Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Hair Brush Review


Most Popular Mason Pearson Brushes At A Glance:

Mason Pearson Pocket Mixture Hair Brush
  • Best to throw into your purse or carry on bag
  • Smaller size
  • Bristle and nylon
  • Great for all hair lengths and types
  • Great for short hair
Mason Pearson
Handy Bristle Brush
  • Specifically for brushing through fine to normal hair types
  • Includes nylon cleaning brush
  • Handmade
  • Manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty
  • Boar bristle
Mason Pearson Detangler Hair Brush
  • For all hair types
  • Helps detangles
  • Promotes hair health
  • Best to help damaged hair and brings life back to it
  • Ideal for chemical and color treated hair
Mason Pearson Rake Comb

  • Thick styling comb
  • Use on coarse, textured or tangled hair.
  • Tapered teeth with rounded tips helps easy brushing
  • Can be used to comb out curls
Mason Pearson Pocket Sensitive Hair Brush

  • Made with sensitive boar bristle 
  • Best for brushing thinning hair and sensitive scalp
  • Great to use as you age and want to keep up with hair integrity

Ever wonder why the ladies in London have such beautiful hair? Their secret is the Mason Pearson brush. The iconic hairbrush has been used for generations so it is obviously doing something right. Some people will spot the orange padding and smooth wood handle design and instantly know what type of brush it is.

For those who have never heard of a boar bristle brush you might have a few questions and lucky for you, I have a few answers. Let us go over some FAQ’s below so you can learn why this hairbrush can be a gamechanger for you!

Which brush is this in the line of Pearson brushes?

This specific brush is labeled as BN1 which means it is a hybrid of boar and nylon bristles and is the extra-large size! This is the largest brush in the collection.

Is this hairbrush made from real boar bristles?

Yes and no, each brush is made from nylon or natural boar bristle.

How do they collect the bristles?

Each bristle comes out of India and China. There are 2 ways in which bristles are collected:

  1. Collection from the forests where the boars live. During the molting process, the boars will rub their backs on rocks and trees leaving behind any loose bristles. Collectors go into the forests and collect these bristles that are then used for each brush. Talk about a labor of love.
  2. A by-product of domestic pigs.

Mason Pearson does not believe in animal cruelty or extortion and holds the animals well being first! No animals are ever harmed in the collection of bristles.

How big is the brush?

This is the extra-large model of the brush and comes in at 9.5 inches.

Par this brush with these non-damaging hair ties to get that long hair you’ve been after! 

Why is this Mason Pearson brush so popular?

This specific brush is so popular because it is their hybrid brush that works for a large number of people. Because it is made from two bristle types (boar bristle/nylon) it is soft on the hair while still be effective at brushing everyone’s natural oils evenly throughout. This brush distributes natural oils and additionally exfoliates the scalp. Exfoliating the scalp will stimulate circulation to the hair follicles thus aiding in hair growth and overall improves hair health.

Other hair brushes are often time to harsh for human hair and it will end up pulling the hair out, tangling it more or causing split ends. This brush actually prevents split ends and makes the hair shiny and soft.

Becuase of the hairbrush size this is ideal for every hair type including long and coarse hair!

Cushion Base

The bristles are attached to a cushion base which means airflow sits under the cushion material and allows the overall brush to glide over the scalp. Having the ability to do this will help with combing ease vs other brushes that can’t quite get every curve of the head.

How can you tell this is a real Mason Pearson brush?

Because the Mason Pearson brushes are a bit more expensive, there are a ton of poo heads out there who try to sell knockoff versions of them. While they do have their own website they have selected merchants who sell them.

You can tell this brush is the real deal because the gold is indented into the handle and doesn’t just sit on top!  If you look at the top of the brush (not the handle but the other side) you will see a tiny hole. This is where the air flows into the cushion part of the brush. If you look closely you should see 8 rings or 16 rows, which is their signature brush design.


When you buy this brush you know you have a product that is going to last you a lifetime. There aren’t many products made that will last for years and this is one of them!

I first bought this brush because I really wanted to grow my hair out, and I wanted it to shine like how it did when I was younger. While my natural shampoo and conditioner work wonders, there is something special about using your own body’s oil to help your hair replenish itself. When I paired this brush with the use of Olaplex my hair began to finally grow out, and it stopped breaking.

After just a short week I could tell my hair was healthier and I wasn’t losing so much of it. With my old brushes, I would have handfuls of hair that were being ripped out of my head. With this brush, I only have the accurate amount falling out. For those wondering, it is normal to shed at about 100 strands of hair a day.

With less hair falling out my hair became soft, full, and voluminous. Overall my hair quickly became stronger and I knew I would never use any of my old brushes again. This product isn’t just a purchase, its an investment in your hair. 

Final Thoughts

Having a high-quality hair product isn’t just a want but is a need. This product will last you your lifetime and is something you can even pass onto your kids one day. Something that has been made for so long is obviously doing something right and it is so popular for a reason.

It is to be noted that your hair will be static the first few times you use this brush; this is due to the bristles. Each bristle comes dry and clean, once your natural oils are absorbed into the bristles the static will no longer happen when you brush your hair.

If you are looking for shiny, full hair or you are trying to grow your hair out then this is the product for you!

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