FLEXISPOT Home Office Standing Desk Exercise Bike – Review

Confession: I do own a gym membership I use every day but that doesn’t make up for the amount of time I sit on my ass typing all day. Sure, I put my computer on top of the counter and stand to type, but that gets old after a while and puts lots of stress on the feet. This is why I wanted to look into an alternative option.

I saw a random post of this FLEXISPOT office bike and I was instantly intrigued. Keep on reading to get all of your FAQ’s and read my first-hand testimonial!

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What is the FLEXISPOT home office exercise bike?

This little device packs a few features into one small item. This exercise bike, or deskcise as I like to call it, can be used just like that = an exercise bike made for your computer or books to be placed on. It can also be used as a standing desk or it can be used as both!

It is small and compact which means you can put it literally anywhere, and it will fit perfectly in even the smallest NY apartment. Take it into work and use the pedals underneath your desk!

It sits on wheels which means even the weakest human can move it into and out of any room with little to no effort.

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How much weight can it hold?

This at-home exercise bike can hold up to 300 lbs.

Is the desk bike adjustable?

Yes! You can adjust the seat up and down, and the desktop can be adjusted up, down, forward and back. It does not tilt so you might want to look into a laptop stand to tilt your computer forward it if that is how you typically like to type.

This seat doesn’t require a genius to work, all you have to do is pull the seat up and down; it doesn’t need pins or knobs to work. 

What if I already have a desk at work?

Desk Bike If you already have a desktop at work then don’t put the front desk piece on. Simply leave it off and you can place this bike pedals under your desk which will allow you to still use the peals. Additionally, you can sit on the bike seat for an upright posture and still be able to pedal underneath, thus allowing you the comfort of using your big desk at work paired with something that will still move your legs. 

Is the table secure enough for the computer to stay on?

The answer is once again a big yes! The table has a lip on the edge making it ideal for your laptop and other items to stay on the desktop and they won’t fall forward. The lip is made from a padded material so it’s comfortable for your arms/wrist to rest on while you type. 

Is this bike loud? Can I use it at night?

No! This bike is not loud, and it uses “whisper sense” which makes it almost silent. This means you can use it anywhere without disturbing those around you; especially helpful if you live in an apartment or condo with close neighbors. So if you can’t sleep at night, go ahead and pedal until your little hearts desire.

Does it work for everyone?

This item works best for those between 5’1” – 6’2”. There have been reviews for people as short as 4’11” being able to use this comfortable. This will ultimately depend on if you have more height in your legs or torso.

Does it have any electronic features like a standard bike?

Office Desk Bike

Suprise, this sure does! A little LCD screen is between the seat and the desk part that displays things such as mileage, calories burned and time spent cycling. 

It also has a control knob so you can change the resistance to a harder or easier setting. 




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I run my own website and freelance for other websites so clearly, my ass is sitting in front of a computer all day. I don’t have an office to go to so I was looking for something to get me off the couch and give my checks a break from being sat on all day.

Physical Appearance 

I wanted something I could move easily on my own, and additionally something that was cute to look at. Yes, I am a human and I take pride in having a sense of style to my home. A ton of desk bikes on the market are quite fugly and I didn’t want them taking up eye space in my home creating an eyesore. I knew realistically that once I ordered this it would probably be a staple in my house most likely staying put in my living room, and I wouldn’t put it away unless I had company over.

I liked that it was all white, with an overall sleek design without big bulky wheels or pedals. The overall white color is clutch becuase it goes with literally anything and fits into my ever-changing style. The wheels it sits on makes it easy breezy to move, which is great for me since I mostly use it in front of my TV.


Its compact size made it perfect in my eyes because I knew I could use it anywhere in my house and additionally outside on my deck. It’s perfect for my computer and notepad and I can additionally keep a hot cup of coffee next to me. When I know company is coming over I can hide this bad boy in my closet or just wheel it into my bedroom corner.


While I do have an apple watch I still wanted a desk bike that had an LCD screen so I could look down and easily see my stats, most importantly how far I had biked.

I looked for a while to find a work desk that didn’t involve a ton of pieces that had to be put together; if I wanted something like that then I would have gone to IKEA. This literally is put together in one easy step.


I love the fact that this can be a desk bike or standing work desk. I have a middle island with tall chairs, so if I need more counter space I just pull this bad boy up to there and detach the desk part in the front.

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Things To Consider

As much as this is almost perfect for me there are a few things I would change about it and are there a few things that others might want to consider.


User reviews seem to indicate that this fits most comfortably with heights between 4’11” to 6’3”. It could fit those taller or shorter, it really is going to depend on your leg height.

Cup Holder 

While this does have a cup holder it is in a bad spot and it isn’t deep enough. I do find that I have ample room on my desktop with my computer and extras, but it would be nice to have a deep cup holder on the desk itself or in the middle part. I would put coffee cups and water cups there, instead of using my canteen all the time.

The cup holder in the middle can barely be considered a cup holder and I wouldn’t put anything without a lid there unless you enjoy cleaning up spilled liquids.

Squeaky Parts

I have had this product for months and haven’t had sound issues with it. However, some users say over time their pedaling makes noises which can be, obviously, annoying. If you contact the seller they typically will send you a new bike or replacement parts granted you haven’t been using this for five years. Wear and tear is a real thing, people.

I think a big factor here will be how hard and what force you use when pedaling. I don’t ride this like I’m Lance Armstrong so I don’t see my bike ever making noises. As I said, I do a workout at the gym every day so I use this office bike desk to keep my body moving and loose, more so then I use it as my only source of getting a workout in.


This entire device does sit on wheels, so keep that in mind if your floors at home are soft or natural wood. The wheels may leave marks, dents or scratches when placed directly on your floors so you’re going to want to use some type of padding beneath them.


I’m just gonna be blunt, I am Mexican and have a big ol apple bottom. While my checks are big, they are bony and this isn’t the most comfortable seat. I can get in about 3-4 hours before my tailbone starts to hurt. It is, for this reason, I suggest getting a padded seat or biking in intervals. Granted not everyone is going to have this problem. If you can ride a bike without a padded seat then you will be fine. I have to get wide or padded bike seats or my bottom gets irritated.

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Final Thoughts

While this product may look too good to be true it isn’t! It has an almost perfect 5-star rating on numerous websites for a reason. Trust me when I say I have done hours of research so you don’t have to. This is the easiest assembly to any office desk or bike that I have been able to find. It is portable, cute and made from good quality material. If you aren’t a fan of the white this is also available in black.

I like this over the individual bike pedal machines that are typically cheap and don’t ever get used. The fact that this product has a seat you can sit on means you are most likely going to use it more often.

What’s even better is the fact that you can use this as a standing office desk as well! Between standing and pedaling you are sure to burn off some of that anxious energy off during the day so you can sleep and be well rested.



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