Fall Decor To Transform Your Home

Fall decor, do I even need to say more. Adding a few simple fall decorations to your home can instantly make you feel like you’re living in a Hallmark movie. Fall is the time of year where you bust out your flannels and add warm colors all throughout the house.

Take a peek at some simple fall decorating ideas that don’t have to break your bank and are as easy to do as eating pumpkin pie.


Must-Have Fall Decorating Items

Fall Front Door Inspo

This front door fall look can take any porch and instantly turn it into a treat for the eyes.

Items needed to achieve this look:

What’s so great about this fall porch decoration is it works for large or small porches. Those who live in an apartment or condo could do this on their balcony.

Fall Front Porch Inspo

Fall porches are becoming increasingly popular. Investing in one big piece will save you some time in putting together your fall front porch, while still making it look like you hired someone to decorate for you.

Achieve this look by putting together the following pieces:

When you are done using the ladder shelf as your decoration you can add it into your home as year-round eye candy. Use it in the bathroom for towels or in the living room to hold blankets, picture frames and other decorations.

Simple Front Porch Fall Design

You might already have most of this stuff!

If you want to copy this exactly I suggest the following:

Use the scarf as a fashion accessory when you’re done using it as a decoration.

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Fall Table Centerpiece

This look only requires a few simple pieces and can be put on any table: living, kitchen or the front door key holding table. You could even put this in the bathroom!

To get this look you’ll need:

Something to keep in mind with this idea is all the pieces can be changed to fit into the theme of your home. You can do clear mason jars, white ones, or color them orange yourself!

The box can be rustic like pictured above or the same one is available in a large variety of shades. If you want to get crafty, you can get a solid plank box and paint it yourself.

Fall Pumpkin and Candle Centerpiece

This fall centerpiece is great for those who want a more modern centerpiece. You can easily replace the wooden board with gold, silver or black one to have it fit into your home’s style.

To copy this look I suggest putting together:

If you want more of a pop of color then you can go ahead and switch the pumpkin colors around. If you want to get stripes on white pumpkins simply paint yellow and orange in the creases.

In this one, they decided to use long, tall candles and added some colored leaves, berries, and pinecones.

Fancy Antler Centerpiece

This works great for those who live in a hunting household or those who have a thing for antlers.

Copy this look with the following pieces:

Simple Pumpkin Vase Centerpiece

Three things is all you need to make this!

If you want to get real fancy you can add the additionally add the small bowl of acorns.

Twig Fall Centerpiece

This is my personal favorite and is great for those who don’t have a ton of table space. Since the decorations go up and down vs. left and right it can be beneficial to those who have to accommodate space on tables.

For this specific centerpiece, there is a few different ways you go can go about making it. You can get a real pumpkin and press the flowers and twigs directly into it or you can buy a fake one and glue flowers onto it. My personal choice would be the second.

Items to pair together to get this centerpiece include:

Lantern Fall Centerpiece

This is another centerpiece that only requires 3 things!

Fall Pillows

Fall pillows are excellent to add to any couch, chair or bench. They are a cheap way to add color, texture, and pattern to any space.

A smart idea is to get high-quality pillows and purchase pillow covers to change throughout the year. Getting pillow covers is a fabulous option for those who want to save space and don’t have much storage room.

For those who want fall without the classic orange, these pillows are the route to go! Keep them up all the way till Thanksgiving!

Measurements: 18×18

Set of four with zippers to easily remove and add to any pillow.

 These all come together have hidden zippers and are pillowcases that do not come with a pillow.

Layer these on your couch with solid pillows!

 Flannel is THE pattern of autumn and fall. If you don’t want pillows with sayings or pictures on them this can be a good route for you to go.

Layer these with other busy pillows to give your design a cohesive look. You can have 4 different pillows with 4 different pictures but layering them with solid pillows make the overall design more cohesive.

These cotton pillows are a set of four and have a hidden zipper enclosure.

  Want to kill two birds with one stone? These combine flannel and fun fall pictures.

Here you can pair a table centerpiece to match your couch pillows.

To copy this look you’ll need:

Fall Door Mat

Doormats are not just useful in collecting liquid and mud before guests enter your home but they can be beneficial in adding a pop of decoration.

To copy this look:

This pumpkin doormat has durable vinyl backing and UV protection so the lettering won’t fade.

Pumpkin Shape Door Mat is perfect for those who don’t like words on their doormats.

The fall door mat is great to keep up through Halloween all the way to Thanksgiving.

Clearly I love the witch theme.

Great witch door mat that can be shaken off or vacuumed.

Fall Fireplace Inspo

The fireplace is typically the first place peoples eyes wander to. People typically only decorate the fireplace for winter but it can be such a neat thing to decorate all year round.

To get this look, pair together:

Fall Fireplace – Warm and Inviting

This fireplace is very warm and inviting. Burning candles in the fireplace is a nice alternative for those who don’t want to burn actual logs that produce smoke.

Get this look by getting these:

Neutral Fall Inspiration

I LOVE the look of all white! It is clean, classic and the decorations can be mixed well with other colored fall decorations if you choose to add color in the future.

This banner says thankful which is a bit of a Thanksgiving theme, but you can easily change it with a Fall banner.

To get this look you’ll need:

LED Maple Tree Lights 

This can be a great addition to the inside or outside of your home.


6 Piece Metallic Pumpkin Set

The muted colors of these pumpkins are gorgeous,

Fall Rugs

These rugs can be added to any room of the house to add a pop of fall.

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