Marble Yoga Mat – Yogi Approved Yoga Mats

If you just read the title and wasn’t sure what Yogi meant, it’s basically a practitioner of Yoga. Let me be clear, I practice Yoga I do not teach. I am not one of those cool Yogi’s that post Instagram videos with super chill music doing sexy poses. A girl can only wish to be that cool.

I do however participate weekly and enjoy everything that comes with the art.  Our bodies benefit from movement and our minds benefit from stillness. This is why I do yoga and will always continue to do so. A body can’t perform yoga unless one has a yoga mat, and recently I have really been into the marble mats. They are different from the standard solid colored ones and you know if someone will ever try to “accidentally” take it after class.  

Let us go over my favorite marble mats below. Marble patterns come in different designs and colors so you will be surprised at the differences each has to offer. For more general information on things to consider before buying scroll on down to the bottom of the page!

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Eco-Friendly Hot Yoga Mat 

For those of you who do hot yoga, this product is life changing.

This eco-friendly hot yoga mat has rubber affixed to a towel layer so you don’t need to rely on an additional towel from home. If you don’t do hot yoga this basically means you can sweat, a shit ton, on this and not have a little pool form. So no, you don’t need to participate in hot yoga to benefit from this product, it’s beneficial for anyone who perspires during a workout. 

Important paragraph to read for the newbies! Most mats are NOT going to have a towel layer featured anywhere. Typical mats are strictly made from rubber, which on its own isn’t going to absorb liquid aka your sweat. Having a towel layer built into the mat itself is really a game changer. The more you research the better this feature is going to stand out to you. No one wants to do yoga on top of a slip-n-slide.

I try to be as self-aware with my carbon footprint on this planet as I can be and using this specific brand allows me to do that. Each hot product is made from natural tree rubber and microfiber made from recycled plastic bottles. We all know what happens to the majority of our plastic water bottle waste, so I feel comfort in knowing I am buying a product from a company who cares to use plastic bottles for a good cause.

Mat Details

Because of the material, the mat is made out of you can use either side to practice on. Both sides are non-slip so you won’t fall face first onto the wood floor in the front of the class trying to do kneeling half moon. I’ve seen Linda do it once or twice in my morning class. It was equal parts embarrassing as it was distracting to the class.

Available in more marble colors including:

  • Blue Marble
  • Black Marble

How do you wash this?

Throw it in your washing machine and hang dry! Don’t be a dumbass and try to throw this in the dryer.

How big is?

Dimensions of this product measures in at 72 x 24 x 3mm.

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Blue and Gold Marble Yoga Mat 

Definite ocean vibes can be felt from this product. You can find blue, gold and white all incorporated into this mat.

This easy to roll blue marble yoga mat comes with a carrying bag. Having a carrying bag is clutch when you need to take your mat with you on the go and helps store it at your gyms locker, or cubby.

How big is this?

Dimensions measure in at 71-Inch X 24 inches.

If you are looking for a mat that will provide cushioning from the floor but you aren’t into the super think foam mats, this is the one for you! I suggest purchasing this as a travel mat because it is going to be thinner, easier to roll and more compact than your standard one, thus easier to pack in a suitcase.

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If you are like me you probably like to carry one bag into the gym at a time. Having a gym acessory like this that comes with a roll-up case makes it ideal for fitting into a gym bag! Check out my favorite gym bags here! 

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Thick Yoga Mat – Marble Pattern

This product is going to be great for those of you that want a little extra cushion for the pushin. If you practice at places that have old wood or cement and you really want to protect your body from the harsh floor, go with this one.

Unlike some, this one is NOT meant to be reversible. You can tell there is a clear top and bottom to this thick yoga mat. The thickness of the mat is intentional. Spaced out groves on the bottom help spread out the impact of your body parts that touch the floor.

Confused by the design? Think of jumping onto a foam pad vs a foam pit. Typical mats that are reversible are like a foam pad, protect your body but maybe not all the impact. A foam pit is going to protect your body AND  the impact of the force behind your body movements, therefore making it dummy proof.

Great  for newbies 

This product is great to those of you who are new to yoga and are just learning how your body moves. Practicing new moves can result in falls or harsh sudden slams of your limbs onto the floor. Having that extra padding protects your body and prevents injury.

If you are new it might also be confusing on where to start! Take a peek here to follow an easy at home yoga program so you can be a pro once you hit the class at the gym! 

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Metallic Marble Yoga Mat – White And Gold 

When I first looked into marble yoga mats this was one of the first ones that came to mind. With this metallic design, you are getting the classic marble pattern with this seasons trending colors of white and gold.

If you are searching for mats that have a medium level of thickness, this is the one for you. Measuring in at about 1/4 inch this falls between thin and thick padding. You can use this on hard flooring, outside on the grass, in the sand or pretty much on any other surface you choose to practice yoga on. Does not float unfortunately so, sorry no water Jesus yoga for you today.

The metallic marble mat is made from recycled rubber and has a non-slip backing. I have seen solid colored versions of this at retailers like Target if that helps you at all with referencing to what type of product you are getting. The quality of this is going to be a step up from the target ones, so think of this mat as its hotter older brother.

How to take care of the product

DO NOT put this in the washing machine! Simply clean this mat with soap and a wash rag. After washing use a homemade yoga mat spray to give it a personal clean scent.  If you don’t think simple soap is going to wash all your sweat off no worries. There are plenty of DIY yoga mat cleaners, or mat safe soaps.

Dimensions of this measures in ay 72 x 24 inches.

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Marble Yoga Mat Towel 

No, Linda, you don’t need to go grab your bifocals, you are reading that correctly. Yoga mat towels are a thing and they are pretty neat.

What is a yoga mat towel?

A yoga towel is not like your typical bath towel! This towel is made specifically to be laid on top of mats, duh. Each  towel is made with a grip like material that is specifically designed to adhere to your mat. Essciently it’s like velcro. If you don’t feel comfortable with putting it directly over your mat keep it to the side and dab that sweat right off your skin.

These towels are a great addition to any yoga mat or session. Unless you have a one with a built-in towel layer, like the first mat in this post, a yoga towel is a must-have. Having an extra absorbing yoga towel will help prevent your mat from pooling sweat puddles. In turn, this will prevent you from slipping.

What’s great about yoga towels is the diversity it gives you. If you dropped some major cash already on a mat but are sick of the design, get a yoga towel. This allows you to still use your mat itself but can give it a facelift with a new pattern. Get multiple towels and have a new face to your mat every other day. Having multiple towels also is easier to fit into your weekly washing cycle.

Yoga Mat Towel Details 

This marble towel is made out of a microfiber material which makes this towel extra absorbent. Measuring in at 68 X 24 inches this towel fits all standard mats.  If you think the measurements are too small for yours keep on reading my new yogi friend. You want any towel to fit within the mat measurements itself, and you don’t want it to measure bigger than your yoga mat.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Any Yoga Mat

While we went over some pretty great products, keep in mind a few things before purchasing.

  • What type of surface you practice on
  • Skill level you are or aspire to be
  • What material the  mat is made out of
  • Size of the yoga mat
  • The thickness of the mat
  • What type of yoga you practice
  • Type of grip you prefer
  • Hand wash vs machine wash mats

At the end of the day, your personal preference is going to be the main factor when it comes to choosing the perfect yoga mat. If you have any additional questions on what type best for you, don’t hesitate to comment below!

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