Honest Purple Carrot Review – The Best Vegan Meal Delivery Service

I am not one to promote a brand, service, or product unless I am in love with it and have personally tried it out.

And trust me, I have tried out just about every food delivery service, and Purple Carrot by far stands above its competition.

Purple Carrot did not ask me to review them or try them out, I did this on my own.

Being vegan, it’s hard to find a meal delivery service that offers meals I can eat. When I found Purple Carrot, I was very intrigued, to say the least.

Purple Carrot is hands down the best vegan meal delivery service. Every meal tastes as if you got it from a five-star restaurant, and is hands down easier to make than following any recipe on Pinterest.

What Is Purple Carrot?

Purple Carrot Box

Purple Carrot is a vegan meal delivery service. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and sweet treats.

Purple Carrot is not a fully prepared meal delivery service in the sense of these aren’t premade frozen meals precooked that you just throw in the microwave.

They send you pre-measured ingredients that you have to only prep and assemble to create your meals.

What kind of prep work? It’s literally the most effortless prep that one can imagine with meals. Peeling, chopping, and sauteeing are the main steps involved with any of these meals and you don’t need to be an iron chef to complete these.

Since everything is pre-measured and they give you the exact amount of the ingredient needed, you don’t even have to worry about measuring cups or measuring spoons.

Do you have to pay a subscription fee for Purple Carrot?

You do sign up for a subscription but it is FREE and you can cancel at any time.

Signing up for your subscription means you’ll be registered to receive automatic weekly Purple Carrot deliveries.

If you are going to be on vacation or simply don’t want to order meals for that week, you can always skip a week as well and you won’t be charged a single thing!

If you want to cancel a meal make sure you toggle the skip button by the required date.

When are the boxes delivered?

Our boxes are delivered on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday each week. The day of your delivery is based on your regional location and proximity to our packing facilities. Please know, at this time, we are unable to customize a specific delivery day.

Is there a membership fee?

No, and like I said, you can cancel at anytime.

What is included with the Purple Carrot box?

The box itself is packed with large ice bags, and these bags are indeed reusable!

As you can see, the box is also lined with insulating material. This stuff looks better insulated than my own old-school Milwaukee apartment for cripes sake. I should move into the box itself!

The reusable ice bags are a clutch thing to have! I use them in the summer when I go to the beach, tailgate, or even just to transfer food on long drives.

They also provide a cookbook for all recipes. I LOVE that the cookbook has step by step pictures, which can be a bit helpful if you are new to cooking or are more of a visual learner.

If this book gets dirty or wet no worries, you can also find the directions online!

Of course, the box also comes with all the ingredients needed to make the food. Each meal is in its own bag and labeled. What doesn’t fit in the big (like bags of arugula or green onions etc.) they label with a sticker saying what dish it is supposed to go in.

I love that they give you everything, including spices, butter, dressings, etc.

Having each bag come with premeasured items makes putting together the meals easy peasy.

I love cooking, but I hate getting so many measuring utensils dirty. They are a pain to clean and a pain to put away, so Purple Carrot truly takes all the stress out of cooking.

What Kitchen Tools Are Required For Purple Carrot?

You need simple, basic kitchen tools that you most likely already have.

Suggested Kitchen Tools:

  • Small/medium saucepan
  • Large pot
  • Large non-stick skillet
  • Large oven-safe skillet
  • Baking dish/baking sheet
  • Cutting board/set of knives
  • Strainer
  • Blender/food processor
  • General kitchen tools (spatula, spoons, whisk, etc.)
  • And a heat-safe mixing bowl set

I typically don’t use a heat-safe mixing bowl set and I just do all the mixing right in the pots or pans.

Each recipe comes with its own card and you can see instructions and what tools will be needed before you even order the meal.

How Long Do The Meals Last?

If stored properly, many ingredients will stay fresh for up to a week, just as normal groceries would. We recommend storing your ingredient bags in the fridge to achieve the longest possible shelf-life.

I have cooked meals past the week mark, and if I don’t get to it I save all the nonperishable stuff and use it randomly throughout the week.

If you’re not planning on cooking your meals right away, it is recommended that you prioritize recipes that include delicate items, such as fresh leafy greens, as these will typically have a shorter shelf-life.

If I got super busy or had to travel for work out of nowhere, I will once again keep the nonperishable stuff and just go to the store to pick up any items that may have gone bad.

Do I Have To Be Home To Receive My Order?

Not a problem! They don’t require a signature for the delivery of your order, so if you aren’t home, you’ll still receive your box!

All orders are thoroughly insulated and packaged with ice packs (as you saw above), which keeps them stable and temperature-safe at your door (with the exception of extreme weather conditions).

If you live in an area where a large box cannot easily be left, here are a few suggestions:

  • Speak with a neighbor or friend that is willing and available to accept the package for you.
  • If possible, have the package delivered to your workplace (Keep in mind the delivery window set by our shipping partners may cause the package to arrive after business hours).
  • If needed, you can input easy to follow delivery notes in the “Special Delivery Instructions” section of your delivery address under your account settings.

For instance: In my delivery instructions I tell them how to use the call box for my apartment building and ask them to not ever leave my box outside. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and if something is left outside it WILL get stolen.

What Kind Of Meals Does Purple Carrot Offer?

Purple carrot is super inclusive when it comes to meal-type and variety. They offer a bit of everything from Italian to Asian and everything else in between.

What are some meal examples?

  • SMOKY TWO BEAN CHILI with Tortilla Chips & Cilantro Ranch Drizzle
  • CREAMY MISO RISOTTO with Roasted Winter Vegetables
  • BLACK PEPPER TOFU with Chinese broccoli & brown rice
  • GNOCCHIwith Dilly-Fried Cabbage & Apple Arugula Salad
  • DAL MAKHANIwith Brown Basmati Rice & Tomato Chutney
  • CREAMY TAHINI NOODLES with Crispy Shiitakes & Quick Pickles
  • HAZELNUT BARLEY PILAF with Pan-Roasted Root Veggies & Harissa Butter
  • ITALIAN BUTTER BEAN STEW with Crispy Sausage & Parmesan Kale

They do a great job at planning out the meals to get a different cuisine each day. Having variety like this means you don’t get sick of the meals, and you look forward to them each day.

How Much Is Purple Carrot?

 You can choose 2 different Purple Carrot plan sizes!

The first is a 2-Serving Plan, which is ideal for singles and small families. It contains 3 dinners, each serving 2 people, for a total of 6 weekly servings. This plan starts at $71.94 per week, which equates to $11.99 per serving.

The second plan is our 4-Serving Plan, which is perfect for families and meal preppers. It provides your choice of 2 or 3 dinners, each serving 4 people, for a total of 8 or 12 weekly servings. This plan starts at $79.92 per week, which equates to $9.99 per serving.

Both of our plans offer complete flexibility, so you can always change your meal plan, skip a delivery, or pause your account at any time! There are also no additional shipping costs!

My fiance and I do the 2-serving plan and we typically have some food left over. If there is really good deals that I loce I will add on to my 3 order and it’s only an extra $11.99.

Can You Add To The Meals?

Yes! You can do whatever you want.

To be honest, the way the meals are put together is genius, and you don’t need to add anything.

Sometimes I’ll add small stuff to bulk it out, like onions, or peppers, or extra rice/noodles.

For instance, here I added extra arugula to make it a more filling salad.

I LOVE arugula so I probably eat a way bigger portion than I should. I find myself adding to meals on days I don’t eat lunch or breakfast. Sometimes working from home will do that to ya and I don’t eat till dinner.

Do You Save Money Using A Meal Delivery Plan?

Obviously, there are going to be a few factors at play with this. Where you live is going to dramatically play a role in how much groceries will cost you per week.

I find myself living in the city where I typically pay more for grocers than what my family pays who live in the suburbs.

Even trying to eat simple and easy, I find that we aren’t getting out of the grocery store under $30 per meal.

Having a meal delivery service not only saves time, but it saves money per week. This is great for anyone who loves budgeting, or those like me who need to adult more and actually start budgeting.

In one study, I went to the grocery store and got three basic meals and kept a note of the price total and per person. From Purple Carrot three meals for two people comes out to $11.99 per person vs the lowest grocery shopping at my local store coming in at $15 per person.

Is There Variety In This Meal Delivery Service?

I noticed that when you compare the variety of the meals I was picking out was nowhere near as fun as the ones I got from Purple Carrot.

I do enjoy cooking and always have, but life gets busy, and I find myself making the same types of meals week in and week out. A few of my go-to meals include vegan soups, sandwiches, and pasta.

Using this meal delivery service introduces new dishes in my life that I would otherwise not ever think to make.

They make being vegan easy and take all the thinking out of it.

I hate looking up vegan recipes, and they are way over complicated, like soaking cashews overnight or having to food process just about everything in the meal.

They don’t just give you basic raw vegan meals, or super leafy ones. They do a nice job at mixing up leafy meals with more hearty ones.

What Kind Of Vegan Meals Can You Pick?

They do a great job at offering a variety of meals in terms of fitting it into your lifestyle.

Purple Carrot Meals Are Offered In:

  • High-Protein
  • Nut-Free
  • Chef’s Choice
  • Under 600 calories
  • Gluten-Free
  • Soy-Free
  • Quick-and-easy

I have noticed as of late the meals sell out fast. If you are picky with your food or simply need to alter your order to make sure it fits your health needs I suggest changing up meals weeks ahead of tine.

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