Mixed Cheetah Print Outfit Of The Day

mixed cheetah outfit

It’s all about mixing cheetah print, and there is no such thing as too much this season! Animal print is here with a big mood and you should try to fit it anywhere into your outfit that you can.

You can combine different variations of the same prints or mix up the animal prints with each other; there are no rules.

If you are one who is a bit OCD and can’t get behind the miss-match trend, then I suggest doing what I did here. I decided to stay similar within the brown family and cheetah animal print, but I did opt to mixed up the cheetah print sizes.

Pair the animal color to match outfit staples like your shoes and purse, and it will look put together.

To look at these items more in-depth, scroll on down and take a peek at the different pieces in my outfit below!


Cheetah Shirt 

I love this cheetah shirt! It is soft without being made from cheap-feeling material. With this link, you can check out different variations of cheetah print, and you can see different shirt lengths including long or short sleeves. 

It fits a bit more relaxed but still has structure so it doesn’t just sag on you which means you won’t be walking around looking like Billie Elish up on stage. A boyfriend fit should look like you are wearing a size or two bigger not like you are actually putting on your boyfriends linebacker clothing that was from the men’s tall and large store, just saying.

It’s 100% polyester but feels like a polyester cotton blend. 

Cheetah Blouse 

I love me a good cheetah type cardigan blouse. They are loose, lightweight, and cover my big ol ass.

Peek here to see all the different colors, patterns, and sizes this cardigan blouse is available in. The key to sizing cardigans with shirts is to order a size up! Ordering two sizes up is going to be too big and it will just drown on you.

This cardigan has two side pockets which I personally love. Sometimes you need a good ol pocket to throw your phone in so you can use your hands to carry your popcorn, pretzel bites, water and candy into the movie theater.

The length of this cardigan comes mid-thigh which makes it comfortable to wear and flattering on all body types.

Hight Waisted Drawstring Pants 

These pants are the bomb dot com. You can wear these green pants with so many different colors they are just as versatile as jeans. 

High waisted pants are instantly flattering on so many different body types. I am 5ft 2in and they do wonders for me. They help give my legs a long look and actually slim my big ol apple bottom while accentuating my tiny waist.

If you have a straight body shape the tie on the waist can help you look like you have a bit of an hour glass shape.

These are a spandex/polyester blend which means they stay wrinkle-free, and are super comfortable. Not a fan of the green color? Peep other colors and sizes here. There are even two packs available!

Depending on your height these can be cropped above your ankle, by your ankle, or rest just above the floor. Great to wear with mules, loafers, heels, and booties.

Cheetah Acrylic Earrings 

This acrylic earring pack comes with a wide variety of earrings. This earring 6 pack remains to this day to still be one of my favorite earring packs I’ve ever purchased. I love that the colors of the earrings take on whatever color you are wearing, which makes them flow easily from outfit to outfit.

I gave a bit of “order” to my outfit by pairing the cheetah in my shirt to the same color cheetah in my earrings; talk about a one-woman wolf pack, or I guess I should say one woman cheetah pack.

The backs of these earrings are plastic, but like a bendy plastic which makes them super comfortable to wear.

Tan/Brown Wedges 

Tan open-toe wedges are a great Autumn wardrobe staple and are a great transition from sandals to full-on boots. The little peek-a-boo toe that comes out is the final piece of skin that waves goodbye to the last bit of sun it will see until next spring.

I love that these are a wedge heel mix which makes them sturdy, but a bit sexier. This color works great with all the fall colors, and can even be worn in the warmer summer months.

This tan wedge has a buckle so that is can fit precisely to your ankle.

Purse Option – Red 

A red Purse is the perfect pop of bright color to finish off this outfit.

I personally love this purse because it is big enough to hold all my items but isn’t as big as a tote which is just way to much purse for a person who is 5ft 2 in.

Michael Kors purses have always been my favorite because they have the designer quality without having the branded all over the entire bag.

If this bag isn’t your style, my second go to pick would be this bag!

It is the fall version of red, which we all know it as maroon.

Hair Tips

This outfit can be worn to work, to brunch, or even running errands. Animal print is accepted in today’s fashion world just as stripes or polka dots are.

I wore this outfit while running errands before I was going to the gym, so I opted for a messy bun approach, but any type of hairstyle is appropriate for this outfit.

If you want to wear different cheetah or animal patterns without feeling like animal overload, then I suggest wearing your hair down to “cover” a bit of the top half of your outfit. When hair is worn down, it acts like a blanket or shield to cover some of the top.

Outfit Wrap Up – Styling Tips

  • Tuck the shirt into the middle of the pants by the zipper or tuck it to one side to have the hemline flow down diagonally. The middle tuck would work the best here becuase its simple, which goes a long way with such a busy outfit.
  • There is no other way to come out and say this trick but if you tuck your shirt into your underwear then it will stay tucked into your pants better and will lay flatter. Is it the sexiest tip no, but does it work? Yes!
  • If you don’t like the green high waisted pants, I suggest pairing it with black jeans or any other black pant material of your choice.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable in double cheetah, stick with the cheetah top and earrings and pair them with a black biker jacket or jean jacket.
  • Not a fan of wedges? Pair this outfit with booties or with the season’s most popular shoe, the mule. What are mule shoes? Mules are basically slip-on loafer, and they are just as comfortable as they are stylish.
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