel in love with this day one, don’t know why I waited so long to get this.
  • This hamper collection solves the problem of pulling clothing in and out of a single hamper multiple times.
  • Can fold up and collapse the entire thing to take it all directly into the washroom.
  • Solves all your laundry needs.

Automatic Trash Can

I can hear your yawns get louder as we go down the page, but this is another essential household item that can make or break a kitchen. When you take a moment to think about it, kitchen trash cans are one of the most used things in the kitchen.

For those who haven’t yet taken the plunge into the touchless trashcan world, well today, your life is about to be changed.

The iTouchless SoftStep 13.2 Gallon Stainless Steel Step Trash Can works exactly as its name implies: Use your foot to press the opener at the bottom which promptly opens the lid, and the lid will automatically close itself. 

This trashcan uses a smart order technology to absorb and neutralize any orders, so your home and the air around the trashcan won’t stink.

Comes in a wider range of colors including stainless steel, stainless steel rose gold, stainless white and so on. There are a few different trashcan shapes, and sizes. 

Review Stats: 4/5 stars with 2,263 reviews.

Owner Reviews: 

  • A solid foot pedal and slow-close lid.
  • Good looking kitchen trash can, which makes it ideal for those who don’t have space to hide on in a closet or drawer.
  • Very sleek and gives a nice touch to any minimalist kitchen, office or bedroom.
  • No stink stands a chance against this trashcan.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few things couples can register for if they are the couple who has it all! Click on the picture to learn more information and see where you can purchase it from!

Blanket Ladder 

His & Hers Hand Towel 

Luxury Coasters 

Luxury Air Diffuser 

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