Indestructible Frisbee For Dogs – Top Fetching Frisbees

Does your dog love paying frisbee, but you hate having to buy a new one every week? I feel your pain humans. My dog should be a chew toy tester because he can tear apart anything. Lucky for you Cooper has tried and tested just about every frisbee on the market and below are my top picks for indestructible frisbee for dogs.

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 Things To Keep In Mind

Material: When you are looking at indestructible frisbees for your dog it’s important to look at the material itself is made out of. You want something that is durable and flexible. Standard plastic discs aren’t going to hold up to your dog’s mouth and other outside elements.

Size: Indestructible frisbees can come in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. You want to buy one that matches your dog’s size. You don’t want to buy a large frisbee for your small dog.

Waterproof: If your dog fetches in the water you’ll want to check the product description and make sure it’s waterproof.

Edging: Remember to check the edging material and make sure it is strong enough to outlast your dogs teeth while still being gentle enough to not harm their teeth as well.

Shape:If you are buying a frisbee simply because your dog chews everything up you will have more options vs if you are looking for a indestructible frisbee for disc dog training.

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Booda Tail-Spin Flyer

This indestructible frisbee for dogs is made from a lightweight and flexible material. If your dog enjoys fetching in the water this is a top pick for you because booda flyer floats and won’t sink.

A soft rubber edging allows a nice cushion for your dog’s teeth to catch and bit down onto. Because the tubing in this frisbee is rubber it makes it impossible to break and bend.



Writers Tip: This indestructible frisbee for your dog can double as a water dish which is a convenient thing to have in the summer!

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Chuckit! Zipflight  

Zipflight indestructible frisbee for a dog is lightweight and aerodynamic, with a buoyant design that provides high-flying fun from the park to the pool.

It’s bright green color makes for easy visibility if you have a bad throw in tall grass or trees.

Made from multi-layer, dense polyester canvas is durable for long-lasting fun and will last you a long time.

Measurements for this come in at 11.8 x 8.2 x 1.1 inches.

Writers Tip: Chuckit can be found in small and medium sizes.

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Kong Frisbee 

Kong frisbee is a dog owner favorite indestructible frisbee!

Made from their classic durable rubber that is also used on the classic Kong Chew Toy. Kong rubber is known for its indestructible material and is soft on your dogs gums. Great material for dogs to pick up off the ground if they don’t catch it in the air.

Kong Frisbee is specifically made for dogs, this isn’t a frisbee for humans to play disc golf with. The bright red color makes it easy to spot in the grass or on the beach.

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Hyperflite Jawz Disc 

If you are looking for a true old school frisbee, this would be the one for you! It has the classic shape and feels to a typical frisbee. If you can throw a golf disc you’ll do great with this one because they have similar material densities.

Because of it’s shape and style hyperflite jawz for dogs is going to be able to go the longest distance compared to other indestructible dog discs on the market.

Labeled by reviewers everywhere as one of the most puncture resistant frisbee for dogs.  An added bonus with this frisbee is it glows in the dark! 

Writers Tip: This is the world’s toughest competition-approved canine flying disc, and is a great choice for a dog discs for training. One of the most reviewed on the market to date!

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With so many options on the market out there, be sure to read all the reviews. A good indestructible toy for your dog is going to come down to your preference of material, how well you can throw it and how well your dog can catch!

You want a frisbee to be indestructible but still useful for both human and pets. Be sure to read the satisfaction guarantee from all sellers because in some cases you will be able to return a used frisbee, while other frisbees cannot be returned after being opened!

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below!

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