Inexpensive Gifts For Wine Lovers

We all love wine, and if you don’t than you are a liar!

Stop guessing what to give people as gifts, and get them what they will truly use. They will be so happy they will want to use your wine gifts instantly. You give the wine gifts, they give you wine…it’s a win- win all around.

Cheers xoxo


Inexpensive Gifts For Wine Lovers

Swarovski Crystal Magnetic Wine Glass Charms

Genuine Swarovski + Won’t Damage Glass + Set of 12

Lifetime Replacement on Magnetic Backs & 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed! We also offer a 1-year FREE REPLACEMENT for any charm defects.

The charms don’t damage the glass you attach it to.

Can be used on any type of glass!

Inexpensive but still cute!

Never lose your wine glass in the sea of empties ever again!

Not often you can find a cheap wine gift that includes Swarovski crystals.



Bathtub Caddy Tray With Wine Holder 

Bamboo + Adjustable + No Assembly + Multi-functional + Inexpensive

Wine and baths go together just as good as wine and cheese!

Holds wine along with your phone, tablets and anything else you want to soak alongside with and it fits almost all tubs!






Reusable + Wine Chiller + BPA-Free Plastic + Chill Wine From The Inside

This product was on Oprah’s favorite things list!

Throw corckcicle in the freezer for 90 min. After you pour one glass of chilled wine pop the corckcicle in the bottle to keep it chilled from the inside out!

Lowers temperature to mid 60s in 12 minuets.

Simple to use, inexpensive wine gift that is easy to clean.






Bicycle Wine Carrier 

Handmade + Leather + Universal

Can be used as a practical or novelty gift.

Fits bike frames from 1″-1.5″
Fits bottle diameters of 2.5″-3.25″

Not only an inexpensive gift but a unique gift!

A unique wine gift doesn’t get any more unique when it’s something that’s hand made.





Aerating Wine Glass 

Dishwasher Safe + Stemless Wine Glass + Set of Two

Pour wine into the middle part (the aerator) and it can hold 7oz of aerated wine.

An inexpensive wine gift but it’s still made of durable pyrex glass.

Click on the link attached to buy this specific aerating wine glass, its super durable and made from high quality material!

The aerator in the glass puts the aroma of the wine closer to your nose as you sip on it.



White Marble Wine Cooler 

Size: 4-1/8” Diameter x 6” Height

Cools Your Wine + Polished Natural Marble + Tool Crock.

Place your wine in the cooler and the insulation will keep it cool for hours.

Padded bottom to prevent scratching.

White Marble Wine Color is an inexpensive wine gift that still looks expensive.





Wine Decanter 

Crystal Glass + 100% lead free + Aerator

Why a wine decanter? Slowly and carefully decanting the wine ensures that the sediment stays in the bottle and you get a nice clear wine in the decanter, and subsequently in your glass. A second and more everyday reason to decant is to aerate the wine. Many young wines can be tight or closed on the nose or palate.

Can hold more than two standard size wine bottles!

The top is a slanted spout that helps avoid spilling and dripping.

Inexpensive gift for any wine lover that cares about the quality of the wine they drink.




Wine Socks 

Unisex + Comes In A Gift Box + Comfortable + Machine Washable 

Who doesn’t love a pair of quirky socks?

Cheap wine gift that is sure to make a person smile day after day!

Mix of Cotton, Wool and Polyester.

Fits US sizes 6-11



Wine Notebook 

White pages + Lined + Spiral Bound

Lined journal/notebook with random wine glass markings and funny wine quotes on the bottom of the pages.

Great for people to bring to wine tastings to take down notes.

Can’t top this unique and inexpensive wine gift.






Wine Board Game : Wine-Opoly Monopoly 

Based off of Monopoly + Wine Theme + Different Forms Of Play

Played with 2-6 players.

Funny wine gift for any wine lover in your life.

Played like the classic monopoly but with a wine theme.

Can play traditionally or a one hour version.

Learn wine facts while you play!





Wine Theme Coloring Book 

For Adults + Wine Themed + Satisfaction Guaranteed

32 pages of wine themed coloring.

Comes with 12 colored pencils.

Funny wine quotes mixed in with the illustrations.

Not only a unique wine gift, but coloring books are a great stress reliever while you sip on wine!






Wine Stoppers 

Comes In A Cute Gift Box + Versatile Design + Dishwasher and Freezer Safe 

A set of 5 wine stoppers that can preserve the taste of wine for up to weeks.

Made with FDA approved made silicone.

Each stopper is leak free.

Fits standard size wine, beer and other such bottles.

Comes with witty quotes on the top of each stopper.

When I think of a funny wine gift, I think of these wine stoppers.



Wine Shower Caddy 

Holds Wine Glasses + Portable + Works For Bath and Shower

Portable suction cup holder for the shower or bathtub.

Is available in a variety of colors including : blue, pink, purple, red, clear, black.

Strong, reusable and dishwasher safe.







Fun Wine Gift Game 

Real Wood + Fun Puzzle + Adjustable Rope

Made from 100% natural wood.

This puzzle can be put onto any standard size bottle of wine. The person has to figure out the puzzle before they can get to the top of the wine to open it.

Rope is adjustable to fit higher wine bottles.

Can be reused once the puzzle is pulled apart, just simply put it around another bottle.






Wine Lipstick

Waterproof + Long Lasting + Bright and Bold Colors

This gift kills two birds with one stone. Makeup + Wine!

This wine lipstick comes in tubes shaped like mini wine bottles.

Comes with 6 colors made from wine extracts that gives your lips full coverage.

These lipsticks are long lasting, moisturizing , waterproof and leave a strong tint.






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