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My Favorite Calendars At A Glance:

Sometimes you just need to spice up your life! Here are my top picks for 2019 adult calenders for the favorite women in your life. If you want to see more office-friendly calendars I suggest checking these out!

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Sexy Men Calendar

I mean, you knew this was coming. Guys have gotten sexy dream body, swimsuit wearing, playboy and no fat model calendars since the age of 10, it’s only fair women get some sexy male body calenders at least once in their life.

Perhaps you are shopping for an older female and she has just gone through a tough divorce. Nothing says there are more fish in the sea than looking at some sexy men month after month. She will be forgetting why she ever loved her ex-husband come next January.

Below are my pics for the best sexy men calendars! I have a tough job, don’t I?

Chippendales Wall Calendar 

Starting off this sexy men calendar game off strong with the one and only Chippendales!

This is a 12-month wall Calendar, a new sexy hunk for each month.







Hot Guys And Baby Animal Calendar 

I literally can not think of a better gift than this. Hot guys and baby animals, is the universe trying to give women heart attacks?

Let me make you go into cardiac arrest again. Most of the animals pictured here are rescues! #swoon

This is a 12-month wall calendar and you get a new hot hunk and baby animal per months.




Natures Dick Pics Calendar 

Maybe I have the humor of a 10-year-old but I thought this was equal parts funny as the pictures are cool.

This creative calendar design takes natures natural landforms shaped like dicks and turns it into a 12-month work of art. What’s great about this gift is the person you give it too will die laughing but unless you really know what the calendar is about it is still appropriate to hang up at work or home. 

There are no inappropriate quotes or sayings on the actual photo pages, instead, each page tells you the photographers name and where the landmark is located.

What’s even cooler about this dick pic calendar?  A percentage of every sale will be donated to help support national parks and prostate cancer research! 

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Sexy Female Calendar

Perhaps the lady in your life isn’t into dicks but rather chicks. I get that, women are beautiful beings and below are my top picks for sexy female calendars!

Classy and Sexy Female Calendar 

What I prefer about this calendar is the women are photographed in a sexy yet subtle way. It’s not just about tits and ass but it’s about how they are presented!

There is a wide range of women in this 12-month wall calendar.







Swimsuit Female Calendar

Females in swimsuits on calendars are about as American as one can get.

This calendar is a 12-month wall type.



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